UFA-Wochenschau 61/1957 25.09.1957


01. the tragedy of the Pamir - sunset in a hurricane of the Pamir. Ship's boy on the deck. Cast off. Steering wheel. Four-masted barque with and without set sail. Climbing the shrouds. Captain of Pamir Hermann Eggers, the trip due to illness had not taken. Actuality: "were from the first message on my thoughts on the Pamir. From the oldest to the youngest crew member I feel connected with my own family. I share the concern of the mothers, the fathers, the women. Their worries are also my concerns."

02 Walter Merz Shotfirers dropping bombs. Backhoe dredging in excavation. Rubble after explosion of unexploded in Harburg. Roof is covered. Demolition expert Walter Merz at the disarming of a bomb. Long time fuze, acid ampoule, celluloid window and firing pin. Looking for unexploded ordnance with special probe. In Berlin, Memorial is unveiled to commemorate the 1000 scorcher, which came after the war in the exercise of their profession to life.

03. Frankfurt: International Motor Show Volkswagen beetle on stand. American Edsel with 345 horsepower. Goggomobil Microcar Mopella, Janus Microcar. Young couple can be located To give brochures. Mercedes 300 SL. Young couple at the helm. Young couple leaves the exhibition and rides a tandem bicycle home.

04. clever and forgetful: the crap breakdown from NDW 400/8: dish sitting on cars and transported crap. Horse-drawn carriage loses crap. Constable clever comes with bike and converses about keeping the streets clean, so that drivers not in the slides. Severe brake, Maria clean sweeps the street.

05. Berlin: Inauguration of the Congress Hall the most modern structure in the world according to a design of by architect of Stubbins, great. Baptism with champagne bottle at the entrance. Berlin flag. The Congress Hall in the vernacular "Concrete Oyster".

06. the Netherlands: Opening of the oyster and mussel season extend fishing boats. Network with oysters and mussels will be collected. Folk Festival in costumes at the opening of the season. Oyster eating.

07. London: Oyster hats on hat, chimney and 2 plush dogs on guard. Lucky ladybug, glasses and saddle on hats.

8 Kehl: Competition of Boulisten men throw balls and To try to place them as accurately as possible. France WINS.

09 Kiel: World Championship of the sport fishing the international throwers Association hosted World Tournament of the Angel ejector. Fishing rods are ejected on target.

10 Berlin: waiter trays on the Kudamm go bets with tray with cup coffee waitresses, waiters go to the bet with trays with glass. Brewery workers roll barrels to the bet.

11 Toronto: dogs dog swimming competition jump into the water and swim behind masters and mistresses in Kahn produced winner climbs into the boat.

12 Munich: Oktoberfest beer kegs are offloaded by car. Mayor Wang at the tapping. Measure pitchers and waitresses. Beer drinkers. Hand reader, gingerbread hearts, snake dancer, carousels, whirligig. Driving record in carousel. Lighting in the evening. Man drops drunk on meadow.

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Eggers, Hermann; Gross, Walter; Hussels, Jupp; Merz, Walter; Stubbins; Wimmer, Thomas


Frankfurt; Berlin; Holland; Kiel; England; London; Spitsbergen; Robben Island; Munich; Kehl; Toronto


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Monuments; Disasters; Bowling, bowling, boules, pétanque; Fishing; fishing; Shipping; Blasting; Animals (except dogs); Buildings; automotive engineering, automotive; automotive industry; Transport: General; festivals; Competitions; Fashion; Jobs; Exhibitions; Gastronomy; Fisheries; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 61/1957

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand: sailing ship Pamir (review) Terminal locked origin: Archive interview Pamir Captain Eggers camera: Stoll Shotfirers Merz Hamburg camera: student scorcher monument Berlin camera: Pahl motor show Frankfurt camera: strong clever and forgetful (IV) "The mist" Berlin Congress Hall (opening) camera: Pahl beginning of oyster - and Muschelsaison origin: Polygoon hats from England origin: Pathe news boarding school. Petanque competitions Kehl camera: strong throwing Championship. (Fish) Kiel camera: Seib, GA waiter Derby Berlin camera: Pahl, Jansen dogs swim Derby Toronto origin: Metro Munich Oktoberfest 1957 camera: Rau final brand:

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Opening of the Berlin Congress Center (Sept. 18, 1957)

On September 19, 1957 the US-American government presents the city of Berlin with the congress center, which had been built within just one year. The building is the USA’s contribution to the international building exhibition INTERBAU in 1957. Part of the exhibition is that designs by prominent architects will be implemented in the nearby Hansa neighborhood. Hugh Stubbins, a former assistant of Walter Gropius, designed the congress center. The ambitious concrete shell construction in the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid has been conceived as „propaganda architecture“ from the beginning. It was meant to embody American modernity, and it also functioned as a „beacon of freedom, that sends its rays to the East“ in the Cold War of competing systems. Not only did they choose a location near the border of the Soviet sector, but they also raised an artificial hill, so that the silhouette of the building could be seen from East Berlin.

The building features exhibition halls, an auditorium, conference rooms, a lecture hall and gastronomic facilities which allow it to host cultural events such as the opening of the Berlin Film Festival, scientific conferences and political conventions. 

Material fatigue due to constructional defects and design errors led to the collapse of a section of the roof in 1980. Several people were injured and a journalist was killed. The „symbol of the German-American friendship“ underwent elaborate renovation and restoration works before it reopened in 1987, right on time for the 750th anniversary celebrations of the city of Berlin. Two years later the congress center becomes the location of the newly founded „Haus der Kulturen der Welt.“

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