UFA-Wochenschau 113/1958 24.09.1958


01 Netherlands: opening of Parliament by Queen Juliana breakdown from NDW 452 / 4: ride Royal carriage through the streets of the Hague, accompanied by soldiers on horseback. Spectators on the side of the road. Prince Bernhard helps get out of the carriage of Princess Beatrix and Queen Juliana. People wave. Juliana is composed, in addition to Juliana, Beatrix sits. Throne speech original sound. The MEPs can live their Queen high.
(24 m) 02. Switzerland: visit of the Greek Royal couple King Paul and Queen Friederike waving from the carriage. Prince Konstantin and Princess Sophia, great reception.
(9 m) 03 Berlin: the return of the Quadriga breakdown from NDW 452 / 6: cover is pulled by the goddess of victory. Big wheel of the winning car is pulled up. Goddess of victory when mounting with empty handed without the traditional Eagle and the iron cross at the bar of Victoria following appeal of the magistrate of East Berlin. Garland to be supplied.
(12 m) 04. Far East: Barrage to the island of Quemoy breakdown from NDW 452/1: people in ruins. Man with head bandage. Sand bags. Destruction caused by rotchinesiches barrage. Child is connected to hospital. 2 US ships circling the island. Aircraft carrier. Impacts of artillery in houses.
(15 m) 05. Warsaw: negotiations between the United States and China arrival of Ambassador Jakob Beam and Wang-Ping-nan from a hunting lodge and talks to settle the conflict to Formosa.
(11 m) 06 Warsaw 1958 debris houses. Rally to commemorate the outbreak of the 2nd World War. Construction pictures. Women carry buckets with stones by debris. Crowded trams. Open black market with priceless goods from the West. Housing shortage. Many people in a small room. Cabaret parodied excesses of the West in striptease scenes. People carry bundles of wood on the back. Night club crocodile. Bebop and rock ´ n ´ roll dance of youth.
(54 m) 07. Fan Club Freddy Quinn sings with guitar once "in Tempico" Waschkörbe of full of fan mail. Young Club members help older people in window cleaning and lawn mowing. Image of James Dean. Dance evening.
(40 m) 08 Munich: Oktoberfest breakdown from NDW 452/10 - addition: people in rotating barrel and rotor mayor Wang taps into opening keg to. Beer drinkers with measure. Waitresses with beer Stein. Kalanag, great. Chicken eaters. Carousel cabinet with Zerrspiegeln turn. The Wies ´ n in the evening. Illuminated rides.
(31 m) 09 Berlin: Avus racing sports car race on the Avus. Bonnier on Borgward and Behra on Porsche's lead. Car in banked curve at the radio tower. Viewers jump. Carom in curve without serious consequences. Accident car marketed by circuit. Behra, Porsche, WINS tenth seconds ahead of Bonnier on Borgward. Behra gets out and congratulations.
(29 m) 10. Augsburg: Athletics international match Germany - USSR 115:105 breakdown from NDW 452 / 11 110 m hurdles: Martin Lauer to Mikhailov / USSR can unlock only after the 8th hurdle. ZL shooting initially synchronised jumping over the hurdles. Then, Martin Lauer WINS in 13.8 seconds. High jump: Theo Püll jumping 2.05 m. With 2.08 WINS Kashkarov / USSR, ZL. Pole vault: Petrenko / USSR WINS with 4.10 m, ZL, MacLennan jumps over 4 m and 4. shot put: Hermann Lingnau WINS with 17.30 m 100 m race: false start by Hary, ZL. Got great young spectator. 2. launch start. Hary won in 10.3 seconds before Germar in 10.4 seconds. Audience clapping. 4 x 100 m relay: run for Germany Feneberg, Lauer, fairy, Germar. Germar runs in the Sprint victory in 40.2 seconds out. Award ceremony. Runners receive bouquets 5000 m race: judges Tower. It lead the favored Russians Zhukov and Artenjuk. After 3000 m, the German runner Roth comes back to Ludwig Müller takes the lead on the final lap and won in 14.06,8 minutes. Müller between Zhukov and Artenjuk.
(87 m)

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Artenjuk ; Behra ; Bonnier, Joakim ; Beam, Jakob ; Beatrice von Holland ; Bernhard von Holland ; Dean, James ; Friederike von Griechenland ; Irene von Holland ; Juliana von Holland ; Kalanag ; Konstantin von Griechenland ; Paul von Griechenland ; Quinn, Freddy ; Sophie von Griechenland ; Ping-nan, Wang ; Wimmer, Thomas ; Fütterer, Heinz ; Germar, Manfred ; Feneberg ; Hary, Armin ; Kaschkarow ; Lauer, Martin ; Lingnau, Herman ; Michailow ; Möhring, Dieter ; Müller, Ludwig ; Petrenko ; Püll, Theo ; Roth, Eugen ; Shukow


Warsaw ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Far East ; Netherlands ; Switzerland ; Munich ; Augsburg ; The Hague


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Trade, finance ; Education, youth ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Political events ; Shipping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Europe ; Dance ; Debris ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Cultural events ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Transport: General ; festivals ; Foreign policy events ; Construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 113/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Juliane opened holld. Parliament origin: Polygoon Greek. Royal couple typically Switzerland origin: Cine journal a. Brandenburg Gate Quadriga mounted camera: Pahl Formosa, rotchines. Blockade to Quemoy origin: Metro Ambassador meeting: United States/China i. probability.
Origin: Polkronika of 19 Jahrestg. d. war outbreak / "origin: Polkronika Warsaw today origin: vis news film-fan-club: Bibi Johns camera: student film-fan-club: Freddy Quinn camera: student film-fan-club: Fred Bertelmann camera: strong Union of film clubs camera: strong Jazz Club camera: student 125th Oktoberfest camera: Hafner int." Avus racing Berlin camera: Pahl, Jansen Athletics international competition i. Augsbg.
Camera: Basic, Luppa Germany/Soviet camera: Basic, Luppa final brand

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Avus Turns 100 (September 19, 1921)

Avus is one of the most famous racetracks in the world. It was the first road ever to be exclusively used by motor vehicles and is therefore also considered the precursor of the autobahn. The construction of the "Automobile Traffic and Practice Road" goes back to an initiative in 1909 to show off the German automotive industry and to test various road surfaces later. Only a few days after its completion on September 19, 1921, the 8.3-kilometer long Avus was inaugurated with the first car races as part of the German Motor Show.

Starting October 1, it was also opened to general traffic-- for a hefty fee. The following year, motorcycles races were held at Avus for the first time. In 1926, the track hosted the 1st German Grand Prix. Two years later, Fritz Opel presented his legendary rocket car at Avus. In the following decades, racing operations kept getting interrupted by the economic crisis, the Second World War and reconstruction.

The first post-war race took finally place in 1951. It heralded Avus’ second golden age (the first one being during the 1920s). The crowning moment happened in 1959,  when it hosted a Formula 1 race. In 1967 the notorious north curve was demolished: too many disastrous accidents had occurred, and Avus no longer met the requirements of a modern runway. Avus rapidly lost its appeal.

From the mid-1980s on, Avus was regularly used as a motor racing circuit, until 1998, when competitive races came to an end. Resistance to noisy events arose and closures also became more and more problematic, since the Avus - which had been connected to the Berlin Ring during the Second World War and served as a transit route during the German division - was urgently needed as a connecting road in a reunited Berlin.

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