UFA-Wochenschau 126/1958 26.12.1958


Year in review the year 1958 railway train. Barrier will open. Gatekeeper question: "What did the most enjoyment you last year?" Question on road construction workers: "What did the most concern you last year?" Ask Glöckner: "And what are you hoping the new year?" Table round. Mouths are moving. People go to image fill. Woman Dr. Noelle Neumann from the Allensbacher Institute for Demoscopy actuality: "think of a small model, the scale model of the aircraft or the small model of a House. The representative cross section is such a small population model with 2000 people Instead of 39 million." Model aircraft as well as aircraft. House next to the House. Hole cards run into machine. Main concern: disease! Pictures of patients, surgery. Irradiation. Apartment worried: Woman walks with child in Nissen. Lack of money: Bailiff bonds cuckoo cuckoo clock. Trouble about fashion: Rock of tons of. Very tight skirt, you can make only small steps. Traffic: Man shaking "Duck". Tax Office: Man leaves women in underwear in underwear, tax office. Lovesickness: defenestration. Trouble with boss: dispute. The trouble with television: man shoots TV. Nuclear-arms race: atomic bomb tests fear war: Quemoy (UFA 111/2) U.S. troops land in the Lebanon (UFA 104/2) East parades. Zone border, German Division, refugees. Economic worries: Sale fun couple on bench. Pigeon on the monument. Wedding carriage. Mass wedding. Stork's nest. Birth of the Prince of Monaco - UFA 86/4 Boxer puppies at lioness. Holiday: Pigeons on St Mark's square. Spaghetti eaters, gondolas - UFA 104/6 health: baby on pot. Stege is stuck in a small car. Munich - Kehraus Carnival - Carnival guard UFA 82/8 Zille ball in Berlin - UFA 77/3 pair of solo dancing classical ballet Will Quadflieg and Anneliese Römer / Oktoberfest Munich - UFA 113/8 Algeria unrest - UFA 95/5 storms and floods plane crash in Munich - UFA 81/1 conquest of the South Pole - UFA 76/12 development of technology: supersonic, astronaut training missile launchings. World's fair Brussels Fireworks - UFA 91/7 notes, flats Bell Panel. Peace Bell, baby, big.

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Feierabend, Franz; Noelle, Neumann; Quadflieg, Will; Römer, Anneliese


Munich; Bavaria; London; Zurich; Stuttgart; Paris; England; Bonn; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Railways; Reviews; Animals (except dogs); Buildings; Curiosities; Medicine; veterinary medicine; Dentistry; Circus; Fashion; Jobs; Automation; finance; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 126/1958

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

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Annual review, 1958

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