UFA-Wochenschau 234/1961 17.01.1961


The UFA 234 stands in the characters of the Carnival, which is taken from a German perspective critically scrutinized. Different aspects are illuminated in three parts. These are for the most part to archive footage.

01 Carnival 1 balloons fall from the ceiling of a room and be absorbed by the guests. Recorded interview Gert Stegemann: "we To want to be funny - rejoice - be completely left out - so let us laugh from full heart!" Confetti is a Hall on a Curmudgeon thrown and on the road to viewers. Assembly of different German drinking songs scenes. In a trick with a rotating mirror, you can see various Carnival costumes. "Brockhaus whipped up" with the side of Carnival (in the course of the UFA repeatedly cut) more girls on Studio parties, Günter Berwig and Gerda Borgstädt go in civilian clothes in two toilets and come out again in Carnival costumes, Heinz Braun sits as a newspaper seller on the street and sees himself in the mirror as Roman Emperor. A cot is carried in a pawnshop. Assembly of different close-ups of carnival festivals with musicians, dancing, is kissing and by the children's Carnival, a monkey powder.
(10:00:15 10:02:50) 02 space tests in New Mexico a flight into space is tested with a monkey, which was used in a capsule, a Jet carriage, the monkey uses different levers, three monkeys strapped to side by side. In France are simulated in the rat space conditions: A rat is taken out of her cage, squeezed in a little suit and then spun around in a centrifuge, another is enclosed in a capsule. John Glenn is testing a space capsule, head large, instruments and get out.
(10:02:50 10:03:57) 03 hair painting after a setting with surrealistic costumes paints a French hairdresser dark diamonds on a blonde hairstyle, a bright butterfly and white dots on dark hairstyles.
(10:03:57 10:04:23) 04. Carnival 2 Brockhaus page, Rosenmontagszüge in Cologne, Berlin and Mainz. Excerpts from a Mainz Carnival with audiences, singers and Ballet. Interview Carlo Schmid: "I think the humor for the salt of policy - and what salt means you know especially if the doctor has forbidden to eat something salted!" Schmid kiss the Funkenmariechen, Schunkelnde original sound handmade speakers: 'I was present in Rome, experienced the blessing of medal in gold, silver and bronze, the Michel took his chance, and the catering was famos spaghetti and Tomatensoß ',' home grinning Adenauer the plate "3 Mosterts" sounds. Carnival hits of the "3 Mosterts": "the old remains, you can rely on it, he did so far and is still some year. I let me miss no other remains of the old, that is obvious!"- the"3 Mosterts".
(10:04:23 10:06:07) 05 Tinguely six different, moving and making noise sculptures of the Swiss Jean Tinguely from scrap.
(10:06:07 10:06:43) 06 Carnival 3 manufacture by Carnival decorations and hoax articles, including a devil mask. Funkenmariechen clothing and at the same pace, moving with A lot of hustle, drinking stopped, Brockhaus page and scenes from the "Rottweiler fools jump". Costumed skiers on the Bavarian first ALM, run, jump, and finally a fall into the water.
(10:06:43 10:08:15) 07. downhill race of the women in Grindelwald long shot of Grindelwald, a couple on a skating rink, chair lift. Various scenes from the race start and track victory run by Heidi Biebl, Germany, after the race she gets a kiss.
(10:08:15 10:09:03) 08 men's Lauberhorn ski race in Wengen start and track with some jumps, victory run by Guy Périllat, France, will be congratulated at the finish by a comrade.
(10:09:03 10:09:37)


Persons in the Film

Biebl, Heidi ; Berwig, Ralph ; Borgstädt, Gerda ; Braun, Heinz ; Flach, Bärbel ; Glenn, John ; Kohfeldt, Christel ; Rau, Kurt ; Stegemann, Gerd ; Tinguely, Jean ; Périllat, Guy ; Wagnerberger, Fritz


Munich ; Mainz ; Bern ; New Mexico ; Paris ; Grindelwald ; Königssee ; Wengen ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Carnival ; Carnival ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Rockets ; Advertising ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Art ; Works of art ; Medicine ; winter pictures ; Science ; Fashion ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 234/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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