UFA-Wochenschau 65/1957 23.10.1957


1st USSR: robots drive to the Moon - trick breakdown from NDW 404/10: trick shots. Rocket launches. Dropping the compositions. As boots or space ship. Radar mirrors track the flight. 2. rocket launches to bring fuel to ship. Recharge your batteries. Landing on the moon. Robot sled is released from the front, moves out antenna and camera and runs remotely on a reconnaissance trip through the mountains of the moon.

02. Moscow: The Sputnik circles still ground station receives signals. Cartoon drawing of the circular orbit of the Sputnik.

03. England: Destruction of radioactive milk breakdown from NDW 404/5: chimney of the Windscale plutonium plant. Cows in the pasture next to the plant. Cows go in the barn and be milked. Removal of milk jugs with truck with inscription "you'll feel a lot better, if you drink milk." Milk is poured away, because the milk with radioactive iodine for health safety reasons must be destroyed.

04. Valencia: Flood broken bridge, bent trees. Cars go in the water. Horses Wade through water. Woman with umbrella wading through mud. People go through wadenhohes water. Crowd with umbrellas.

05. Germany: Asian flu children gargle. Empty classrooms, or a few children during lessons. 2 boys come home from school.

06. Beijing: 8th anniversary of the founding of Red China's mammoth parade of the population. Official gallery of Mao Tse Tung. Waving. Balloons fly in the sky.

07. Formosa: 46th anniversary of the Chinese revolution aircraft in formation, Tschiang Kai Schek and wife parade take off. In broad run soldiers in lockstep, screen.

08 Bonn: The election of the Federal Chancellor's deputies To give voices including Ollenhauer, Strauß, Lahiri. Counting of votes. Congratulations to Adenauer.

9 Washington: 67th birthday of Eisenhower breakdown from NDW 404 / 3: presenting stand. Elizabeth II and Philip get down stairs. Eisenhower welcomes original sound. A trip to the White House. Mamie Eisenhower welcomed the guests in front of the House. Cameramen. Eisenhower, Elizabeth and Philip on terrace, Mamie.

10 United States: State visit Elizabeth II of England breakdown from NDW 404 / 3: presenting stand. Elizabeth II and Philip get down stairs. Eisenhower welcomes original sound. A trip to the White House. Mamie Eisenhower welcomed the guests in front of the House. Cameramen. Eisenhower, Elizabeth and Philip on terrace, Mamie.

11 Rome: Fashion on the Via Veneto policeman stops traffic. Mannequins cross street. Fashion show of valuable furs with Emilio Schubert.

12 London: Election of Miss world young women in bathing suits. Miss Luxembourg, Miss Japan, Miss Canada. Go Miss France on the catwalk, among others. Winner Miss Finland.

13 clever and forgetful: the head of breakdown from NDW 404 / 8: clever complained about defective head in workshop. Maria comes in and wants to get on the ladder. Work colleagues warn. Maria wants to be told nothing and rises. Rotten head upsetting and Bowl crashes to the ground. Clever is added and forgetful can teach themselves.

14 Paris: European Championship of the gymnast Joaquim Blume / Spain, turns on the parallel bars. Jack Günthardt / Switzerland, turns on the parallel bars. Joaquim turns flower rings. Bahru / Switzerland, turns on the pommel horse. In the overall standings, he is 3. Joaquim flower turns on the horizontal bar. Audience clapping. Award ceremony with flower (1), Titov / USSR (2nd) and Switzerland (3.) of Benker

15 Kiel: German Amateur Boxing Championships light welterweight: Johann Peter defeated Willi Roth. Viewers. Boxer during the break in the ring corner. Give big. Gong beat. Light heavyweight: Georg Krenz defeated Karl Mildenberger. Clinch. Referee separates. Photographers on the ring.

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Benker; Blume, Jochen; Adenauer, Konrad; Eisenhower, Dwight; Elisabeth II. von England; Gerstenmaier, Eugen; Gross, Walter; Hussels, Jupp; Lübke, Heinrich; Tse Tung, Mao; Ollenhauer, Erich; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug; Schubert, Emilio; Strauß, Franz Josef; Tschiangkaischek; Günthard; Krenz, Georg; Mildenberger, Karl; Peter, Johann; Roth, Eugen; Titow, Juri


England; New York; United States; Formosa; Beijing; Washington; Valencia; Germany; Rome; USSR; Moskau; London; Bonn; Kiel; Paris


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Boxes; Disasters; Parades; Political events; Rockets; Satellite; beauty pageants; Schools, training; Sports details, fouls; Spoprt-Ehrungen; sports audience, sports spectator; Animals (except dogs); Gymnastics; Buildings; Medicine; veterinary medicine; Water; space; Foreign policy events; Dentistry; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Fashion; Atom; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; Sports honors; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 65/1957

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Title brand: Soviet. Version of a trip for Lunar origin: Metro Sputnik I origin: DEFA radioactive milk Windscale origin: Pathe news floods in Valencia origin: No.-do Asian flu epidemic i. Dtschld. camera: Seib Beijing celebrates o. Jahrestg. Red China origin: DEFA Nationalchines. Parade on Formosa camera: Hamilton Wright choice of German Chancellor camera: Stoll, Luppa 67. birthday of Eisenhower's origin: Metro Elizabeth II in Washington origin: Pathe news Rainier at Denkmalseinweihg, Mt. Carlo origin: Gaumont fur fashion show on the Via Veneto Rome origin: iNcom Miß universe - choice in London origin: Pathe news clever and Maria "The ladder" artistic gymnastics European Championships Paris origin: Pathé journal Kiel Amateur Boxing Championships camera: Stoll

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Mao Zedong’s 125th Birthday (* December 26, 1893)

In the history of the 20th century Mao Zedong is remembered in a number of controversial ways—as China’s great innovator and visionary revolutionary, ruthless mass murderer and power hungry dictator, figure head of the student movement and icon of pop culture.  

The son of farmers was born on December 26, 1893. He would be politicized by the 1911 republican revolution, the May Fourth Student Movement against the Versailles Peace treaty and the writings of Marx and Lenin. In 1921 he participates in the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, three years later he moves up to the central executive committee. When a civil war breaks out after clashes with the Kuomintang, Mao organizes the struggle against the nationalist party of his opponent Chiang Kai-shek and pushes ahead with the development of a Red Army.  Over the course of the legendary “long march” that takes place in the mid-1930s he distinguishes himself as a leader of the Chinese communists. After the temporary formation of a united front against the Japanese invasion (1937-1945) the civil war ends after 22 years with the communist troops as the victor.  On October 1, 1949 the “great leader” proclaims the People’s Republic of China at the Gate of Heavenly Peace in Peking. From now on he wants to establish an encompassing communism and achieve the idea of a “new man”. His ambitious endeavour, to turn China from a backwards, agricultural society into a modern industrial state via the “great leap forward” is a catastrophic failure. Tens of millions of people die due to the hasty collectivization. In order to maintain his power position Mao initiates the „great proletarian cultural revolution“ in which he agitates millions of young people against his own party. In the wake of this “cleansing” hundreds of thousands of functionaries, artists and intellectuals are persecuted, tortured or killed, while countless of cultural assets are destroyed. The terror only comes to an end when Mao dies on September 9, 1976, its extent being downplayed for a long time. Nevertheless, the „Great Helmsman“ is still revered in China—and beyond, almost like a saint.

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