UFA-Wochenschau 173/1959 17.11.1959


01 Africa: Karibadamm prior to the completion of the site Karibadamm. Whirlpool in reservoirs. Laying of cables.
(10 m) 02. Detroit: side launching of ore freighter 25000 t freighter runs laterally from the stack. Spectators flee from überschwappendem over water of the basin.
(8 m) 03. England: christening of passenger steamer Princess Alexandra baptizes passenger ship on the name Ariana. Launching of the 40,000 t vessel for 2000 passengers.
(8 m) 4 Chelsea: bird aircraft man rides bike with movable wings. Inventor joins pedals. Wings are constructed like bird wings. Bird plane lifts off and flies 50 m (16 m) 5th New York: new ways for motorists businessman is to transport his car with helicopter to the destination.
(8 m) 06. New York: the car of the future without wheels ride on road car on air cushions.
(7 m) 07. Illinois: The rolling shoe student goes on motor-drive skateboard, on which he stands to the Institute of technology and in Lecture Hall.
(13 m) 08 clever and forgetful: the steel Cap - findings on the freight elevator box will be lowered with freight elevator and Lands on Schussels shoe. Maria hops full pain around. Clever shows his safety shoe with steel toecap for protection.
(23 m) 09 Düsseldorf: jewellery exhibition detective on airfield takes a gun from his coat pocket and lock it. Lord with a small suitcase gets out of aircraft and will awake men accompanied for jewelry protection in the value of over 10 million DM. Mr enters jewellery shop. Precious jewellery, chains, jewellery. Mannequins show off jewelry. DIAdem, chains, diamond cutters at work. Eye, big, behind glasses.
(27 m) 10 Holland: piggy banks collection spiked, large. Money as head of colored swallows spiked. Face as a box with a slot on the head. Various piggy banks. Money runs winding down to money. Satellite screen, wood chipper, stables. Woman brings socking away to the Bank. Reinforced door is closed, large.
(20 m) 11 dog fashion ladies with their dogs at the dog tailor who measures out the dogs. Fitting and completion of ceilings and suits for dogs, due to the wardrobe of mistress.
(22 m) 12 singer sings in the Tiger cage tiger head, big. Singer Frank Forster sings in Tiger cage by circus Busch actuality: "And we show even a happy face if we even do not like our home is forever somewhere else." Tiger heads, great - good recording.
(23 m) 13 Berlin: 11.11 Carnival kick off Coronation of Karnevalsprinzessin. Swaying. Handmade speakers with the critic Friedrich Luft parody interview: "next Sunday, we hear what 11:45 ladies listeners, the voice of the criticism, please Mr. Luft." "Good day love listeners, as I was recently told about the fools in the Carnival at the fools in the prelates, and burst there with pleasure the laces in the parquet. Dear listeners, it is there to tell the joy there went beyond all measure. The matter was glad because he was registered with the green pen in the calendar 11.11. The stupid little people found together, the sparkling wine stood up on the latch. "Dear listeners, it is to say it: Aperture, next Sunday, same time, same place, talk to you later."
(40 m) 14th appearance of the Indian Kathakali dancers make-up room. Masks. Appearance. Drums. Sign language with hands, eyes and body movements.
(24 m) 15 Munich: Olympic art - exhibition at the Haus der Kunst sculptures. "This athlete" by Fritz Brosig: comparison between art and reality. Horse Turner turns - sculpture. Dancing gymnastics by gymnasts - bronze by Karl Reidel. Handball players at the game - sculpture by Baldur scourge. Wrestlers wrestle - bronze by Alfred Lörcher. Cyclists in six days - sculpture by Alfred Lörcher. Hurdler on the railway - sculpture by Hubert Elsässer. Rower at regatta - sculpture by Hans Göbel. Football team lined up prior to game - sculpture by Karl Reidel.
(37 m) 16 Berlin: European Championship in boxing Middleweight in the Germany Hall. Gustav Scholz defeated Peter Müller by changing the knockout blow. Scholz propels Müller is here through the ring. Spectator, large. Peter Müller taking a heavy hit and goes down. Referee counts. Müller is swaying back and can hardly resist. Towel is thrown. Gustav Scholz, large wreath after victory in 80 seconds. Peter Müller in his corner will wake shaken workers from dizziness.
(29 m)

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Alexandra von Kent ; Forster, Frank ; Müller, Peter ; Scholz, Gustav


Munich ; Africa ; Chelsea ; United States ; Holland ; France ; Berlin ; New York ; Düsseldorf ; Hamburg ; England ; IL ; Brussels


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Hobby ; Dogs ; Carnival ; Carnival ; Musical events ; Shipping ; Ships ; Jewelry ; Dance ; Technology ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Works of art ; Science ; Circus ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Dogs ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 173/1959

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 Kariba Dam, Central Africa origin: Pathe news stack runs origin: Pathe news ornithopter origin: Pathe news helicopter origin: Pathe news compressed air car origin: Metro of last pedestrian origin: Metro "Steel toe", m. clever dish French mannequins m. mod jewelry, Düsseldorf and camera: basic money collection origin: Polygoon dog wear origin: Pathé journal Schlager singer in the Tiger cage, circus Busch camera: Hafner, Vlasdeck Carnival launch, Berlin camera: Pahl, Seib Indian dancers (Kathahali) camera: Seib 'sport typically art", Ausstllg. Munich and sport camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner origin: archive boxes Peter Müller/Bubi Scholz, bln. camera: Pahl, Jansen final brand 3, 1

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