Welt im Film 298/1951 16.02.1951


01 updates soon a. Brazil: new President Vargas di Vargas leaves waving in the city by car. People on the side of the road waving. The previous President Dutra presented Vargas sash.
(16 m) b. Greece: water hole women lean field. Men at water holes. Women with asses on water drilling.
(22 m) c. Berlin: 5 years RIAs Orchestra plays. Conductor, half-close. Listeners applaud. Sign 5 years RIAs.
(10 m) d. New York: Chinese new year celebration parade through the streets with Dragon figure at the top of the train. Fireworks. From upper floor penetrate clouds of smoke from the fire. Ladders firemen extinguish fire and save children.
(22 m) 02 symbols of brotherhood of Truman at opening a chapel in Philadelphia. Truman Unveils mural. The Christian Jewish society, large plastic.
(31 m) 03 Lüneburg Heath: dangerous harvest men rise with crampons on tree and pick pine cones. Leap from treetop to treetop. Pine cones are distributed in machine. Seeds will be filled as seeds in sacks.
(39 m) 04. Paris: fashion Allotria a. hats hats are wood topped. Mannequin with a hat with flowers and wood. Hat with feathers. Hat with a wood edge.
(23 m) b. mens clothing man on the catwalk. Street suits. Tuxedo.
(17 m) 5th sport a. Berlin: Soccer Berlin - Zurich 2-2 playback of the teams in the Olympic Stadium, total. Total viewers. Berlin charge ahead and shoot 1:0 viewers filling picture. Spectators, half-close. Man jumps up and has to head. Berlin makes a foul in the penalty area and Zurich scored penalty.
(35 m) Munich: box to the German Lightweight Championship Hans Häfner - Heinz Sander of heavy fast blow change of the Boxer. Massaging in the ring break. Fight ends in a draw after 12 rounds. Both boxers with wreath. Hans Häfner with zerschlagenem face, great.
(24 m) c. Frankfurt: Billiards Tournament Walter Luetgehetmann plays. Spectators, half-close. August Wiese plays. Meadow shows billiards tricks. Meeting ball, run the ball between the sticks and bags.
(27 m) d. Seattle: U.S. Figure Skating Championships Dick button WINS and shows his routine.
(14 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Button, Richard ; Dutra ; Truman, Harry ; Vargas di, Guitilio ; Häfner, Hans ; Lütgehetmann, Walter ; Sander, Heinz ; Wiese, August


Munich ; Berlin ; Frankfurt ; Seattle ; New York ; Lüneburg Heath ; Brazil ; Paris ; Rome ; Greece ; Rio de Janeiro ; Philadelphia


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Ice skating ; Fire ; Forestry ; Football ; Musical events ; Political events ; Religious events ; Radio, television ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Animals (except dogs) ; People ; festivals ; Water ; water emergency ; Listener ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Billiards ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 298/1951

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Federal Republic of Germany

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