UFA-Wochenschau 157/1959 28.07.1959


01. New Jersey: Mamie Eisenhower baptizing 1 US merchant ship with nuclear propulsion Mamie Eisenhower baptizes merchant ship called Savannah. Ship is launched.
(6 m) 02 England: hovercraft crosses the Canal channel the round hovercraft of inventor Christopher Cockerell crosses and runs out on the beach.
(6 m) 03-Cape Canaveral: launch an Atlas rocket missile on launch pad and start At night with fire tail.
(5 m) 04 United States: flying rocket launch by flying large aircraft dissolves rocket. Control Center.
(6 m) 5th Rimini: swimwear from top crowded beach of Rimini. Bad witch rides on broom style. Demonstration of swimwear, bikinis with skirts and short Beach dresses.
(9 m 06) Milan: men's fashion man wearing jacket with flashing buttons.
(2 m) 07 Austria: the treasure hunt at the Toplitzsee breakdown from NDW 496 / 4 - here shorter: dive to wooden boxes with English pound notes, in the 2. World War II as a counterfeit money were printed, to ruin England's economy. Boxes full of pound notes.
(8 m) 08 Freiburg: Ibn Saud as a holiday guest breakdown from NDW 496/6 - here shorter: in the kitchen, Arabic cooking tasted the food. Waiters carry trays. Long table with Ibn Saud, beside him the little Prince and his escort men. (Ibn Saud visited his daughter Princess Nof in Freiburg clinic).
(6 m) 9th Cairo: 7th anniversary of revolution - Cheers to Gamal Abd El Nasser carpet is rolled out. Nasser is cheered by the crowd. Screaming wife, great. Parade.
(10 m) 10 Moscow: visit breakdown from NDW 496/2 - Vice President Nixon here somewhat shorter: handshake Nixon - Khrushchev in the Kremlin. Close-up of Nixon and Khrushchev. Nixon brings message from President Eisenhower to the American point of view. Opening an American exhibition in Moscow. Nixon cut band. Response by Nixon and Khrushchev by exhibition with dolls, fashions, appliances, cars.
(22 m) 11 Geneva: conversation break - streiflichter from a weekend the Geneva flower clock shows 5 minutes before 12 leaving the House of Heinrich von Brentano. Children of the Soviet delegation and staff are in the garden of the House Gromyko. A gardener working in the garden of the Villa Couve de Murville. In the garden of the U.S. Secretary of State Herter, Mrs. Herter picking flowers in a bathing suit. Rue Senebier. On the window of the apartment of Selwyn Lloyd, a valet cleans the shoes. Lake Geneva with sailing boats, fountains and lighting in the evening.
(25 m) 12th Berlin: visit of the U.S. Secretary of State Christian Herter rolls out aircraft. U.S. soldiers present. Willy Brandt welcomes Christian Herter. Stepping off the front of the stand. Photographers. People wave at departure. Drive in front of the Town Hall. Willy Brandt and Christian Herter waving to crowds from the balcony. Herter and wife enter into the Golden Book of the city. In an open Mercedes to the tents Avenue, which was renamed to John Foster Dulles Avenue. New street sign will be unveiled.
(24 m) 13 Warsaw: 15th anniversary of the VR Poland - national day military parade. Flag group, infantry, tanks, ATVs. Official gallery Khrushchev with a white hat in addition to Gomulka. Aircraft. Gymnasts and Turner at the took.
(20 m) 14 Geneva: World Championship of kayaking excursion steamer on Lake Geneva. Strollers on the promenade. Swimming pool full of people. Kayak-one on the Rhone. Germans win 6 of 9 titles from East and West. Ride the wild water through gates. World Champion in the double kayak are Dieter Friedrich Horst Kleinert and central Germany.
(30 m) 15 Dethlingen / Munster stock: drag hunting in the Heide Jäger blow the Horn. Ride the rider with the Draghounds. Rider lays the trail. Halali. Dogs and riders on the track. Spectators sit on the sidewalk and keep feet in water. Dogs and horses skip trench. Horse crashes with riders. Dogs tear the Curré. Riders get oak break.
(30 m) 16 Stuttgart: German Championships and farewell to German President Heuss of the athletes breakdown from NDW 496/9 - this shorter: on the VIP Heuss, Kiesinger and Willi Daume take their jackets off in the heat. Kick-off. 80 m hurdles women: Zenta Kopp WINS in 10.8 seconds before Edeltraut Eiberle. Start, run, finish ZL. Clapping. Close-up. 200 m men: run, Manfred Germar against Walter m village, finish. Germar WINS with 21.5 seconds. 800 m men: favorite Paul Schmidt is overtaken in the HomeStretch by Peter Adam who won in 1 minute, 50.8 seconds. Close-up. 100 m men: start, run, finish ZL. Manfred Germar WINS in 10.5 seconds ahead of Martin Lauer. At lectern Theodor Heuss actuality: as large Manfred Germar, viewers and Jutta Heine. "When I became President, my wife, who was a wise woman, told me:" you will have to fight a bitter battle against the hit "stands in the goal of Theodor" "." The others have meant, then unfortunately, he stand in the Federal goal. So, well, I got in the Federal goal, and I was not always a trained, but at least reasonably skilled gatekeepers to some in these 10 years. It's called a plebizitäre confirmation of self praise. If I wanted to say something nice from the sport that is the municipality of neidlosen ambition, where victory does not begrudge the others you can look forward to the performance of the other. "But what I just said is wrong everyone for everyone, but it should remember." Clapping and handkerchief waving.
(94 m)

