Welt im Film 347/1952 26.01.1952


01 updates soon a. Washington: Truman sends "Message to the nation" members stand and applaud, total. Truman speaks at the lectern, close to half, actuality (stabilization of the free world).
(22 m) b. Washington: Churchill speaks before Congress enters Churchill with wake room, totally. Churchill speaks interview (merger of the free peoples against communist aggression), great. Deputies clapping, total.
(20 m) c. Herleshausen: rally the FDP at the zone boundary torchlight procession. Bundestag Euler speaks, o-ton: "We call for the first a binding declaration of the Soviet Union as the command's the Pieck and Grothe well-being." VW with speakers. Listeners with torches. Speakers, great.
(24 m) d. New York: reception for Captain Carlsen KONFETTI rain on Broadway. Carlsen waves standing in the car, half-close. People on the side of the road. Mayor awarded certificate for Honorable services Carlsen before the Town Hall. Carlsen says, half-close.
(15 m) 02. Paris: Young Germans visiting the United Nations young men get on train. Frankfurt-Paris Est train sign. Palais Chaillot, great. Hall of the United Nations. Young people in front of UN building. Youth speaks to reporters, actuality: "we received really European here and have the opportunity for a fruitful and European work to evaluate our experience that we gained from the General Assembly and the meetings of the commissions, with the aim of a United States of Europe." Young against Notre Dame. Pan across the portal.
(35 m) 03. streiflichter from Germany a. Munich: European Championship of the professional dancers dancers on the floor. In the Viennese Waltz, you win German Paul and Margrit Krebs, no. 6 and no. 11, the Australian pair of World Championship in show dance. The winner Hugh Carter and Hazel Willis, England dance Foxtrot.
(38 m) b. Stuttgart: kitsch Museum woman gives coffee from coffee pot in the form of cat. Milk jug in the form of a cow. Liquor bottle in the form of a blowtorch. Skull and crossbones as a match holder. Liquor bottle with straws and medals. German hero shoe Polish. Toilet roll "Alone at last".
(27 m) 04 sports a. Krefeld: Prussia Krefeld - Canada 2-7 ice hockey game. Canada is far superior. Viewers jump. Attacked the Canadians and scoring.
(15 m) b. Dortmund: Borussia Dortmund - Schalke 04 3-0 game on snow-covered square. Players will fall on the smooth floor. Dortmund shoots two goals. Audience clapping, filling the screen. Third goal for Dortmund. Viewers raise arms, half-close.
(26 m) 5th Garmisch: International winter sports week opening: athletes running the ice with flags. Dr. Ehard opened the winter sports week, close to half. Snow is falling. Skating: World champion Dick button's freestyle high jumps. Snowy Garmisch. People dig out cars. Car drives with high snowfall on the roof. Snow plow. Blades out of the bobsled run. Four-man race: Bobs at the start and on the track in turns. The German Bob with Anderl Ostler starts and drives. The winning team with Anderl Ostler and Nieboer, half-close.
(74 m)


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Button, Richard ; Carlsen ; Churchill, Winston ; Ehard, Hans ; Euler ; Truman, Harry ; Carter, Hugh ; Krebs, Margit ; Nieberl, Lorenz ; Ostler, Anderl ; Willis, Hazel


Krefeld ; Dortmund ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Paris ; Herleshausen ; Stuttgart ; New York ; Munich ; Washington


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bobsleigh ; Railways ; Ice skating ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Interviews ; Education, youth ; Football ; Medals, awards, honors ; Political events ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sporting events ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; UN ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Works of art ; Curiosities ; Elections ; Winter ; Listener ; Hockey ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 347/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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