Welt im Film 325/1951 25.08.1951


01's charge: the victims of the Soviet KZ.s juvenile prisoners report at meeting her suffering time in the KZ.s, original sound. "Many hundreds are still in jail, especially in Bautzen and Torgau. Alone in the year 1950 almost 4500 teenagers were arrested, over 2000 young people have been established in the first five months of this year." "Throughout my ordeal through the concentration camps and Stalinist prisons I met other young people, were as innocent as we, which we were arrested in Gera." "Only in the long period of detention in the concentration camps I came to the conclusion, that a quick death is not always the most bitter lot, when one is in the hands of the Stalinist devil."
(43 m) 02 updates soon a. Berlin: demonstration of the SPD rally at the radio tower. Listener, filling image totally and half close. Kurt Schumacher talks about Germany as a part of the West, totally.
(19 m) b. Long bridges: Inauguration of a schoolhouse solemn inauguration. Children during opening at inauguration as a listener. Classes of the elementary school and the agricultural vocational school. School, total.
(15 m) c. Munich: topping-out ceremony of the "Alter Peter" pan of the tower. The towers of the Church of our Lady. People on the meeting place at the setting ceremony of the reconstructed tower with large beer cask.
(15 m) 03 pictures from all over the world a. Calais - Dover: Kanalschwimmen swimmers, and swimmers are rubbed with fat. You go into the water and swim accompanied by boats. The Egyptians Hassan Hammad rises first on land and falls down from exhaustion. Only a minute later followed by a Frenchman. Hassan Hammad between journalists.
(28 m) b. New Mexico: rocket launch rocket, total, on launch base. Rocket launches vertically to a height of 180 km.
(14 m) c. Japan: Carnival parade carnival masks and large cardboard heads. Beauty queens sitting on the car.
(18 m) d. Italy: drive underwater fishing boats off the coast. Divers with a clip over the nose puts on mask. Special camera for diving. Divers chases with Harpoon under water and bring to the top 64-kg fish.
(32 m) 04 sport a. Iffezheim: horse racing audience on the Racecourse, total. Spectators in elegant dresses. Albert Saenz in conversation, half-close. Baden hunting race. Horses jump over obstacles. Ride over mountain. It wins old master.
(28 m) b. United States: Soapbox final young in their car. The German winner with his car in Berlin. Start and ride on the railway. Crowds at the edge of the track. Various runs. The winner. A 15jähriger boy from Pennsylvania with Cup, great, and besides his mother.
(20 m) c. Wuppertal: motorcycle Championship on the cement track motor cycles start on the track. Drive through excessive curves. Ride through the target. Winning the 350 cc class Erwin Aldinger with laurel wreath, large.
(17 m) d. Berlin: turn international competition Germany Switzerland invasion of the teams in the forest stage. Josef Stadler turns on the pommel horse. Audience clapping. Inno Stangl turns on the parallel bars. Freestyle of the Swiss Josef Stadler on the horizontal bar.
(34 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Aldinger, Erwin ; Schönhals, Albrecht ; Hammad, Hassan ; Stalder, Josef ; Stangl, Ino


United States ; Wuppertal ; Iffezheim ; Berlin ; Calais ; Dover ; Long bridge ; Munich ; Japan ; Italy ; New Mexico ; Baden-Baden


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hunting, Hunter ; Carnival ; Children ; Carnival ; motor sports ; Political events ; Rockets ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; beauty pageants ; Schools, training ; Swimming ; Soapbox ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Cities ; Diving, diver ; Gymnastics ; Buildings ; concentration camp ; People ; Construction ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 325/1951

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Federal Republic of Germany

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