UFA-Wochenschau 206/1960 06.07.1960


01 Léopoldville: King Baudouin takes farewell of Congo rolls out propeller aircraft. African soldiers present the rifle. Baudouin is welcomed. Africans cheering and waving. Baudouin standing driving vehicles in the city. Baudouin on the lectern. Audience stand up and clap.
(10 m) 02. London: official debut of the couple of Armstrong - Jones the Royal tournament parade of soldiers and horse-drawn carriage. Parade. As a spectator of Queen Mother Elizabeth and Princess Margaret with Anthony Armstrong-Jones.
(16 m) 03 Washington: visit of the Thai Royal couple King Bhumiphol and Queen Sirikit and Eisenhower step out of the car and stand on the steps of the White House. People wave.
(5 m) 04. Eisenhower's ancestor review of his far East tour car. Cinematographer. Eisenhower actuality (always as a Communist, Communist will be whether it is friendly or hostile).
(10 m) 5th Vienna: visit Khrushchev Vienna cityscapes, Fiaker horse carriage. The Austrian Eagle. Review: Khrushchev is celebrated in East Berlin with frenetic applause. Khrushchev menacingly at the lectern. Newspaper readers in Vienna. Cameramen standing on car roofs. Wolfgang Esterer interviewed Vienna: "What do you think about the Khrushchev visit to Vienna?" Traffic COP: "I of always a net." Man: "I must take my bus." Nurse: "me to be now internationally famous as a tourist city. So se must come from everyone." Coffee House visitors: "you would have to say actually Austrian: us remains spared nothing at all". Tram driver: "because nothing can say i." Painting: "does he bring not a war, otherwise I would not hear n by him". Road construction workers: "the best he should hamfahrn". Young woman: "Dear Jeremiah bleibn should". Fiaker driver: "for us it is yes no business." Old woman: "I'm visiting here from East Germany. Hopefully's will be good, he is here." Vienna Airport. Red carpet is rolled out. Is asphalted. Aircraft rolls out. Salut. 15s presents. Welcome address by Federal President Scherf. Stepping off the front of the stand. Ride through the city. Khrushchev speaks before the Austro Russian friendship society. Nina Chruschtschowa as a listener, great. Khrushchev speaks interview. Close-up. Attacks against the West. Interpreter interview: "To me so often recorded, probably not A lot new here coming out." Khrushchev handed over as a guest gift Sputnik model. In the lodge of the Opera "The magic flute". Khrushchev welcomes the artists on the stage. Gala evening on Schloß Schönbrunn. Welcomes President Schärf. Visiting workers in Florizdorf. Transparent: Welcome welcome in German and Russian. Welcome o-ton: "As a representative of the automobile factory let me, you, to greet your wife wife Nina Chruschtschowa and all ladies and gentlemen of your accompaniment warmly in our operation." Khrushchev in the crowd of workers and lectern actuality: "goodbye! Friendship!"
(155 m) 06 Prague: Spartakiade Prague cityscape. Mass demonstrations of gymnasts and Turner.
(20 m) 07 Bad Kissingen, Germany: international course for diver diver exercise on trampoline and the Tower, partly ZL.
(26 m) 08 Hamburg: German Gallop Derby racing program, great. Start. Viewers with binoculars. Race. Horner sheet. Turn into the home stretch. It carries weight. Suddenly, the horse breaks out inside and leaves the train. Jockey Albert Klimscha crosses inside with Ares. Ares crashes. Race ZL. Alaric runs under Jockey Paul Fuchs, Röttgen, Stud as the winner by the target. Spectator smiles big. Alaric receives great Jockey Paul Fuchs, wreath, beside him.
(33 m)

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Armstrong-Jones, Anthony ; Baudouin I. von Belgien ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Elizabeth von England ; Esterer ; Kasavubu ; Margaret von England ; Pumiphol von Thailand ; Seib, Gerd ; Sirikit ; Schärf


Vienna ; Danube ; Washington ; London ; Leopoldville ; Prague ; Hamburg ; Bad Kissingen, Germany ; Leopoldville ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Press, press conferences ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; sporting events ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; diving ; Events ; aerial photographs ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 206/1960

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of 7, 6 Congo independence celebrations origin: Belgavox Royal tournament, London, with Margaret + Mr. Armstrong Jones origin: Pathe news King and Queen of Thailand in United States origin: Metro Eisenh. Origin speaks to his far East tour: Metro Khrushchev in Vienna camera: Seib, Sanchez origin: Austria Spartakiade in Prague origin: State Diver course, B. Kamble in generic camera: Vlasdeck Deutsches Derby in Hamburg camera: Rau, Stoll, o Connor, basic end title 3, 1

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Congo Celebrates 60 Years of Independence (June 30, 1960)

On June 30, 1960 the Republic of the Congo officially gains independence. King Badouin I of Belgium travels all the way to the capital Léopoldville (today Kinshasa) to attend he ceremony. 

In his speech he praises the great merits of his great-grandfather King Leopold II, how he modernized and liberated resource rich Congo Free State, which had been in his private property since 1885. In reality though, the monarch had led one of the most exploitative and most brutal colonial regimes, which would go down in history as the atrocities in the Congo Free State. More than 10 million Congolese lost their lives—about half of the population at the time. 

When the circumstances of this private colony became public in the early 20th century, an unprecedented wave of outrage ensued. King Leopold II felt compelled to annex his African property to the Belgian state in 1908, which did not really result in an improvement of conditions for the indigenous population.

On the day of independence the newly elected Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba responds to the Belgian King’s words with a flaming indictment of the atrocities committed during the 75 years of colonial rue. His unscheduled speech is considered an impudent insult, particularly in Belgium. The USA sense communist tendencies in what they deem an insufficient show of humility. Lumumba’s political goals contradict the interests of the western powers—his objective is Congo’s real emancipation, particularly through the nationalization of its strong mining industry and plantations. Fearing a loss of influence Belgium and the USA decide to destabilize the country and get rid of Lumumba. They band together with the chief of staff of the Congolese Army, Joseph Désiré Mobuto. With the help of the Belgian secret service and the CIA Mobuto drives his long-time companion out of office in September. In January of 1961 Lumumba is murdered, also with the involvement of the Belgians. In other words, Congo’s brief democratic development is over. Generously financed by the USA Mobuto takes power by military coup in 1965, where he remains for three decades. His rule is a continuation of the style of the old colonial powers. The consequences that last until today are catastrophic—not just for the Congo but for all of Africa.

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