UFA-Wochenschau 106/1958 05.08.1958


01. the new Quadriga - the old Berlin landmark in the course of time the Brandenburg Gate with the Quadriga and the Soviet flag after the destruction. Workers in a West Berlin Foundry for the production of the new figures for the old templates. Crane truck run great figures over the sector border for mounting to East Berlin. Bouquet of flowers is placed in hands of figure. The horses of victory car prior to installation.
(25 m) 2 India: flooding by monsoon rain breakdown from NDW 445 / 6: Indian with screen wading through water. Road traffic in Bombay in the water. People with umbrellas. Auto injects a high water fountain.
(24 m) 03 Tokyo: Typhoon water masses. Fallen trees. People Wade through water. Cars driving into the water and have been established.
(24 m) 04 Argentina: hurricane devastated the country breakdown from NDW 445 / 7: Palm trees bend in the storm. Agitated sea. The Rio de la Plata occurs on its shores. Flooded homes and streets. Homeless people out on the street.
(24 m) 5th Brétigny: training test pilots trying in a "flying laboratory". Radar screen recordings. Flight in a sports plane with the engines, to test the aerodynamic conditions for wing and fuselage.
(29 m) 6th Soesterberg: 45th anniversary of the Dutch air force Queen Juliana as a spectator during performances of the air force. Modern aircraft take off and fly. NATO fighter squadron flight. Rabbit runs away on the tarmac.
(29 m) 07. Munich: film crew on "Romancing the millions thief" film crew at the airport prior to departure to filming. Ingrid Andree receives instructions. Nadja Tiller speaks with Walter Giller. O. W. Fischer waiting alongside Ingrid Andree. Actors go to aircraft. Ingrid Andree waves before boarding. Propeller walk.
(34 m) 08 Hamburg: Vittorio de Sica is "Muse captained of the Elbe" ship's bell ringing. Vittorio de Sica in boat trip on the Elbe, looks through a telescope. Vittorio de Sica obtains awarded historic seafaring hat. Ingmar Rahimullah mountain aboard. Folco Lulli blowing through the mouthpiece. Heinz Reincke and Helene Remy light cannon.
(34 m) 09 racing international sailing ships from Brest to the Canary Islands firecrackers shot is beep. Sailing ships start to the race. The Italian sail training ship Amerigo Vespucci. Ships under full sail at sea.
not for sale shoot men of the FBI (20 m) FBI - 10 US intelligence with machine guns for target practice. Deciphering code keys. Criminal record. Laboratory investigations. Fingerprints will be checked. J. Edgar Hoover, great at the desk. Pistol shooting to figure out all positions on objectives. Shooting over head.
(31 m) 11 Kassel: Athletics elimination fights with athletes from West and East Germany for European Championships 200 m run men: first leads Martin Lauer, is then but in the Sprint by Manfred Germer. 3000 m steeplechase: start and run. Jump over the moat. Hans Hünnecke / Wolfsburg, WINS with a new German record of 8 minutes 27.4 seconds in. Run through the target with the fifth fastest time in the world. Audience clapping. Starter starts. 80 m hurdles women: Anneliese Karl / Munich WINS in 11.2 seconds. Audience clapping. Anneliese Karl, great. 4 x 100 m relay: running the West German season with Lauer, Castle, fairy, Germar in 40.2 seconds. a European year best time. Start, run, and season change. Fairy in the curve. Manfred Germar runs out a big lead as the final Torchbearer.
(36 m) 12 Black Forest: summer ski jumping on the Neustädter mats Hill ski jumper who competed in the ski jumping on artificial Hill with straw railway.
(18 m) 13 Nürburgring: formula I race for the Grand Prix of Germany car before the race. Stirling Moss is pushed into the car to start. Entrance to the Nürburgring. Peter Collins, who killed in an accident in this race, shaking hands with Toni Sailer. Start. Car on the track and in curves. It leads Stirling Moss on Vanwall, followed by Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorne on Ferrari, MOSS goes new hour record of 149.6 km/h. Then, Stirling Moss have excreting due to defect. Stirling Moss catches cigarette after leaving. Graf's trips to box with engine failure. Peter Collins, Mike Hawthorne and Tony Brooks on Vanwall fight at the top. Changing leadership. These are the final recordings by Peter Collins (Nr. 2) before his fatal accident. Mike Hawthorne must give up due to engine damage. Tony Brooks WINS in record time of 2 hours and 21 minutes. Tony Brooks drinking from thermos. Tony Brooks drinking from thermos. Tony Brooks with wreath.
(57 m)

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Brooks, Toni ; Burg ; Andree, Ingrid ; Fischer, O. W. ; Giller, Walter ; Hoover, J. Edgar ; Juliana von Holland ; Lulli, Folco ; Reincke, Heinz ; Remy, Helene ; Sica de, Vittorio ; Tiller, Nadja ; Zeisberg, Ingmar ; Collins, Peter ; Fütterer, Heinz ; Germar, Manfred ; Hawthorn, Mike ; Hünnecke, Hans ; Karl, Anneliese ; Lauer, Martin ; Moss, Stirling ; Sailer, Toni ; Berghe von Trips


France ; Munich ; Hamburg ; Bretignev ; Soesterberg ; India ; Argentina ; Tokyo ; Brest ; Nürburgring ; Kassel ; Black Forest


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Disasters ; filmmaking ; motor sports ; Police ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Skibike ; Skijoring ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Water ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 106/1958

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Title mark Brandenburg Torm. new Quadriga camera: Pahl monsoon: great. Rain in India origin: film Division Typhoon: weather disaster i. Tokyo origin: Metro Hurricane: flood i. Buenos Aires origin: Sucesos pilot school Brétigny origin: Eclair Airshow in Holland (NATO) origin: Polygoon departure German movie stars (millions thief) camera: Rau v de SICA "muses Captain d. Elbe" camera: students sailing ships in Brest origin: Gaumont, Pathé journal FBI (US Federal judicial police) origin: Metro German athletes in Kassel camera: Pahl, Rieck summer ski jumping in Neustadt camera: Rough Nürburgring, Gr. PR. v. Germany camera: Luppa, reason, students final brand

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J. Edgar Hoover’s 50th Death Anniversary († May 2, 1972)

Revered by some to be the mastermind of the fight against crime, but also regarded by others as the sinister godfather of the modern surveillance state - J. Edgar Hoover. His name is inextricably linked with the FBI; after all, he headed the Federal Bureau of Investigation for almost five decades - from 1924 until his death in 1972 and under no less than eight presidents.

The law graduate introduces the U.S. Federal Police to scientifically based forensic procedures and a sophisticated index card system that could link acquired data and existing files, thus professionalizing the agency. His ambitions go far beyond curbing crime, though: he also creates notorious secret dossiers, in which he collects juicy information on countless public figures - sometimes using illegal methods. The reason for this is that throughout his life the top policeman of the USA is driven by the "fear of the red scare" and he paranoically pursues everything that looks to him like it might have something to do with communism. Thus, his measures are directed in particular against trade unionists and war opponents, students and journalists, artists and civil rights activists. Among his most prominent victims are Charlie Chaplin, Berthold Brecht and - above all - Martin Luther King. Even the US presidents fear the FBI director's knowledge of their little secrets, which leaves him with an almost unlimited power.

Hoover also cleverly utilizes the media for his own purposes, on the one hand by providing them with explosive material on disagreeable individuals, and on the other by exaggerating the successes of his agency. He personally supervises - and influences - the production of glorifying films and television series about the FBI. Despite his well-known abuse of power, the FBI's headquarters in Washington, D.C., is named after him in his honour - and still bears his name today.

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