UFA-Wochenschau 171/1959 03.11.1959


1st El Alamein: Inauguration of the German Memorial retrospective 1942: gunfire at the battle of El Alamein. British tanks and German tanks; the German retreat in Africa begins. 1959: Inauguration of the Memorial to the fallen of the German Afrika Korps. Among those present the widow of Manfred Rommel. Soldiers playing the song "I had ' a comrade". The eternal flame. Arab troops present. German Bundeswehr flag.
(26 m 2) Cairo: the day of the army Cairo's cityscape with minaret. Old town, market, transport. Tram runs. Marching soldiers. Memorial of the merger of the Egyptian and Syrian armies. Female soldiers March. Flower wreaths are worn.
(23 m) 03. Tunisia: President Bourgiba grape Festival which greets vintage Bourgiba cheered out of an open car from people. Bedouin dance with gunfire.
(16 m) 04 Cuba: Fidel Castro's Marathon speech Fidel Castro at the lectern with violent gestures and movements during speech against the United States.
(12 m) 05. Washington: Eisenhower titled: Summit Eisenhower at press conference in the White House (planning of Summit of the Western great powers.)
(8 m) 6th Moscow: meeting of the Supreme Soviet session of the Supreme Soviet, without attacks against the West. The newspapers put photos of the far side of the moon.
(17 m) 7th Ohio: training of space pilots, test pilots at the heat test Chamber over 200 degrees Celsius.
(16 m) 08 clever and forgetful: clever between heaven and Earth and Maria work on power lines. Forgetful to get missing tool and instead of stairs about wobbly Board to shorten the path. Colleague must rope up and bring him back.
(24 m) 09 California: test launch of the flying platform launches combination by truck and helicopter. Military observers.
(11 m) 10 France: underwater maneuvers in the Mediterranean submarine la Creole appears, considered the most modern submarine world. Indoor shots. Man on the lookout.
(14 m) 11. Berlin: Heinz Oestergaard fashions for spring and summer of 1960 fish in Berlin Aquarium, where fashion show takes place. Summer dress with low back neckline. Dresses and hats.
(14 m) 12 United States: fashion for winter sports swing over tight dress. Ski suit with short pants. Plaid jacket, striped sweater. Jackets with hoods.
(24 m) 13 Zugspitze: Olympic training German ski runners Alpine and clouds. The Schneefernerhaus. Jackdaws flying. Skier. Guests are on deck chairs in the Sun. Ski runners in Olympic training on the Zug Spitz square.
(24 m) 14 Berlin: holiday on ice in the Germany Hall ice ballet dancing. Hannerl Walter / Austria with their world champion freestyle. Werner Müller dance Indian dance. Jumping through fire hoops and about this people. Ice clowns.
(45 m) 15 Offenbach: Kickers Offenbach - Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1 game scenes. 1st half 0:0 in the 56th minute: Lindner to stone, flank to Bäumler, 1-0 to Frankfurt. Spectators close to half. Man with cigar, great. Foul in the penalty area. Offenbach shoots penalty to the 1:1 cheers. Offenbach storms. Single-handedly, nuber shoots 1 (39 m) the 2:

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Bourgiba, Habib ; Castro, Fidel ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Oestergaard, Heinz


El Alamein ; Berlin ; America ; Cairo ; Ohio ; California ; France ; Hamburg ; Cuba ; Washington ; Moskau ; Tunisia ; Grunewald ; Offenbach ; Zugspitze ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Football ; Parades ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Technology ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; war graves ; Events ; festivals ; winter pictures ; Science ; Revues ; Fashion ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 171/1959

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 shots of war North Africa camera: strong inhabitants. d. dt. Memorial i. El Alamein + Städteb. Cairo camera: strong origin: Pathe news day in Cairo the army origin: vis news Pres.. Bourguiba at the feast of grape origin: Tunis Demonstr. a. Cuba + tastes. v. Fidel Castro origin: Metro, Metro Pressekonf. Eisenhower origin: Metro session of the Supreme Soviet origin: Sovkino Moon pictures origin: Sovkino rocket pilot in cabin origin: Metro smart + Maria "Underestimated courage" helicopter-Jeep origin: Metro Franz. Submarine "Le Créole" origin: Eclair Oestergaard fashions of spring. + Summer camera: Pahl ski fashions United States origin: Metro ski training a. d. Zugspitze camera: Hafner "holiday on ice" in Berlin camera: Pahl, Jansen football.: revelation. Kickers/EINTR. Frank.
Camera: Luppa, fire, strong, basic final brand 3, 1

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