Welt im Film 288/1950 08.12.1950


01 Red China before the Security Council Warren Austin: "open and naked aggression" - meeting of the UN Security Council. Warren Austin, United States, speaks, half close, sitting o-ton: "... which demonstrate that wants it's intentions are genuine. Only if these deeds are forthcoming and China's neighbours and the people of the world to feel assured that peace and security will prevail in the far East." General Wu, rotchinesischer delegate, responds. Vote on rotchinesischen troops from Korea. Veto from Soviet Russia.
(41 m) 2 updates in the near future as elections in West Berlin Kurfürstendamm. Election posters. People go to the polling station. Ernst Reuter in choice, half-close. Choice in the hospital. SPD WINS ahead of CDU and FDP. Counting of votes. Neon at Potsdamer Platz Announces election results. HO advertisements in East Berlin.
(28 m) b. Hannover: IG meeting of the Trade Union - mining the Chairman August Schmidt speaks, half-close. Present, great. Vote on participation rights of workers.
(16 m) 03. Dachau: American kindergarten run children German - courtyard in the Dachau camp. Teacher reads aloud. Children play. Distribution of stuffed animals. Build.
(27 m) 04. a. New York disasters: storms cars drive through water. Steam rises from lines. Storm-whipped water. Destroyed ships at the port of New York. Felled trees over cars. Telegraph poles in the water.
(25 m) b. Italy: eruption of Mount Etna steam and lava flows. Farmers look to the mountain. Glowing lava flows. Dog flees. Rock roll. Fiery lava At night.
(20 m) 5th Mage Fritz Strobl: spooky in the radio magician show at the Regina Hotel in Munich. Women's draws a card. Strobl wants to lead radio announcer at message announcement to calling this card. Speaker interrupts messages message announcement and says "Regina-Karo Lady".
(38 m) 6th sports a. Cologne: 1. FC Köln - Borussia Dortmund 1-2 greeting of game guide. Viewers filling picture. Game. Goat of team Cologne, spectators ringing the Bell. Borussia shoots 0 spectators the 1: with arms raised. 2nd half: Goalkeeper holds. Foul Cologne, player presses goalkeeper over the goal line. Borussia shoots 2:0 (35 m) b. Düsseldorf: Conny Rux beats knockout blow change Erik Jensen. Rux boxes superior. Among the spectators of Ada Tschechowa, half-close. Jensen must in the third round to the ground. Jensen is counted in the 4th round. both boxers after battle, half-close.
(22 m) c. Paris: sugar Robinson suggests Jean Stock knocked out Maurice Chevalier in addition to sugar Robinson, half-close. You trigger. Boxes. Robinson suggests stock to the ground. Referee counts. Stock stands up again and staggers, but again to the ground. Towel is thrown. Robinson in addition to stock after victory.
(28 m) d. Berlin: the race starts six days Susanne Erichsen. Riders on the track. Falls. Driver topple over each other. Crash in turn. Driver is taken away. Driving with headlights.
(24 m)


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Austin, Warren ; Chevalier, Maurice ; Erichsen, Susanne ; Reuter, Ernst ; Schmidt, August ; Strobl, Fritz ; Tschechowa, Ada ; General Wu ; Jensen, Erik ; Robinson, Sugar Ray ; Rux, Conny ; Stock, Jean


Paris ; Berlin ; Cologne ; Düsseldorf ; Hanover ; New York ; West Berlin ; Munich ; Italy


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; DDR ; Disasters ; Foreign workers ; Football ; Cycling ; Radio, television ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; UN ; Mascot ; Volcano, volcanoes ; Elections ; Water ; water emergency ; Magician, magic ; Mining ; Trade unions ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 288/1950

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Federal Republic of Germany

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