Welt im Film 359/1952 19.04.1952


01 updates soon a. Washington: 3rd anniversary of NATO Queen Juliana goes next to Truman to ceremonies, half-close. Present, screen-filling, from above. Truman speaks, half close to the original sound. (NATO peace Pact)
(19 m) b. Bad Godesberg: opening of Rhine navigation steamers and boats along the Rhine. New ferry Bad Godesberg leaves and turns on the water.
(18 m) c. Berlin: production of Rotaprint presses workers in the manufacture of Rotaprint machines. Machine is packed in a crate and loaded onto trucks. TRUCK drives. Printer puts the plate in machine and prints.
(22 m) d. United States: ejection seat for jet fighter ejection seat is tested. Pilot lands in power. Test aircraft cockpit on the ground and spinning out.
(15 m) e. United States: submarine sub boat submarine appears in acute angle from water and through water.
(10 m) 02. colorful image gallery a. Munich: smallest book in the world is press printer and prints. Tiny book page is enlarged with magnifying glass. Small page in addition to Matchbox. Page of the book, with the Lord's prayer under a magnifying glass.
(17 m) b. Holland: miniatures bottled man builds in bottle small town. Fixing the houses with glue through the neck of the bottle. Lighthouse and sea will be built in light bulb. Rotating machine in bottle. Sailing ship in bottle.
(25 m) c. Italy: cat and rabbit Cat Head go down. Young rabbit sitting in a basket. CAT and rabbit eat from Bowl. Cat cleans the small rabbits.
(19 m) 03 New York: Berlin fashion show Susanne Erichsen as Gehringer & Glupp mannequin introduces dress with Cape. Spring dress with 3/4 long skirt. Susanne Erichsen dress with low wide buckle dark blouse and next evening skirt demonstrates. Two-part two-coloured afternoon dress with shoulder sash. Susanne Erichsen in the white dress. Charles Laughton as a spectator, large. Susanne Erichsen in addition to Charles Laughton, half-close.
(38 m) 4 sports a. Munich: Sandbahnrennen bikes are available in parking lot. Start of the sidecar. Riders on the track and in the corners. Official flag. 500 cc solo machine: Start. Hofmeister crashes. Young viewers behind wooden ties. Seidl, Munich, WINS. Seidl receives wreath.
(31 m) b. Hamburg: HSV - Austria Wien 3-3 game on the HSV space. Vienna fire 0 spectators the 1: screen. Audience, laughing, half-close. HSV shoots compensation. Men waving. Serious man with hat in addition to wife, half-close. Vienna shoots 2:1 serious viewers, half-close. HSV score goal. People clap.
(27 m) c. Württemberg: German forest cross country Championships runners at the start. Runners run through forest. Kruzycki, Hamburg will take before Eberlein, Munich - East wins in the Sprint.
(24 m) d. Turin: "Valentino Grand Prix" racing start of racing cars. Ride through the streets of Turin. In the top flight: Ascari (Nr. 34), Villoresi (Nr. 24), Farina (Nr. 20). Farina bounces against hay bales and is thrown from the car. He is lifted up and led away. Two spectators, great. Ascari driving box and get off. Task due to engine failure. Official waving banner. Villoresi WINS. Villoresi is kissed, half close with wreath.
(28 m)


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Ascari, Alberto ; Erichsen, Susanne ; Juliana von Holland ; Laughton, Charles ; Truman, Harry ; Eberlein ; Farina ; Hofmeister, Josef ; Kruzycki, Erich ; Seidl, Josef ; Villoresi


Turin ; Munich ; Hamburg ; Württemberg ; United States ; Washington ; Berlin ; Holland ; New York ; Bad Godesberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Industry ; Football ; motor sports ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Curiosities ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; NATO ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 359/1952

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Susanne Erichsen Becomes the First Miss Germany of the Federal Republic of Germany (September 2, 1950)

Susanne Erichsen is one of the first German models to become an international top model. Her post-war storybook career almost seems like an allegory for Germany’s defeat and resurgence.

Susanne Erichsen is born as Susanne Firle in Berlin in 1925. Her mother comes from a lower middle class family, her stepfather is a talented engineer who moves the family to Leningrad for a few years. She spends the war in Berlin. Shortly after the end of the war she marries a Norwegian man named Sven Erichsen. They make plans to move to Norway together but are deported to the Soviet Union. They are separated and never see each other again. After two years of hard labour to rebuild Stalinogorsk Susanne Erichsen returns to the German capital in 1947. During a visit to Munich the fashion journalist Lore Wolf discovers her. She begins to work as a mannequin and photo model. While vacationing on the island of Sylt in the early summer of 1950 she participates in the beauty contest of Schleswig Holstein and wins. In September she goes on to win the Miss Germany beauty contest in Baden-Baden. Less than a week later she participates in the Miss Europe pageant in Rimini, Italy. From now on photographers are smitten with the tall brunette women with the almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones. In 1952 she travels to the USA as an “ambassador of German fashion”. Fascinated by her un-German looks and her tragic story the American press comes up with the name “Fräuleinwunder.” She ends up staying in New York for more than 10 years, where she makes more money in an hour than a German worker in an entire month. After her return to Berlin she founds her own fashion label and mannequin and model school. In 2002 she dies as a result of a stroke.

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