Welt im Film 258/1950 11.05.1950


1st woman Heuss speaks to mother's day wife Heuss and Heuss come out of House. Heuss's Heuss flower collection for Catastrophies for donation to reverse. Woman Heuss speaks to the collection, big o-ton: "ladies and gentlemen! If you are approached on the street today and such florets are sold you, be please good mood and not bad mood. I know that some don't like it, but you must bear in mind however, that it is entirely voluntary and that the intent is really good. Because we To want help now At last time the mothers, the mothers who have had it much worst. The German Catastrophies must be built on and further developed. And therefore we now ask for your help. Today on mother's day 1950!"
(31 m) 02-updates soon a. Bundestag members in the United States Dean Acheson welcomes guests from the Federal press conference great. Reporter. Mr. Jackson, Chief Prosecutor at Nuremberg and Vice President Barkley to welcome the guests.
(23 m) b. Lower Saxony: X-ray investigations against TBC men during X-ray examination before the X-ray screen. Sister laboratory analysis. Doctors before X-ray images. Poster of the TBC week with picture of Robert Koch.
(23 m) c. Hanover: industrial fair exhibition grounds. Modern casting machine, conveyor belt, brush making machine, spinning machine.
(22 m) 03 Mölln: 600th anniversary of the death of till Eulenspiegel cityscape Mölln. Church. Plastic of till Eulenspiegel. Eulenspiegel jumps out window. Surrounded by people. Eulenspiegel awarded diploma of the doctor "humoris causa" citizens.
(35 m) 04 tennis a. Berlin: McCloy and General Taylor tennis McCloy and General Taylor to play on the tennis court. Spectators close to half.
(17 m) b. Wiesbaden: gussie Moran, United States, tennis tournament plays United States against Scofield, and loses. Mixed doubles: gussie Moran/Gottfried von CRAMM defeat Scofield / Hague. Men's singles: Harper, Australia triumphs over Buchholz, Germany. Both players great.
(27 m) 5th TASS report: POWs layoffs from the Soviet Union ended German prisoners of war in a long train. Newspaper reports. Members waving returnees train against. Prisoners get off train. Protest rally in Germany for 1 1/2 million missing in action soldiers. Adenauer speaking an appeal to humanity.
(35 m) 6th Averell Harriman in Berlin - ERP funds build industrial plants Averell Harriman in addition to Reuter in Berlin. Harriman's press conference, half-close. Visits to industrial plant and power station West, built from ERP funds. Increase of power supply in southern Germany by construction of power plants. Steam power plant in Schwandorf. Power plant in lower ICH Bach. Aschaffenburg movement. Construction of a dam in the French colonies in Africa from ERP products.
(51 m) 07. New York: Ballet on finger tips 3 dancers and dancing master. Dance teacher displays dance moves with fingertips.
(28 m)


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Persons in the Film

Buchholz, Ernst ; Acheson, Dean ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Barklay ; Eulenspiegel, Till ; Harriman, Averell ; Heuss, Theodor ; Heuss-Knapp, Elli ; Jackson, Robert ; Koch, Robert ; McCloy, John ; Reuter, Ernst ; Taylor, Maxwell ; Cramm von, Gottfried ; Harper ; Moran, Gussie ; Scofield


Berlin ; Wiesbaden ; Hanover ; Burep ; Mölln ; Washington ; Ledenitzen ; Lower Saxony ; New York ; United States ; Bonn ; Godesberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Electricity ; Hands ; cameramen, cameramen ; Press, press conferences ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Dance ; Tennis ; War, prisoners of war ; Marshall plan ; Technology, industry ; Medicine ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; Construction ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Japan ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 258/1950

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Federal Republic of Germany

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