UFA-Wochenschau 236/1961 31.01.1961


1st coup against passenger ship "Santa Maria" mainly from footage cut together story about the capture of "Santa Maria" by supporters of the Portuguese exile politician Delgado. Travel agency: Swing by a model of the "Hanseatic" on sales pitch, cuttings from conditions of carriage. Pirate exhibition: Two gepfählte skulls, pirate COG total and details, engraving by Klaus Störtebeker. "Santa Maria": anchor is photographed waving passengers, waving at the wharf, the "Santa Maria" when running total. The two adversaries: Soldiers present the rifle, Delgado passes waving at the camera, the Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Salazar walks towards the camera. Ship chimney, anchor chain, pirate drawings in the Exchange cut with close-up shots of a cruise ship.
(10:00:16 10:01:31) 02. opening flight of LH-far East route Transport Minister Hans-Christoph Seebohm 1 LH flight to Tokyo, with stops in Rome, Kolkata and Bangkok. Aircraft rolls to start, Seebohm is from Frankfurt airport by a LH flight attendant welcomed Japanese stewardess, Seebohm goes gangway up, pilot in the cockpit, flying a Boeing 707 pilot's hand on the "stick", LH machine at the airport of Rome in the rain.
(10:01:31 10:01:58) 03 Italian fashions the models pose in front of ancient statues, including among other things a white suit with tassels on the sleeves, another with stoles, cocktail dresses with lace and loops and a beach suit with a hat and A lot of bast.
(10:01:58 10:02:39) 04 Queen Elizabeth in India Jet flying large, the LH machine at the airport in Calcutta. The British Royal couple by Indian women in national costume welcomes Elizabeth Kopf, Philip with a cow, Elizabeth and Philip on ceremonial elephant, Elizabeth Gets a lucky sign on the forehead painted, elephant head, parade in front of Elizabeth and President Prasad with military and folklore, including dancing and marching Indians, soldiers, a rider Corps, a corps of camel riders and tanks.
(10:02:39 10:03:42) 5th Thai Royal couple at the Bazaar in Bangkok nozzle size, Thai Temple dancer big front of the LH machine. Two long shots of the Bazaar, smiling Thai, swivel on the Royal couple, photographer, a Thai kneeling before Bhumibol and Sirikit who watch a demonstration of Thai temple dancers sitting on chairs.
(10:03:42 10:04:21) 06. Landing the LH and life in Tokyo mixes a drink, passenger and stewardess big Dashboard, Japanese stewardess, the beverage is filled into a LH-glass, neon "Tokyo", Seebohm come down the gangway, is welcomed by Ambassador Haas on the nighttime airport. Scenes at a Tokyo train station: station clock, overcrowded platform, the people are by attendants formally trains crammed (Very much good scenes!), the doors close, where the passengers are almost trapped, the conductor gives the signal for departure. Assembly of different neon signs.
(10:04:21 10:05:24) 7th Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong in Paris neon sign "Harlem of à Paris", swing on a backyard, a colored student Assembly of many jazz musicians (pianist, cellist and drummer), a jazz record, listeners Stop it her bed, actuality of the common music of Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, heads of both big.
(10:05:24 10:06:35) 08. Hats from Paris it will be pretty crazy hats shown: with flower petals, one up over his eyes enough lattice, with an brim, in the form of capital, or a fire helmet modeled after.
(10:06:35 10:07:11) 9 Prix D'AMERIQUE in Paris viewers, scenes from the race, total and half total, finish with the winner "Macca", viewers, close-ups of "Macca" and her driver after the race.
(10:07:11 10:07:54) 10 European Championships in figure skating despite a fall was the HolländerinSjoukje Dijkstra champion, their free skate. For the third time, Marika Kilius and Hans Jürgen Bäumler were European champions in the pairs, with the show running, they show a rock ' n roll.
(10:07:54 10:09:04)

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Bäumler, Hans Jürgen ; Armstrong, Louis ; Delgado ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Ellington, Duke ; Haas de, Heinrich ; Pumiphol von Thailand ; Salazar, Antonio de Oliviera ; Seebohm ; Sirikit ; Dijkstra, Sjoukje ; Kilius, Marika


Frankfurt ; Tokyo ; Paris ; Rome ; India ; Algeria ; Bangkok ; Berlin ; Calcutta


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice skating, art running ; Jazz ; Musical events ; Parades ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Advertising ; Shipping ; Ships ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Dance ; harness racing ; Cultural events ; transport questions ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Jobs ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 236/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand: 7, 6 m coup gg. d. luxury passenger ship "Santa Maria" camera: Rahim origin: vis news, Triunfo opening flight d. new. LH-far East route. Moden origin: iNcom Queen in India (on the day d. Republic) camera: Deejay Maild. Royal couple on d. Bazaar in Bangkok landing in Tokyo life in Tokyo Duke Ellington + Louis Armstrong i/Paris origin: Gaumont leisurewear origin: Pathé journal trotting races in Paris (Prix d ' Amérique) origin: Pathé journal skating Europameistersch. (Djikstra) Kilius/Bäumler camera: Pahl, Jackson finally brand 3, 1 m

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