UFA-Wochenschau 200/1960 24.05.1960


01 Paris: press conference with Khrushchev after the failure of the Summit Conference of Eiffel Tower. Journalists and picture reporters rush to press conference. Threatening Khrushchev at the lectern, original sound. Clapping.
(16 m) 2nd East Berlin: visit Khrushchev rolls out propeller aircraft. Khrushchev in aircraft door. Khrushchev goes down stairs. Ulbricht and Grotewohl on airfield and applaud. Khrushchev brother kisses with Ulbricht and Grotewohl. People clap. Girl of the young pioneers in uniform bring flowers. Khrushchev waving flowers in the arm and goes to microphones. Close-up of Ulbricht, Marshal Malinovsky, Grotewohl. The officials clap it Hilde Benjamin and others. A ride through the city, standing and waving in an open car, Khrushchev between Ulbricht and Grotewohl. Meeting in the Ernst-soul ties-Halle. Clapping for entry into the Hall of Khrushchev with Ulbricht and Grotewohl. Writing on the front wall of the Hall: an end to the provocations of Eisenhower and Adenauer - for General and complete disarmament. Khrushchev speaks o... "Friendship". Children with flowers, chanting, clapping. Khrushchev claps.
(50 m) 03 Moscow: surrender celebration Khrushchev stands smack between generals. Marshal Malinovsky on the lectern. Invasion of soldiers with flag.
(9 m) 04 Lisbon: Eisenhower Eisenhower's visit comes down stairs. Air force aircraft. Welcome address by President Thomaz. Drive through the city, cheered by people, accompanied by mounted guards. Confetti.
(23 m) 05 Australia: maneuvers of the US Cruiser Canberra off the Australian coast the cruisers Canberra. Radar screen rotates. Sailors on board. Sleep. Target plane taking off. Alarm. Rockets will be ramped up. Rocket launchings. Target aircraft is shot down and recovered to parachute.
(27 m) 6 Brussels: visit of the Shah of Persia Reza Pahlevi salute. Maneuver with tanks. In the stands of the Shah and King Baudouin as an observer. Missile launch base. The Shah visited defense weapons with King Baudouin.
(12 m) 7th Brussels: baptism of Prince Philip people waving. In an open car, Prince Albert and Princess Paola go to the Cathedral of Saint Jaques. In the Cathedral of Albert and Paola walk behind baptised person, carried by children sister. Baptism.
(12 m) 08 Holland: Queen Juliana exercises in archery Queen Juliana rises from old baby carriage Festival in the province of Zeeland. Suckling pig are applied. Surrounded by people, Juliana tried in archery.
(23 m) 09 Vechta: military riders preparing for Olympic before collection of carriages. Off-road ride through forest over obstacles. Hans Günter Winkler on Bellona will be disqualified due to incorrect ride. Siegfried Dehning on fencing Lance is 2nd Reiner Klimke riding on winemaker, which goes Very much uneasy and is 5. Reiner Klimke WINS on Fortunat. Award ceremony.
(27 m) 10. Florence: Soapbox of the students young men in Soapbox when driving downhill. Two-seater travels. Soapbox is in the audience.
(17 m) 11 Nurburgring: the flying start of 67 cars sports car championship race. Race. Emergence of fog. Stirling Moss on Maserati driving at the top. Stirling Moss drives in to the box. His Copilot Dan Gurney takes over the control. On the box, Fontaine is drained from car of steaming water. Box car No. climbs 21 Bonier. Graham Hill sits at the top. Photographers. The Ferrari of Italian Scarlatti burns. Scarlatti remains unharmed. Delete. Burned out car wreck. Overtaking on the track. Stirling Moss on Maserati driving as the winner by the target. 2. is Bonier on Porsche. Award ceremony. Stirling Moss and Bonier with winners wreaths. Advertisement: Bosch spark plugs.
(61 m)

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Albert ; Baudouin I. von Belgien ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Grotewohl, Otto ; Juliana von Holland ; Malinowski ; Paola von Belgien ; Philip von Belgien ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Dehning, Siegfried ; Klimke, Reiner ; Moss, Stirling ; Winkler, Hans Günter


Leverkusen ; Moskau ; Australia ; Paris ; Brussels ; East Berlin ; Lisbon ; Zeeland/Holland ; Nürburgring ; Vechta ; Florence ; Zeeland ; East Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; motor sports ; Press, press conferences ; Radar ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Shipping ; Ships ; Soapbox ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Maneuver ; Events ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 200/1960

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 Khrushchev press conference, Paris origin: Eclair Khrushchev arrived in East Berlin origin: DEFA Khrushchev in the soul tie Hall origin: DEFA surrender ceremony in Moscow origin: Sovkino Eisenhower in Lisbon origin: Lisbon maneuvers of the U.S. Cruiser "Canberra" origin: Cine sound Shah of Persia in Belgium origin: Belgavox baptism of Belgian Prince Philippe origin: Belgavox Queen Juliana at the archery in Zeeland origin: Polygoon 1 Olympic elimination military, in Veckta camera: o Connor Seifenkiste Rallye of students in Florence origin: iNcom 1000 km race at the Nürburgring camera: Luppa, Rieck, strong, Pahl end title 3, 1

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