UFA-Wochenschau 93/1958 07.05.1958


01 May 1 - a. 500,000 people demonstrate labor day Tokyo on the streets against nuclear bomb tests. Round dances on the street.
(10 m) b. Prague parade of waving people.
(34 m) c. Moscow Defense Minister Malinowsky reverses in car and opened the parade. May Day Parade on red square. Troops, tanks. As a guest of honor Gallery: Abdel Nasser.
(34 m) d. East Berlin bring 2 car. Parade of the people's Army begins. Parading troops. Infantry, Navy. Battle groups. Ulbricht decreases took. Off-road vehicle. Tank.

e. West Berlin transparent peace freedom progress - people from the Schöneberg Town Hall. Willy Brandt.
(14 m) f. Wipperfürth Adenauer speaks. Many listeners. Nurses. Clapping.

g. Bavaria maypole is erected. Dance around the Maypole. Barrel is pierced. Drink of venison from pitchers.
(17 m) 02 Sweden: Schlager fans band plays. Fans cheer, raise arms, scream and fall into ecstasy.
(13 m) 03. Warsaw: children hairdressing children's faces at the hairdresser. Boy sitting on rocking horse. Wines with the hair cut or serenity.
(17 m) 04. Berlin: German Championships of hairdressing styling in many places side by side. Elaborate hairstyles with bodies. Bridal hairstyle.
(18 m) 05 France: eyewear fashion close-up of pretty faces with glasses.
(9 m 06) Italy: fashion footwear shoes appear. High heel is attached. Snake leather shoes with 2 eyes.
(12 m) 7th Baden Baden: Heinz Oestergard Heinz Oestergard fall fashion mannequin coat decreases. Coat with white fur collar. Afternoon dresses with wide issued miniskirts. Schwarzwälderin is a glass on the table. Evening dress. Large loop at neck of baby doll dress. Mini wedding dress.
(38 m) 08 clever and forgetful: illiterate breakdown from NDW 432 / 4: clever and Maria seated at table and drink coffee and eat cake. Brakes grind. Maria jumps up excitedly and reported "Incident was not observed" "Obsolete wrong" drive again brake. Clever scrolls in newspaper and barely responds. He says allowed "motorists we behave often illiterate."
(28 m) 09 German football championship Ludwigshafen: HSV - 1 FC Nuremberg 3-1 breakdown on NDW 432/7: game scenes. Goalkeeper keeps. Corner. Nuremberg shoots by Albrecht 1-0 in the 34th minute. Viewers filling picture. 2. Halftime: Striker compensation goal 1: strikes after a few minutes because 1 foul. Free-kick over the wall 2:1 by Reuter. Spectators cheering. Corner for the HSV. Ball flies over the gate. Reuter shoots the 3:1 disappointed Süddeutsche fans. Players go from the square.
(30 m) 10 Villanova: American of hurdle stars ZL shots of hurdle race. Dave Sime WINS to finger, Elias Gilbert WINS by far. Movements in ZL.
(19 m) 11. Dortmund: German championship in the middleweight division: Bubi Scholz, defeated Challenger Max Resch by k.o. breakdown from NDW 432 / 9: already in the first round must Max Resch 2 times to the ground. Referee counts. Gong beat. In the second round, Resch lands hits and Scholz to ground. Spectator great shakes his head. A few seconds later meets Scholz and teetering Resch. Scholz boxes now superior and beats Resch still 6 times to the ground until towel is thrown. Bubi Scholz as the winner and new champion.
(49 m)

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Dürer, Albrecht; Adenauer, Konrad; Brandt, Willy; Brasseur, Pierre; Gross, Walter; Grotewohl, Otto; Hussels, Jupp; Malinowsky; Mikojan, Anastas; Nasser, Gamal Abdel; Novotny, Antonin; Oestergaard, Heinz; Steel, Tommy; Stoph, Willi; Ulbricht, Walter; Woroschilow; Gilbert, Elias; Resch, Max; Reuter, Georg; Seeler, Uwe; Sime, Dave; Scholz, Gustav; Stürmer, Klaus


Tokyo; Bavaria; Moskau; East Berlin; Berlin; Warsaw; Sweden; France; Italy; Baden-Baden; West Berlin; Ludwigshafen, Germany; Dortmund; Villa Nova; Wipperfürth; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Boxes; Customs; Demonstrations; Craft; Children; Emblems; Football; Musical events; Parades; Posters, fonts, banners; Political events; Sports details, fouls; sports audience, sports spectator; Dance; Athletics, jogging, fun run; People; Transport: General; Fashion; Atom; Trade unions; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 93/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand may 1 in Tokyo origin: Asahi News 1 may in Prague origin: State may 1 in Moscow: origin: DEFA may 1 in East Berlin origin: DEFA may 1 in West Berlin camera: Pahl, Jansen may 1 in Wipperführt camera: Luppa Maypole and Maibook camera: Hafner Tommy Steel in Stockholm origin: Svensk film Polish hairdresser, hair cutting origin: Polkronika hairstyles competition in Berlin camera: Pahl "Eyewear fashion" from France origin: Pathé journal footwear from Italy origin: iNcom 'Golden shears' Modensch. i. bath-bathroom camera: Rau "Illiterate" clever and forgetful football HSV / 1 FC Nürnbg. i. Ludwigsh.
Camera: Basic, Luppa, strong athletics at Villanova origin: Metro boxes Scholz/Resch in Dortmund camera: Basic, Luppa final brand

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100 Years of Observing May 1st as a Holiday (May 1, 1919)

Today countries all over the world observe May First as an official holiday (“Labour Day” or “International Workers Day”). It all goes back to events that occurred in the year 1886. Dozens of people were killed in Chicago while they were peacefully striking for the reduction of their 12-hour to an 8-hour work day. During the first congress of the Second International three years later it was decided to observe May 1 as a “day of struggle” to commemorate the Chicago victims from what became known as “Haymarket Riot” or “Haymarket Massacre”. Since then it has been celebrated with rallies all over the world. 

In the aftermath of the German November Revolution of 1918 the demand for an 8-hour day is finally fulfilled and May First is declared an official holiday for the very first time. The National Socialists co-opt the holiday for their own purpose as a “National Holiday of the German People”, and in the course of crushing the trade unions they strip the holiday off its labour aspect and instead present it as an allegedly Germanic tradition to welcome spring. 

Shortly before World War II comes to an end in Germany, Soviet forced labourers and allied soldiers celebrate liberation on May first. In the meantime, Stalin has invited American, British and French officers to attend the big May Day parade in Moscow. The Allied Control Council confirms it an official holiday one year later. In the Federal Republic of Germany “Labour Day” is mostly organized by the German Federation of Trade Unions and is a mix of political rallies and cultural festivities. In the German Democratic Republic, on the other hand, the holiday is turned into a government organized compulsory event, an occasion to proclaim the increase of productivity, and until the late 1970s May first always comes with a big military parade, following the example of their Soviet role model.

Today the struggle for social and political rights has become secondary. May First has taken on the character of a “Volksfest”—a fair for the people.


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