Welt im Film 222/1949 29.08.1949


01 updates soon a. Mainz: arrival of the French High Commissioner André François Poncet greeting by André Francois Poncet on the station. Francois Poncet goes next to officers of the army of occupation. Young girl with flower bouquet Francois Poncet. Francois Poncet in welcoming speech before the country heads of the French zone, great.
(15 m) b. Berlin: resignation General Howley Howley, American officers are large, report on its activities as the State Commander of Berlin.
(15 m) c. United States: Berlin theater professionals in America New York skyline. Hate Director Ernst Schröder, Otto actor, scenographer, costume designer ITA Maxinovna, critic Friedrich Luft converse with Mady Christians and Kurt Weil about American Theatre problems, actuality. "We were Very much interested to see the University theater, we had heard A lot of them, because this University Theatre are Yes, the source of our professional theatre. Professional theatre here in New York, it is where we get the actual young actors here. Female Christians, there is the possibility that, Mady Christians and you, Kurt Weil, their performance of the Threepenny Opera in Munich started, come to Germany? "What do you say, Mr Weil?."I hope that you will perform A few of the works in Germany, I've written in the past 14 years, and then I would like to come and be and help." "... and then you To write a role for me and then I'm coming."
(31 m) 02. The Ecuador earthquake debris field. People have mountains and go through debris. Soldiers in recovery. Wounded on board. Destroyed House of God. Temporary shelters. Aerial view of the region.
(30 m) 3rd Strasbourg: meeting of the European Council cityscape Strasbourg. Waving flags. Schumann gets out of car, half-close. Upon arrival Bevin, Count Sforza, Winston Churchill. At the negotiating table of Robert Schumann besides Couve de Murville, Bevin, half-close. Paul Henry Spaak is elected Chairman. Winston Churchill speaks flag at rally on balcony with Europe, half-close. Listeners applaud. People, screen-filling. Churchill shows the V sign.
(36 m) 4th America's coastal protection lands helicopter with rubber floats. Rescue boat, which again is after capsizing. Icebergs. Lighthouse keeper will be replaced with breeches buoy in high seas. Stranded ship. People recovered with breeches buoy. Cruising sailing ship.
(31 m) 05. Hamburg: children play Karl May children as spectators, half-close. Ponies pull wagon. Trappers and Indians. Trappers drive calves. Assault on the camp, and battles between Indians and trappers. Boy's torture. Old Shatterhand and Winnetou riding on ponies. Smoking the peace pipe.
(42 m) 06. From the sunny South a. Spain: wild horses wild horses grazing in the pasture. Foal. Stallion fight.
(18 m) b. Sicily: tuna fishing tuna in the sea. Look through the mask on tuna. Fishing with nets. Tuna are taken on board.
(18 m) c. Arezzo: equestrian rider riding against figure and hit them with the Lance. The winner.
(10 m) 7th peine: German Schwimmeisterschaften 1949 clapping spectators, half-close. ZL high diver. Judge show value notes. ZL high diver. Winner makes in the diving Günther Haase, Handstand and Salto ZL. 100 m crawl women: start. Gisela Jacob Arendt won in 1 minute, 11.6 seconds. She will be congratulated at the edge of the pool. 200 m breaststroke men: small, Munich, swimming the butterfly style us WINS in 2 minutes 40.9 seconds. Small as the winner at the edge of the pool.
(53 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Bevin, Ernest ; Christians, Mady ; Churchill, Winston ; Couve de Murville ; François-Ponçet, André ; Hasse, Otto Ernst ; Howley ; Luft, Friedrich ; Maximovna, Ita ; Sforza ; Spaak, Paul Henry ; Schröder, Ernst ; Schuman, Robert ; Weil, Kurt ; Haase, Günter ; Jacob Arendt, Gisela ; Klein, Herbert


Peine ; Mainz ; Berlin ; Strasbourg ; Sicily ; United States ; Hamburg ; Ecuador ; New York ; Strasbourg ; Arezzo


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Viet Nam ; Disasters ; Children ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Flags ; fishing ; Shipping ; Swimming ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Cultural events ; People ; festivals ; Competitions ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Construction ; Crew ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 222/1949

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Federal Republic of Germany

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