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Brandt, Willy; Chruschtschow, Nikita; Eisenhower, Mamie; Herter, Christian; Heuss, Theodor; Nasser, Gamal Abdel; Nixon, Richard; Saud, Ibn; Germar, Manfred; Lauer, Martin; Mahlendorf


Moskau; Austria; USSR; United States; Geneva; Freiburg; Warsaw; Cairo; Dethlingen; Rimini; Milan; Poland; New Jersey; Berlin; Saarland; Stuttgart; New Jersey; Soviet Union


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Dogs; Hunting, Hunter; Special events; aircraft; Leisure, recreation; Paddle; Parades; Political events; Rockets; Shipping; Ships; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside); Cities; Athletics, jogging, fun run; Holiday; Economy; Fashion; Jobs; Exhibitions; Gastronomy; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; Dogs; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 157/1959

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Title brand 7, 6 Atomgetrieb. Merchant ship "Savannah" origin: Metro OVR "Flying saucer". Channel origin: Pathe news launch "Atlas missile", United States + flying rocket launch (Bell X 15) origin: Metro, Metro swimwear/Italy origin: iNcom mens clothing origin: SEDI false pound notes i. Toplitzsee camera: Hafner Ibn Saud in Freiburg camera: Hafner 7th anniversary d. Revol. Cairo, Nasser origin: Gaumont rest Geneva Conference camera: Vlasdeck US Aussenmin. Hammond in Berlin camera: Pahl, Jansen parade in Warsaw (Khrushchev) origin: Polkronika Geneva and slalom camera: Vlasdeck Meute hunting (drag hunting typically Heath) camera: Rau, Pahl, Oakley Athletics Stuttgart camera: Stoll, strong Heuss toast before the athletes camera: Stoll, strong final brand 3, 1

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Nikita Khrushchev’s 125th Birthday (* April 17, 1894)

The First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1953-1964) and Premier of the USSR (1958-1964) is remembered mostly for his impulsive performances. His outburst of rage in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1960—when he supposedly bangs his shoe on the desk—is legendary. But Nikita Khrushchev is more than just the uncouth and bovine country bumpkin as which he is so often portrayed. Underestimated by many the metal fitter has a successful and seemingly silent rise up the party ranks. He is one of the few functionaries who survive all of Stalin’s purging campaigns. Three year’s after Stalin’s death Khrushchev instigates the de-Stalinization with his “secret speech” and introduces a period of domestic political détente—the so-called “Khrushchev thaw”. He releases a large number of inmates from the gulags and initiates an unprecedented number of economic, social, educational and cultural reforms.      

For his foreign policy he applies the principle „peaceful co-existence“ in dealing with the west. Eager to win the competition between the systems in the scientific, technological and most of all economic realm, his mantra is „catch-up and overtake“. In order to break the ice with the enemy he and Richard Nixon meet up in July of 1959 and engage in the so-called „kitchen-debate“ about the advantages and disadvantages of communism and capitalism. A few months later he accepts an invitation by Eisenhower and is the first Soviet Premier to visit the USA.

At the same time Khrushchev wants to demonstrate the USSR’s claim of leadership of the “socialist world” and shift the world’s balance of power in its favour. In regards to the “German question” it’s his ultimatum in 1958 that provokes the Second Berlin Crisis. Three years later he agrees to the building of the Berlin Wall.  In the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis the Soviet Union and the USA are on the brink of a nuclear war. Khrushchev is ousted in 1964 and replaced by Leonid Brezhnev, as some of his ambitious policies don’t yield the expected success—such as consumer goods production, the reorganization of agriculture or the development of unchartered territory in middle Asia—and many comrades fear that the radical restructuring of the party might result in their loss of power. Khrushchev spends the remainder of his life on his dacha near Moscow until his death in 1971.

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