UFA-Wochenschau 95/1958 21.05.1958


1 Dortmund: Erhard at the Bundesverband of der Deutschen Industrie Erhard speaks at the annual Conference of the Federal Association of German industry to economic questions o-ton: "... that with the increase of wealth we must hunt down not just happiness, only in the increase of material pleasure and consumption, but that we must be aware of the mental and spiritual values which, if they included in the consumption"", us probably bring more happiness than to look for the eternal hunt for more material enjoyment to more consumption, and only salvation in quantity and in quality, No more." As listeners such as Adenauer. Listeners applaud.
(21 m) 2 Caracas: riots to Vice President Nixon breakdown from NDW 434/3: anti-American demonstrations. Nixon and wife get off plane. Car of Nixon is umdrängt. Fisticuffs. Fragmented auto washer (cause of the turmoil economic difficulties).
(8 m) 03. USSR: State visit of Nasser Nasser visited the oil fields of Baku. People cheer him.
(6 m) 04. Lebanon: riots against pro-Western Government protests against the pro-Western Government Schamun. Fires. Shops are looted. Attacks on oil pipelines from the Iraq are perpetrated in Tripoli. Soldiers in armed attacks on the Arab quarters.
(12 m) 05. The crisis in France breakdown from NDW 434 / 1: crisis cause requested Algeria, where French settlers and soldiers staged a coup against the Government and hard-line stance against insurgent natives. Stones are thrown. Leaders of the coup General of paratrooper Massu. State of emergency was imposed in France. Protest demonstrations. Massu is a so-called Committee of public safety. Trusted de Gaulle and former Governor of Algeria Soustelle in Algeria. Doll says Cabinet Pflimlin is suspended. Pflimlin decides countermeasures. (Pflimlin pictured in UFA). In Paris, de Gaulle declared his willingness to take over the Government legally at press conference. De Gaulle demanding production sound powers.
(56 m) 6th Mannheim: documentary and cultural film week leaflets are distributed. Dr. Fischer, organizer of the cultural film week in his Office. People attend events. Premiums for the UFA productions: on the trail of the life and the last dirt.
(34 m) 7th Kiel: Guest performance of the "Omsk choir" in the Ostseehalle contributors in their dressing rooms when creating their costumes and makeup. Russians dance folk dances and sing. Performance of the dance game "The bear".
(50 m) 08 clever and forgetful: the Association breakdown from NDW 434 / 7: Bowl is wrapped in bandages head in hospital bed. Clever sits as a visitor in the hospital bed and feels what of happened. (Closed with motorcycle Red Cross. Shut off in the middle of the radio patrol and verunglückt). Police will appear at the patient's bedside. Maria falls back in bed and pulls Association in front of the face.
(35 m) 09 Abensberg: World Championship run of the motorcycle speedway rider start of the Sandbahnrennens. Dust swirls up. Spectators take cover. Cornering. Josef Seidl Wins Court ahead of wack after dramatic finish. Josef Seidl with wreath and Cup. Advertisement: propane gas (20 m) 10 German Football Championship final Hanover: Schalke 3:0 breakdown of NDW 434/9: 81,000 visitors in the Niedersachsen Stadium-filling image 04 - HSV. Attack of the HSV. Return brings Schalke in the 5th minute the 1: beheads 0 Koslowski. Paul scores a goal. HSV storms. Defense stands Schalke. Viewers and spectators close to half. Play back and forth. In the 30th minute Klodt that shoots 2-0. In the pause pleasure at the Schalke ä fans and serious faces of the hamburger. Little monkey in HSV dress. 2nd half: HSV storms and misses the target. Schalke with good moves. Audience gets large. Fouls. Viewers with big cigarette. ZL Gate 3-0 by cross. Cheers of the fans. Schalke players on the shoulders of their supporters. Uwe Seeler and HSV players leave the place hit. PECO baby presented the bowl to Klodt.
(57 m) 11 reception in Gelsenkirchen Gelsenkirchen: crowds at the station square. 150,000 people cheer the players who ride in cars by amount.
(19 m)

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Bauwens-Peco ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Fischer, Arthur ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Gross, Walter ; Hussels, Jupp ; Massu ; Nasser, Gamal Abdel ; Nixon, Richard ; Pfimlin ; Soustelle, Jaques ; Wiedmann, Ulrich ; Hofmeister, Josef ; Klodt, Berni ; Koslowski, Leon ; Seeler, Uwe ; Seidl, Josef


Paris ; Caracas ; Lebanon ; Mannheim ; Kiel ; Algeria ; Dortmund ; France ; USSR ; Hanover ; Abensberg ; Gelsenkirchen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Industrial events ; filmmaking ; Football ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Political events ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports advertisement ; Dance ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Transport: General ; Foreign policy events ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 95/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Prof. Erhard b. Jahrestg. d. German industrial camera: Stoll, basic Demonstrat. against US Vizepräs. Nixon origin: Metro Nasser in Moscow origin: DEFA Nasser in Baku origin: DEFA attacks on Ölleitg. i. Lebanon origin: Holland shaken Algeria crisis vis news.
Origin: Pathé journal Algeria and Paris origin: Gaumont Algeria origin: Pathé journal Soustelle in Algeria origin: Eclair Algeria origin: Eclair cultural film week Mannheim camera: student Omsk folk choir in Kiel camera: student, Seib "The Association" clever and Maria Speedway Weltmeistersch. i. Abensberg camera: strong football Schalke 04/HSV reception in Gelsenkirchen camera: Stoll, Seib, student, basic end brand

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