Welt im Film 201/1949 01.04.1949


1st West German marks for West Berlin crowd to sound trucks by RIAs Berlin. Speaker speaks. Westmark in a bundle is taken from the safe. Men count and wrap money for dispensaries. Airlift aircraft of the US air force launches. Landing. Mayor Friedensburg stamped box with stamps produced In the blocked Berlin! Kahler Tiergarten, shot from above. Ernst Reuter plants tree at the start of the afforestation. Pan across victory column. Men and women in afforestation. Trees will be planted in the city.
(78 m) 02 exciting race since 1877: rowing Cambridge - Oxford crowd on the shore and on bridge. Souvenirs are sold. Start. Boat race. Oxford has topped. Cambridge is catching up, the boats lie next to each other. Cambridge WINS boat 1/4-length. Rowers carry boat ashore.
(50 m) 03 Munich: show cooking of German women's German-American woman clubs Cook liver dumplings. American woman tried. American housewives Cook "Muffins", which are baked in small forms in the oven.
(34 m) 04. Hamburg: training circus Hagenbeck input by Hagenbeck. Elephant pull cart with sea lions. Animals in training. Bear slide on slides. Running horses in the carousel in the district. Elephant turns crank car and beats with the tail on timpani. Sea lion to balance balls and dolls. Sealion balancing Monkey Bar.
(46 m) 05 Braunschweig: German indoor - Schwimmeisterschaften 100 m crawl: Könninger, Brunswick, won 59.9 sec. Start - 100 m butterfly: cheer for viewers on the edge of the pool. Blade, Brunswick, lies ahead. Last turn. Small, Munich, WINS ahead of blade. Congratulations for small and Cup.
(41 m) 06. The Atlantic Pact font of the Atlantic Pact. Cityscape London, Eiffel Tower, Paris. Bidault at signing of the five-power Pact in Brussels 1948. Dean Acheson, large desk, speaks to the Pact, o-ton: "it is clear that the Atlantic Pact is not on improvisation, it is the statement of the facts and lessons of history." Debris pictures. Newspaper pages with headlines of the Pact. Contractors at the round table. UN sign. Flags.
(53 m)


Persons in the Film

Acheson, Dean ; Friendensburg ; Reuter, Ernst ; Klein, Herbert ; Klinge, Walter ; Könninger


Braunschweig ; London ; Berlin ; United States ; Munich ; Paris ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Trade, finance ; Flags ; Forestry ; Foreign workers ; Pacts ; Rowing ; Radio, television ; Swimming ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; UN ; Contracts ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; NATO ; artist children ; Gastronomy ; finance ; Berlin blockade ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 201/1949

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