Welt im Film 360/1952 26.04.1952


1st United States: flooding in the Midwest flying plane (taken from other aircraft). Truman looks out window of the aircraft. Aerial view of the flooding area. Truman on the phone from aircraft affected cities. Distributed on Damm of Omaha, who withstood the flood. Rail and cars in the water. People riding in a rubber dinghy.
(36 m) 2 updates in the near future as West Berlin: East police go to the West police over two East police officers in the police headquarters. You there To give up their weapons. Uniforms of national policemen in the basement of the Presidium.
(19 m) b. Brunswick: foundation stone laid for ECA apartments Fest meeting at the groundbreaking ceremony for 300 development buildings. Foundation stone is laid.
(13 m) c. jets flight London - South Africa passenger plane on table builds House of cards that will not fall over. Flight over the Alps. Stewardeß served. Flying Comet. Uganda stopover. Flight building. Stairs is driven. Flight over the Victoria falls. Pilot in the cockpit. Aerial view of Johannesburg. Driving out of the flaps. A Winker filmed on aircraft airfield. Passengers get off. Johannesburg cityscape with traffic.
(32 m) d. Frankfurt: Katyn Investigation Committee examination of former Polish officer. Witness speaks, original sound. Interpreter translates, o-ton: "First of all, I have no doubt that these men have been murdered by the Soviets."
(28 m) e. Munich: arrest of money counterfeiting gang money counterfeiting workshop with false banknotes, printing machines and accessories. Counterfeiters will be led away handcuffed and keeps arm front face. Counterfeiters appear for questioning, among them two women. Photos of counterfeiters.
(21 m) f. Anchiano: 500 years of Leonardo da Vinci President Einaudi and Prime Minister de Gasperi in Anchiano on Leonardo's birthplace. Painting: "the last supper" and "Mona Lisa". Models of buildings by Leonardo Museum in Rome. Panning, trapdoor, buildings.
(22 m) 03. The Lenz is a. Baden Baden: Lanvin catwalk before the flowering trees in Baden Baden Spielbank. Walkers. Woman with Terriers making cute sitting on bench. Rider. The spa park. Fashion show by Lanvin front of the Kurhaus. Evening clothes are paraded before the game Bank.
(25 m) b. Berlin: spring in Berlin in Berlin waiters and waitresses set tables of coffee on the Kurfürstendamm. Passers-by in front of shop Windows. Young woman planting flowers on balcony. Beach chairs on the Wannsee. Children play in the sand pit. Young goats. Boy's little goat milk bottle.
(17 m) c. Copenhagen: young Kragenbär young Kragenbär playing with boys and wallows.
(14 m) 04 sports a. Hannover: water polo "Water friends Hannover"-locomotive games to Chemnitz 3:3 and shots on goal.
(18 m) b. Berlin: Soccer: Berlin - Süd-Germany 1:2 playback, half-close. Berlin shoots 1-0. The Berlin defence defends goal. Excited spectator with hat. Berlin shoots own goal. Disappointed spectators. South Germany shoots 2-1. People clap.
(24 m) c. Munich: freestyle wrestling all wrestlers in the ring. Wild wrestling match. Young spectator, large. Old viewers. Wrestler thrown out of ring. Referee counts. Shoulder throw. Inferior casts winner to the ground. Wrestlers continue to fight in bathrobes.
(26 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Einaudi ; Gaspery de, Alcide ; Truman, Harry


Berlin ; Munich ; Hanover ; Braunschweig ; United States ; London ; South Africa ; Baden-Baden ; Anchiano ; Frankfurt ; Africa ; Johannesburg ; West Berlin ; Uganda


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; DDR ; Trade, finance ; Justice ; Disasters ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Spring, spring pictures ; Football ; Plants ; Police ; Rings ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Art ; Works of art ; Water ; water polo ; water emergency ; Home ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Costumer ; Construction ; construction ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; finance ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 360/1952

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Federal Republic of Germany

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