UFA-Wochenschau 140/1959 31.03.1959


01 Argentina, between yesterday and tomorrow meeting of Ibero-American and European newsreels in Buenos Aires. President Dr. Fronchini welcomed the directors. High-rise buildings and traffic in Buenos Aires. Port. Slaughterhouse. Meat is loaded. Herds of cattle and Gouchos. Maneuver of the army with tanks, planes, horses. Marching cadets from Cadet School. Argentine flag large.
(61 m) 02 Stamford / New York: magazine "Germany" for Americans of German East refugee publishes only German newspaper in English "Germany". Woman writes on a typewriter. Gottfried Klement on press. Immigrants is at the same time, Publisher, Editor, printer.
(20 m) 03 Berlin: event radio amateur radio talk all over the world. Confirmation of emergency medicine search.
(28 m) 04. Hamburg: construction of prefabricated houses construction site in Horn. House construction with prefabricated parts. Blocks of flats.
(16 m) 05. International fashion Kaleidoscope pencil heels, pointed - shoe fashion leather costume and leather hat. Flower hats - Knave, wig makers and demonstration. Mr fits hairpiece. Holland: Lessons for hairdressing apprentices in theory and practice.
(56 m) 06. Paris: Jazz cellar Juliette Greco in jazz cellar. Couples dance the old dances. Gallop and quadrille.
(25 m) 07 Chicago: Amateur Boxing in the Golden Gloves lightweight: Vincent Shomo defeated Freddy Davis by knockout violent shock Exchange. Davis fighting superior in the 1st round, then catching up Samanu Davis beats us out (30 m) 08 Dortmund: table tennis World Championships breakdown from NDW 479 / 9 - here slightly longer: table tennis tables in the Westfalenhalle. Players at the tables. Japanese players. Guntsch / Sweden defeated Ann Haydon, England. Zoltan Berczik / Hungary, a favorite. Jutta Kruse / Germany, losing against Eva Koszian / Hungary. Dieter Köhler / Germany, defeated the favorite Wang Chuan Yao, China. Fuji Eguchi / Japan defeated Belgian. Game of the ex-world champion Ichiro Ogimurai. Referee moves head rapidly back and forth and follows the game.
(69 m)

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Grecco, Juliette ; Köhler, Dieter ; Kruse, Jutta


Hamburg ; United States ; Berlin ; Argentina ; Australia ; Holland ; Buenos Aires ; Paris ; Dortmund


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; close-ups, detail ; Hobby ; Industrial events ; Leisure, recreation ; News, communications ; Shipping ; Ships ; beauty care ; Schools, training ; Cities ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; table tennis ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Maneuver ; Medicine ; Holiday ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Construction ; Emigrants ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 140/1959

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand reports Argentina - camera: student magazine 'Germany', pressure i. N. - Y. origin: Metro radio amateurs, Berlin camera: Pahl, Seib Danish Quick construction in Hamburg camera: Rieck footwear and hats origin: iNcom, Metro wigs and hair school origin: Polygoon comeback for old dances origin: Pathé journal boxes "Golden Gloves", Chicago origin: Metro table tennis Weltmstrsch., Dortm., 1 B. camera: Basic, Luppa final brand

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