Welt im Film 190/1949 14.01.1949


01 new ideas Munich painter: exhibition on the Street - painter plays organ. Exhibition on the road. Sales of lots. Painter in big straw shoes. Images. Düsseldorf: Painter paints cityscapes on scarves. Transfer the pressure on the fabric. Silk scarf in the shop. Young woman with a scarf as headscarf, large.
(26 m) 02. Africa: hunting on the TSE TSE fly jungle. Rhino. Native village. Cattle. Larvae of the fly on hand. Animals are vaccinated with serum against sleeping sickness. Fly, great at the Vampiress.
(33 m) 03 Germany today: what do women woman is laundry in the washing machine and wash. Women at the ironing and laundry. Women in bookbinding, for stapling books. Women in the manufacture of wax candles. Wax figures are modeled. Different candles. Women on machines. Women in Brewery. Rinse the bottles. Bottles on treadmill. Are coming out of the post. Skateboarding goes up stairs. Post, inside how to box. Skateboarding with her children by the hand.
(80 m) 4 new from technology a. United States: new invention "Coal mole" machine in the mining of coal. Paddle wheels digging in rocks.
(26 m) b. England: collapsible ladder man rides a bicycle and takes folding ladder by carrier. He flips head apart and rises to Lantern. He folded back head.
(18 m) c. United States: camera developed photos man photographed. Images are being developed in the camera. Finished photo comes from camera.
(15 m) 5th letters to Bonn: how is the flag?
Consultation of the Parliamentary Council. Carlo Schmid, half-close. Man brings post. Letters on a pile. Various proposals for a new flag. Design of a 13-year-old girl with Dove of peace. The Committee advises. Advice on seat of the new Federal Government. Plan of the cities of Bonn, Kassel and Frankfurt.
(48 m) 06. Feet: record jump on the mammoth Hill record jump on the mammoth Hill - snow is moved on the Hill and stepped down. Viewers on trees. Crowds on the Hill. Jump from Sepp Weiler. Sepp Weiler jumps with skis in hand, half close Sepp Weiler new Hill record 94 yards. Congratulations after the jump.
(48 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Schmid, Carlo ; Weiler, Sepp


Feet ; Munich ; United States ; Berlin ; Düsseldorf ; Africa ; Bonn ; England ; Bizone


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Organizations ; Trade, finance ; cameramen, cameramen ; Flags ; Women, mothers ; Radio ; musical instruments ; Political events ; Pests and pest control ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; freedom of expression ; Art ; Works of art ; Landscapes ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Mining ; Japan ; Technology ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 190/1949

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