Welt im Film 173/1948 17.09.1948


01. the latest from Berlin Globemaster machine at the Gatower airfield. She's going backwards. Propeller, great. Driving mechanism lowers special machines for building of the airport Tegel from the fuselage. Unloading. Cars out of the city in the Soviet sector to West Berlin. Ernst Reuter get out of car. Shield: Technical University. Meeting of Councillors at the Technical University. Ernst Reuter in conversation, half-close. Umkränzter Berliner Bär. Suhr speaks. Deputies clapping.
(44 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany a. Munich: premiere of "The song of Bernadette" film display "The song of Bernadette" at the Luitpold theater. Guests on arrival, among them Cardinal Faulhaber. Close-up of Cardinal Faulhaber. Faulhaber holds speech.
(26 m) b. Ruhr area: pigeon competition flying breeder with baskets on the bikes. The pigeons get numbers and sent by train to Passau. Pigeons fly out of the baskets. Dove flying in slow motion. Pigeons on the Ruhr area after return. People see from skylights. Pigeon flies into shock, great. Arrival time is registered.
(41 m) c. Dortmund: German championship in the skating free skate of German champions Ria Baran - Paul Falk. Viewers to the railway. Child flower bouquet presented to the winners.
Cityscape is independently (33 m) 03 South Korea Seoul. Arrival General Mac Arthur. General Mac Arthur speaking population, half-close.
(34 m) 04 Paul Wegener + Paul Wegener as actors of different roles, great. Stills from films. With Pola Negri in an Ernst Lubitsch Film and in his most famous film role in "The Golem". Paul Wegener in a game scene with Hannelore Schroth, original sound. "So literally that was not meant. Well, now Sit down here first chill, my little Miss. Yes, actually he deserve it Yes, but who has two such advocate, Yes two, you need not so amazed me to stare. So you know, it was very strange tonight... ."
(42 m) 05. From everyday life: School building in self-help concerns a small town - meeting of citizens in Niederfüllbach. Several citizens to raise concerns. Discussion on the construction of the school field recording: "we've all heard that the State has no money, the municipality of course either, then we need to help us just itself. I am of the opinion that we can rooms even the banks." Quote "You know what, I ask you my carpentry workshop available." Men in the production of school desks with saw and planer.
(36 m) 06 Canada: oil drilling site and drilling rigs. The oil gushing like a fountain from the Earth, and flooded land. Men To try to plug the secondary source with wood wool and feathers. Oil runs out of tube. Train oil.
(33 m) 07 Munich - Oktoberfest: come on people on the Theresienwiese. Moving. Beer wagon. The Münchner Kindl. Fish on a skewer. Women run with beer mugs. 'Whack the Lukas'. Children's carousel. Roller coaster. Whirligig. Air swing. Ferris wheel. Town crier from Bude, original sound. Illuminated Oktoberfest.
(51 m)


Persons in the Film

Baran, Ria ; Faulhaber ; MacArthur, Douglas ; Negri, Pola ; Reuter, Ernst ; Suhr, Otto ; Schroth, Hannelore ; Wegener, Paul ; Falk, Ria


Dortmund ; Niederfüllbach ; Berlin ; Munich ; Germany ; Ruhr area ; Canada ; Seoul


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Drought ; Emblems ; filmmaking ; Oil ; Political events ; skating ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; automotive engineering, automotive ; festivals ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Construction ; Berlin blockade ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 173/1948

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