Welt im Film 213/1949 24.06.1949


01 Germany in world air transport plane taking off. SAS aircraft. People get off plane. Aircraft, large: Pan American air ways, BEA, Swiss air, Italian. Passengers in Düsseldorf in the waiting room. Clearance. People get on plane. Aircraft rolls.
(36 m) 02 strange occupations a. clam fishing on Lake Chiemsee boats on the water. Fishermen fishing with nets shells from the bottom of the Lake. Fill baskets with shells ashore.
(24 m) b. Soltau: gas from manure farmer leaves crap on cart in the cow barn and pigsty. The manure is processed in gasworks gas. Man wearing gas cylinder to gas drive tractor. Woman is in the kitchen washing pot on stove.
(27 m)

Munich: crossbow manufacturer crossbows in the manufacturing process. Men assemble crossbows. Crossbow on the test bench. Crossbow shooting contest between Austria and of Switzerland.

03. Hamburg: dog show's poodle on a leash. Boxer, Mastiff, Spitz and Terrier on arm. Fox terrier teeth considered and measured. Fox terrier with wreath, St. Bernard with wreath. Boxer playing in teams blitz ball.
(33 m) 04. Munich: football A. S. Roma - Munich 1860 0:0 pan across the teams. Game Guide for choice of location. 1860 in the attack. Rome on the ball and tape. Spectators close to half. Goalkeeper from Munich on ball defense. He drops the ball and attacks after. Keeps the Italian goalkeeper. Munich's goalkeeper holds. Viewers filling picture. Teams leave the place.
(50 m) 05. Wiesbaden: founding of the German Council of the European movement ceremony and speeches. It is Mr. Duncan Sandys, Churchill's son-in-law. Dr. Egon Kogon says. Paul Loebe, large, is elected President of the German Council.
(24 m) 06 pictures from all over the world a. England: flight Festival balloon rises. Helicopter landing. Hunter from the first world war, built in 1916, flying. People look up. Aircraft from the years 1911 and ichthyologic (29 m) b. New York: gem show brings man bag with jewels. Unpacking of the sealed package. The hope diamond. The 100-Carat "star of the East". Pieces of jewelry on display.
(26 m) c. Texas: Texas Cowboys cowboy on horse drives young bull of the herd. The bull unable to come because rider follows all his movements to the herd.
(27 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Kogon, Eugen ; Loebe, Paul ; Sandys, Duncan


Munich ; Wiesbaden ; Chiemsee ; Düsseldorf ; England ; Soltau ; New York ; Texas


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dogs ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; fishing ; Football ; Shooting ; Jewelry ; sports audience, sports spectator ; bullfighting ; People ; Livestock, livestock ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Fouls ; Dogs ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 213/1949

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Federal Republic of Germany

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