UFA-Wochenschau 11/1956 10.10.1956


1 Berlin: Guest performance of Beijing Opera breakdown from NDW 350 - something different here: mysterious masks of dancers and dancer, great. The Lotus Lantern dance. Acrobatic dance solo and in group. Scene from: the fortress. 2 generals fighting each other with 2 armies.

02. Bonn: Visit of the President of Liberia William Tubman festive reception at the Villa Hammerschmidt. Ms. Tubman between Heuss and Adenauer in evening gown. Town Hall of Bonn. Mayor welcomes Tubman bosom before the Town Hall. People clap. Tubman is registered in the Golden Book of the city. Tubman in addition to Mayor bosom on the town hall balcony.

03. Youth - Mountain apprentices in use today the charity stone coal mine Friedrich Heinrich AG. Mine apprentices at the coal mining underground. Volunteer shifts, they promote 25 tons of coal for the needy in Lower Saxony, Germany. Miner's lamps be placed. Young people in the shower. Young miners accompany coal to Hanover. The coal trains takes over Prime Minister Hamel.

04. gut Rantzau in Schleswig-Holstein: New home for Trakehner mares and foals on the coupling. After the escape from East Prussia, the horses have found a new home. 25,000 mother Mares, the Trakehner, the elk scoop remained 700 fire sign. Foal wallows. Trakehner in the lunge.

05. Paris: motor show luxury car on turntable. Mercedes sports car and sedan. Turbines. Vehicle. Super car.

06 Kehraus be swept together Munich after the Oktoberfest mountains of waste and paper. Removal of mugs. Removal of scenes, funfair and stalls, empty wallet is in place.

07. Nuremberg: Pet grooming in beauty salon dogs are bathed, brushed, combed and clipped. Scotchterrier, poodle, Dachshund in treatment, great.

8th Nuremberg: Athletics international competition of women Germany - Czechoslovakia 80 m hurdles: start and run with German one-two by CENTA Gastl in 11 sec. and Maria Sander. Javelin: Olympic gold medalist Dana Zatopekava is defeated by Almut Brömmel with 52,83 m. Almut Brömmel, great. High jump: Inge Kilian jumps with 1.66 m new German record. In the competition of framework of, runs the German men relay 4 x 100 m with Knörzer, Steinbach, Pohl and Germar and WINS in 40.6 sec. Season change and run by Manfred Germar finish.

9 American football game scenes. Crowd. Girls on the sidelines. Tough fights and runs. Victory run behind the line of players. Hold and traps.

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Brömmel, Almut ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Busen ; Hellwege, Heinrich ; Heuss, Theodor ; Tubman, William ; Germar, Manfred ; Gastl, Zenta ; Kilian, Inge ; Knörzer ; Pohl, Gudrun ; Sander-Domagalla, Maria ; Steinbach ; Zatopek, Emil


Paris ; Fichtelgebirge ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Munich ; Dresden ; Dortmund ; Nuremberg ; Hanover


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Football ; Musical events ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; State visits (inside) ; Theatres ; automotive engineering, automotive ; automotive industry ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; festivals ; Exhibitions ; Mine ; Football ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 11/1956

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Chinese Opera of Beijing camera: Pahl, Stoll President v. Liberia in Bonn camera: Basic, Luppa voluntary usage v. Mountain apprentices camera: base, Seib Trakehner breeding Holstein. Good camera: Luppa Pariser Carshow origin: Pathé journal, Gaumont Oktoberfest Kehraus camera: Rau beauty salon for dogs camera: Rau sports: female Athletics: Czech Republic Germany camera: Rau, Hafner American football origin: paramount final:

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