UFA-Wochenschau 136/1959 03.03.1959


01. the buddy and the coal - thoughts on the situation of the Western mining - energy crisis coal mine. Headframe. Mate go into the mountain. Removal of coal.
(49 m) 02 on youth: young people make tape interviews young people at selbsteingerichtetem recording studio production sound: "There are many international tape friends who stand before their career choice and like to consult it would be."
(14 m) a) vocational guidance on the Labour Office. Psychological testing (15 m) b) aircraft. Interview with apprentice production sound "you, Hello, come out. We have a visitor." "Yes, tell time, what you learn here anyway?" "I'm learning metal aircraft manufacturer." "And a question: this job is fun friends?" Do you think that it's the right thing?" "That makes me really fun. It is simply a stunner, such bird to join ´." "Well, I'm happy. I wish you good luck of course with your way of life."

(c) ice rink bar: interview with youthful actuality "excuse me, I'm from the youth wave. "I wanted to ask you, why do you actually smoke?" "Yes, if I'm honest, I smoked only as an indication, but I am now on the best way to stop me." "Thank you."

(d) election of Miss Hamburg (27 m). Applicants. Legs. Applicants on the catwalk. Miss Hamburg 1959 is Annegret Reimers.
(27 m) e) teen fashions. Interview interview (30 m). "You are here engaged in the young Salon as a fashion illustrator. How have you thought your other career?" "When I finish my practice in the drawing, so I'll then still learn the tailors, to go to fashion school. My aim is, to become model Manager." "I see that you have just a little fashion show. May I look at me?" "Please, you are welcome."
(30 m) 03 fashion Schulze Varell fashion demonstration. Costumes, holiday dresses, skirts covered knee.
(34 m) 04. England: ball women women making clean in the English departments. Festival of of women with csárdás dance.
(20 m) 05 Madrid at night the old town with sparse street lighting and narrow streets. Main street with restaurants and nightclubs. Dance performance. Belly dance. Flamenco.
(41 m) 06. Madrid: training Joachim flower ZL recordings of the workout outdoors on the parallel bars and rings. Floor exercise.
(45 m)

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Blume, Jochen ; Reimer, Annegret


London ; Madrid ; Hamburg ; Belgium ; Texas ; Munich ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Industry ; Interviews ; child care, education problems ; Education, youth ; beauty pageants ; Cities ; Gymnastics ; Medicine ; Economy ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Entertainment, festivals ; Mining ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 136/1959

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand problem coal origin: Gaumont, Belgavox on youth: Tonbandinterwiews "the wave of Hamburg" camera: Seib guidance camera: Seib aircraft factory camera: Seib Eisbahn bar camera: Seib election of "Miss Hamburg" camera: Seib teen fashions camera: Seib fashions by Schulze-Varell camera: Rau Festival of women, England origin: Pathé news Madrid at night origin: No.-do Joachim flower origin: No.-do final brand

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