Welt im Film 183/1948 26.11.1948


1 Berlin: Rally "Battle of inhumanity" meeting of anti-Communist Youth. Several speakers. Audience, great. Former prisoner talks about the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, original sound. "In the time of August 1945 - August 1948 went about 25,000 people through Sachsenhausen. Today internees and nearly 8000 prisoners live in Sachsenhausen still around 1800. Of 6000 young people, who have to serving sentences of 10 years for illegal border crossing, alleged sabotage, espionage or Soviet-hostile statements are."
(38 m) 02 news from Germany a. lightship Elbe I the lightship Elbe I upon completion. Settings of the vessel. Elbe I refers to its position prior to Cuxhaven.
(22 m) b. A Pfennig coin coins on hand. Coins fall from Münzprägemaschine. Penny coins, great.
(16 m) c. Grimme Dr is General Director of NWDR total the Funkhaus in Hamburg. Meeting in the Ballroom. Mr. Hugh Carleton green, former Director-General, speaking, actuality. "At the end it forces me, sincerely to thank you all for the cooperation and the friendship that has evolved during these two years. I am pleased Very much that at the suggestion of the Board of Directors also a bond between us persists." People clap. Dr. Grimme, the new artistic director, speaks, half-close. Among the listeners of Mayor Brauer, total.
(31 m) d. Tegernbach: 3 x wedding celebration of Golden, silver and green wedding in a family. Old couple on the window. Church attendance. Wedding of the young couple. Young couple and old couples before the priest.
(18 m) 3rd seed and harvest the fish pond two carp in hands. Fish pond. Water is drained. CARP in shallow water. CARP are fished with power. CARP on child's arm. CARP are distributed in Dolly. Farmed common carp are put back into water.
(36 m) 4th international football a. London England - Wales 1-0 game scenes. England scores a goal that is not recognized by referees. 2. scoring for England. Audience wave.
(20 m) b. Vienna: Austria - Sweden 2-1 seating. Game scenes before Sweden goal. Austria shoots 1:0 spectators cheering. 2-0 for Austria. Swedish player is fouled in the penalty area. Penalty will be zeroed. Spectators and policemen run after game on the playing field.
(39 m) 5th everyone runs on mannequins with prices. Various consumer goods with high prices. Professor Dr. Erhard, Director of the Administration for economic talks to the everyone program, original sound. "That is now running on anyone program purpose is to ensure a continuous supply of the population with good, reasonably priced goods within the socio-political key areas of need." "The hardships triggered by currency reform For what belong also the price increases, are better than by the means of coercion by the production of anyone can be overcome." Cropping of ready-to-wear clothing. Women at sewing machines. Suits on hook. Women in the sewing room. Man ironing. Shoemaker on machine for fastening soles and hacking.
(55 m) 6th United States: 100 years of railway exhibition in Chicago. Old trains. Luxury train of the time. Streamline train today.
(51 m)


Persons in the Film

Brauer, Max ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Green, Hugh Carleton ; Grimme


London ; Vienna ; Chicago ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; United States ; Stuttgart ; Bremen ; Austria ; Tegernbach ; Cuxhaven


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Railways ; Trade, finance ; Craft ; Higher education ; fishing ; Football ; Political events ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Buildings ; concentration camp ; Technology, industry ; Engagement ; Economy ; Listener ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; finance ; Berlin blockade ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 183/1948

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