UFA-Wochenschau 102/1958 08.07.1958


1st civil war in the Lebanon sandbag barriers on the streets. Soldiers running with guns. Street battle. Government army with armored vehicles. Uprising-Druze tribes in the mountains are tracked.
(29 m) 2nd East Berlin: visit Chruschtschow Chruschtschow addition to Ulbricht from train station. Greeting from Grotewohl and officials. 15s presents. People clap. Khrushchev in Gallery.
(9 m) 03 Dubovnik: Nasser visiting Tito breakdown from NDW 441 / 2: Tito and Sandrine expect Nasser. Nasser's ship leaves. Greeting. Sandrine and Mrs of Nasser is welcome. Ride through town Tito and wet standing in the carriage. People clap.
(11 m) 04. de Gaulle in Algeria's Muslims gather thousands to friendship rally for de Gaulle. Helicopter lands. De Gaulle gets out and is welcomed.
(13 m) 5th Paris: visit Dulles-Dulles continues from front of stand on airport. Dulles in addition to de Gaulle on balcony of the Elysee Palace. Dulles brings Eisenhower's invitation to Washington.
(9 m 06) England: Elizabeth II. visited mine breakdown from 441 / 4: Elizabeth goes underground mine Scottish in mining clothes. Gear shaft. Miners waving to Elizabeth.
(10 m) 7th Holland: Rainier vacation and Gracia Patricia of Monaco Rainier and Gracia in the medieval town of Veere. Old gabled House. Rainier and Gracia rise in car and depart.
(8 m) 08 art is strange ways of English painter Greene pours paint onto canvas and tramples on it around. (6 m) Furnishing accessories such as E.g. ice cream cabinets are painted in France. (17 m) Painted music from France. Mobile moving clatter. Ear, that's great.
(21 m) 09 Mexico: pelota Rarapimana ball game with kultischem origin. Ball must remain always on the move and may still be. Men run after a ball and kick him with foot, until the goal is reached. Hunt takes several days.
(19 m) 10. Germany flight: sport pilot examination Nuremberg - Augsburg Adolf Galland and Gerhard Fieseler in sport aircraft. Rainy slopes. Start. Flight of the engines and landing. Piper machine WINS. Congratulations for the winners of Edgar Dittmar and Georg Brütting / Coburg.
(28 m) 11 Aachen: horse show - jumping Grand Prix horse legs get bandages. Horses on the trail of ZL. World Champion Raimondo d ´ Inzeo without placement. ZL jumps. European champion Fritz Thiedemann on Meteor ZL. 4 riders in the jump-off. Young rider Hermann Schridde rips combination and is 4. Francoise VANDERHAEGEN / Belgium is 3rd Pat Smythe / England is 2 victory ride by Magnus of Buchwald on flight wind in ZL. Award ceremony. When victory lap, handkerchiefs are swung.
(40 m) 12th Berlin: film ball police hold back fans. Joachim Hansen and Paul Klinger on arrival. Grete Weiser and O. E. Hasse. Walter Neuss and Wolfgang Müller, Horst Buchholz, Elsa Maxwell, Gina Lollobrigida, Jean Marais, LILO Pulver. Freddy Quinn sings Japanese song. Manfred Purzer interviewed Walter Giller alongside Nadja Tiller. Dance on the dance floor. Paul Klinger and Luise Ulrich. Grete Weiser. ELSA Maxwell converses with Gina Lollobrigida. Helmut Käutner, Horst Buchholz.
(58 m)

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Brütting, Georg; Buchwald von, Magnus; Buchholz, Horst; Chruschtschow, Nikita; Dulles, John Foster; Elisabeth II. von England; Fieseler, Gerhard; Galland, Adolf; Gaulle de, Charles; Giller, Walter; Monaco von, Gracia Patricia; Greene; Grotewohl, Otto; Hansen, Joachim; Hasse, Otto Ernst; Käutner, Helmut; Klinger, Paul; Lollobrigida, Gina; Maxwell, Elsa; Müller, Wolfgang; Murville de, Maurice Couve; Nasser, Gamal Abdel; Neuss, Walter; Pulver, Lieselotte; Purzer, Manfred; Quinn, Freddy; Monaco von, Rainier; Tiller, Nadja; Tito, Josip; Ulbricht, Walter; Ulrich, Luise; Weiser, Grete; Dittmar, Edgar; Inzeo d', Raimondo; Smythe, Pat; Schridde, Hermann; Thiedemann, Fritz; Vanderhaegen, Francoise


England; East Berlin; Berlin; Paris; Holland; France; Beirut; Dubovnik; Algeria; Aachen; Mexico


Sachindex Wochenschauen; DDR; filmmaking; Leisure, recreation; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness); Reviews; Sports details, fouls; Spoprt-Ehrungen; sports audience, sports spectator; sporting events; Dance; Unrest; hotspots; Art; Military; Holiday; Foreign policy events; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Mine; Military; Sports honors; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 102/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Title brand unrest in Beirut and Tripoli origin: vis news fighting in the Lebanon origin: vis news Khrushchev in East Berlin origin: DEFA Nasser at Tito origin: Novosti de Gaulle in Algeria origin: Gaumont Dulles in Paris origin: Pathé journal Queen mine origin: Pathe news Rainier and grace in Holland origin: Polygoon foot painting origin: Pathe news French furniture painter origin: Pathé journal noise artist origin: Gaumont Mexican Football origin: Emasa sport pilot test: von Nürnberg camera: Rau, Hafner to Augsburg (Germany. Flight 1958) camera: Rau, Hafner riding: Gr. price of Aachen camera: strong, fire movie ball in Berlin in 1958: kick-off camera: Pahl, students movie ball in Berlin in 1958: Freddy camera: Pahl, student film ball in Berlin in 1958: dance camera: Pahl, students final brand

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1958 Lebanon Crisis

In the year 1958 an almost forgotten civil war erupts in Lebanon. The fragile power structure of this multi-ethnic and multi-confessional country is thrown into turmoil. Ever since Lebanon gained independence in 1943 a “national pact” provided the key for splitting up state and administrative offices between the different confessions. The president, for example, would always have to be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister a Sunni Muslim and the speaker of the parliament a Shia Muslim. Due to social and demographic shifts—caused for example by the influx of Muslim refugees from Palestine in the course of the Israel’s war of independence—the division no longer reflects the actual makeup of the population. The underrepresented Sunnis want to join Egyptian President Nasser’s widespread pan-Arabic movement made up of Muslims and Druzes. The Christian head of state Chamoun however sticks to his pro-western course and holds on to Lebanese independence, not keen on being a minority in an Arab state. By May the animosities between the two sides evolve into a civil war that claims thousands of victims. When UN mediations fail and the Iraqi revolution threatens to spill over to Lebanon, Chamoun asks the USA for military support in mid-July. Without directly interfering in the conflict the US-troops immediately bring about a de-escalation of the situation. The United States use the “Eisenhower doctrine” to justify a military deployment that is heavily criticized by the Soviet Union. In order to prevent the crisis from further escalating an international community works out a solution. General Chehab, a man accepted by all sides, who had refused direct interference by the Lebanese army, is elected as the new head of state at the end of July. With his “cabinet for a national reconciliation” he takes over government affairs in September settling the tension between the confessions—for now.

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