UFA-Wochenschau 81/1958 12.02.1958


01 Munich: aircraft disaster breakdown from NDW 420/3: aircraft debris. Burning house. With players of the Championship to Manchester United, British machine crashed shortly after takeoff. Survivors at the hospital ISAR. Doctors at the hospital beds of seriously injured.
(27 m) 02 United States: crash of a vanguard rocket breakdown from NDW 420/2: rocket on the launch pad. Start. Because the rocket deviated from the prescribed railway, it was destroyed by remote pulse. Crash of the burning rocket.
(20 m) 03. United States: Automation in automobile factory man to mixer. Car production as if by magic without manpower.
(19 m) 04 CSSR: photocell as a novel tool for the blind blind go with white canes. Hands of blind slide of Scripture, and objects. Photo cell transfer of colors in noise. This blind can learn colors are different.
(18 m) 05. Japan: dust plague of industrial breakdown from NDW 420/4: Ho Chi Minh in addition to Nehru in an open carriage ride through the city. Wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of Mahatma Ghandi. Ho Chi Minh carries a child on arm and goes next to Nehru. Dances are performed. (Ho Chi Minh will win Nehru for his plan to conduct free elections in all of Viet Nam with the aim of the Association.)
(23 m) 06 smart and forgetful: the attendant breakdown of NDW 420 / 9: clever as a gas station attendant washes cars at gas station. Forgetful drunk talking to him and wants. Clever asks employees to drive dish home.
(41 m) 07. Berlin: Guest performance of the Spanish riding school Vienna breakdown from 420/10: the Lipizzaner stallions dance her ballet of high school. The Capriole, the Levade, the Courbette.
(23 m) 08 Munich: Romy Schneider returns from the United States back band playing at the airfield. Romy Schneider is embraced on arrival at the airfield and welcomed. Romy Schneider gives autographs (12 m) 09 Pitztal: Carnival mask dance of the inhabitants with witches masks.
(14 m) 10 Bad Gastein: Aprésskimoden by Resi Hammerer mannequins Aprèsskikleidung perform. Mannequins at bar. Little Bell of shoes.
(23 m) 11 Ramsau: Veterans men shoot curling on the Hintersee Lake with Eisstöcken and sniff snuff. Dog runs across the ice.
(16 m) 12 Bad Gastein: World Ski Championships breakdown from NDW 420/11: giant slalom men: Runner crashes. Bozon / France crashes hard and must be admitted to the hospital. Racing Toni Sailer. His sister, congratulated him on the victory. Interview with Toni Sailer in the hotel. Men's downhill: falls. Toni Sailer WINS and is also the winner of the combined. Bud Werner / United States crashes and goes on a ski through the target. People throng.
(39 m) 13 Garmisch: international ski jumping to the Kongsberg Cup jumps. Joze Zidar / Yugoslavia crashes. Luis Leodolter / Austria jumps. Max Bolkart / Germany, WINS 87 m in the individual competition. Cup wins the Kongsberg Austria.
(29 m)

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Bolkart, Max; Bozon, Charles; Gross, Walter; Hussels, Jupp; Schneider, Magda; Sailer, Toni; Werner, Bud; Zidar, Joze


Munich; United States; Pitztal; Bad Gastein; CSSR; Ramsau; Garmisch-Partenkirchen


Sachindex Wochenschauen; curling; Carnival; Disasters; Carnival; filmmaking; Research; Rockets; Satellite; Ski, skiing, ski jumping; Skibike; Skijoring; sports audience, sports spectator; Technology; Animals (except dogs); environmental protection, pollution; automotive engineering, automotive; automotive industry; Medicine; veterinary medicine; space; Science; Dentistry; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Fashion; Autographs; Automation; Technology; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 81/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Opening title plane crash Munich (also known as Fu.)
Camera: Hafner false start "Baby Moon", "vanguard-Rak.
"Origin: Metro Automation (US-auto factory) origin: Metro photo cell" tool for blind origin: State dust plague OVR. Japan origin: Asahi news "The attendant", clever & Maria chip. Riding/Vienna in Berlin camera: Pahl arrival Romy Schneider, Munich camera: Seib mask dance in the Pitz Valley camera: Hafner ski wear Resi Hammerer, Bad Gastein camera: Rau curling Hintersee/Bayern camera: Hafner slalom run gentlemen, B. Gastein origin: Austria, material in cooperation with Austria/Vienna. Neg. & POS. b. Austria/Vienna ski jumping/Garnisch (Kongsberg) camera: strong, Seib, Rieck final brand

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Plane Crash of the Manchester United Football Team (February 6, 1958)

It would be the final trip of the legendary „Busby Babes“, as the young and aspiring team around coach Matt Busby was called. One day earlier they had qualified for the Europe Cup semi-finals, after beating Red Star Belgrade. Having already won two championships, the next triumph was just within reach. On their flight home to Manchester they stop off in Munich airport to refuel. But after two failed takeoff attempts their plane goes up in flames.   

Seven players die at the crash site, coach Matt Busby and midfielder Duncan Edwards are critically injured, other players are injured so badly that they will never be able to play football again. Manchester United loses most of the players of its „miracle team.“

Following the motto „United will go on“, a team largely made up of replacement and youth players goes up against Sheffield two weeks later and wins—as if to spite fate.

At the same time, doctors in Munich are fighting to save the lives of the injured players. Tragically they are unable to save Duncan Edwards, one of the greatest talents in English football. To thank the medical team of doctors and nurses for their relentless efforts the Manchester United management invites them to a match to Old Trafford in early March. The entire stadium gets up for the „angels of Munich“, while the coach sent a tape-recorded greeting from the hospital. Once he is recovered he builds up a powerful new team. They help Busby win the FA Cup in 1960, 1965 and 1967, and in 1968 Manchester United is the first English club to win the European Cup. Man U rises like a phoenix from the ashes and creates a myth—this includes the tragic air disaster. Decades later the club and its fans still commemorate the crash victims.

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