UFA-Wochenschau 20/1956 12.12.1956


01 Suez: Withdrawal of British forces breakdown from NDW 359 / 2. From the Windows of a train coming to see soldiers in the UN force. Baggage is unloaded in port said. At the demarcation line, the UN forces to replace British soldiers and take a stand in the trenches. Anglo-French soldiers embark on troop transporters.

02. Naples: General Norstad visited NATO Headquarters Norstad arriving by plane. Troops present. Norstad moves up front.

03. Paris: Nato Conference breakdown from NDW 359 / 3. arrival of the American Secretary of State Dulles on the airfield. Dulles in conversation with Pineau to eliminate the inconsistencies due to the Suez crisis. Handshake Dulles Pineau.

04. Stockholm: The Nobel Awards breakdown from NDW 359 / 4 - same section. Arrival of the Royal family. Among the prize winners for medicine of the German physician Dr. Werner Forsmann, who was honoured for his ground-breaking discoveries in the field of heart disease. King Gustav Adolf presented the awards. Dr. Forsmann at awards ceremony, the Nobel laureate.

05. India: Buddha Fest breakdown from NDW 359 / 5. The Dalai Lama travels across the mountains to India on mules and on arrival with Flower necklace and flowers is located. Arrival of the Pantschn Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet. People umdrängen the guests and throw themselves to the ground. The Mahabodhi Temple as a place of pilgrimage. Procession to the Salbäumen of Kuginara. Buddha statue in the temple.

06. New York: fire in the port of thick black clouds of smoke over the port. The fire spread after explosion of bearings with sisal hemp. Vessels will be towed by tugs from the danger zone.

07. the secret of the 400 widows of Eastbourne older widows take a walk on the waterfront. The doctor of Eastbourne Dr. Adams ascends his car. Officials from Scotland Yard investigate suspicions in Eastbourne, which held the mysterious deaths in a natural way. Scotland Yard officials in bar. Graves in the cemetery.

08 Hamburg: Touring exhibition "Modern forms of" young woman sits down on modern armchairs. Designer paints on time block. Modern wallpaper designs. Professor Wagenfeld / Stuttgart, students of the Bauhaus. Modern glasses and cutlery, plates. Young woman, large drinking glass.

09th Munich: children study at the Königsteiner puppet performance the Königsteiner puppets. Studies in children. Close-up: pretty little girl, child on the mother's lap, little boys and girls laugh and cry, watching intently, play with handkerchief. Boy with glasses. Clapping.

10 Hamburg: heavyweight boxing: Max Resch defeated Domingo Lopez / Spain by knockout breakdown from NDW 359 / 11 - same section. Impact Exchange on the ropes, Gong strike. In the 2. Round wild attacking Lopez with vast movements. Fast hit lands and Lopez goes upside down to ground, and we counted. Viewer calls. Lopez is lifted up. Resch and Lopez after the fight in the ring.

11 Hannover: Rugby Germany - British army of the Rhine game and runs. Audience clapping. Fighting on the lawn. Hold and falls. Players leaving the square after the match. Result. Draw.

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Adams, Walter ; Dalai Lama ; Dulles, John Foster ; Forsmann ; Gustav Adolf VI. von Schweden ; Hinshelwood, Cyril ; Norstad, Lauris ; Pantschen Lama ; Pineau ; Richardson, Sharon ; Gemenow, Nik. ; Shockley, William ; Wagenfeld ; Lopez, Domingo ; Resch, Max


Hamburg ; Stockholm ; New York ; Paris ; Naples ; Eastbourne ; Munich ; Suez ; Hanover ; India ; Nepal


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Justice ; Children ; Fire ; Fire Brigade ; Medals, awards, honors ; Rugby ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; UN ; War, prisoners of war ; Cultural events ; Crime ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; NATO ; Exhibitions ; Fire brigade ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 20/1956

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Replacing British troops in Egypt through UN army origin: Pathe news General Norstad in Naples origin: SEDI Conference d. 15 NATO States i. Paris origin: Pathé journal Nobel prizes camera: Persson the lamas in India origin: film Division fire disaster in New York origin: paramount Dr. Adams of the murder suspect origin: Gaumont new forms (chairs, vases, etc.)
Camera: Starke, Seib Königsteiner puppet shows i. Munich camera: Hafner sports: Boxing: Resch-Lopez camera: Seib, Stoll, student Rugby: Deutschld.-Army of the Rhine camera: Seib, students final:

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