UFA-Wochenschau 70/1957 27.11.1957


1st Italy: State visit of German President Heuss breakdown from NDW 409 / 1: drive through the town accompanied by rider garden. President Gronchi headed Heuss through the courtyard to the Capitol. The Mayor of Rome Heuss presented a bronze sculpture of the Roman she-Wolf as a guest gift. Under the present of Brentano. Visit Heuss in Sicily. Panoramic view over the sea of Palermo. School waving flags.

02. Czechoslovakia: Antonin Novotny is elected President lift members of the National Assembly vote hand. MPs stand up and clap of your choice. The Russian President Woroschilow congratulated on his election with embrace and brother kissing Novotny. Close-up Novotny. Stepping off the front of the stand in the courtyard of the Castle.

03. United States: the aircraft climb record flight of the Stratobomber air force soldiers of the strategic bomber command of the United States. Pilot in cockpit. The machines through the clouds during test flight. Refuel in the air over Venezuela.

04. United States: Rocket Center Cape Canaveral 1 film footage from the American rocket Center. An electronic camera followed the flight of the snark missile. Propellant dissolves after burning out and crashes in the vicinity of the cameraman to the ground.

05. New Delhi: Yoga demonstration Indian Jogis, who lift heavy loads with a cord around his neck, to dislocate, crossed by steamroller let artists. As a spectator of Nehru.

06. Japan: mud bath for bride and groom according to tradition young husband is with water and mud totally splattered and then rolled in straw.

07. England: professional sleeper young woman comes out and goes by umbrella to work. She takes off her coat and wears a Nightgown. She sleeps on the bed. Inspector note modification of textiles after stress.

08 Hamburg: dance night playing "Action protection of minors" band. Young people dancing in the Winterhuder Fährhaus. Police checked identity cards. Teenagers in proper clothing dance rock ´ roll. Clock shows 11 ½.

09. Clever and forgetful: flammable breakdown from NDW 409 / 7: dish handled with gasoline with burning cigarette in his mouth. Clever arrives and warns. Furthermore, Maria laughs. The cigarette falls from his mouth and fires lit on the floor.

10 Garmisch: ice hockey SC Riessersee - St.Moritz 17:2 game at the Olympic Stadium. Superior game and shots of the German team. Spectators clap.

11 Dortmund: Tour holiday ballet dancing on ice in the Westfalenhalle. Solo dance. Ice Queen moves into horse-drawn carriage. Acrobatics. Black-winged stilt. Ice clown Guy Longpre dance parody of a sailor ashore.

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Brentano von, Heinrich ; Gronchi ; Gross, Walter ; Heuss, Theodor ; Hussels, Jupp ; Longpré, Guy ; May Le, Curtis ; Nehru, Indira ; Novotny, Antonin ; Woroschilow


Hamburg ; United States ; Japan ; Prague ; CSSR ; Dortmund ; Italy ; New Delhi ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Rome ; New Delhi


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Higher education ; Education, youth ; Political events ; Rockets ; Satellite ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Watches ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Military ; Engagement ; space ; Foreign policy events ; Yoga ; Revues ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Hockey ; Jobs ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 70/1957

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title State visit Prof. Heuss Rome origin: iNcom, SEDI, Incom choice of the Czech Republic. Pres.. Novotny origin: State usage d. strateg. Air kommendos/United States origin: Metro, Metro missile launch "Snark", C. Canaveral origin: Yoga demonstration of New Delhi metro origin: Asian "Water battle" japan. Grooms origin: Asahi news crease Nightgowns from Engld.
Origin: Pathe news dance d. "Action family" Hbg. camera: Seib "Flammable" (smart & Maria ice hockey SC "Riess Lake/St. Moritz camera: Rau, Hafner Holiday on ice, Dortmund camera: Luppa, basic final brand")

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