UFA-Wochenschau 240/1961 28.02.1961


01 clocks Museum after examples of time measurement before the invention of the clock, watches are displayed in a Dutch Museum in Bussum. Old time measurement: foot before foot, small stick in his hand casts shadows, burning candle in sections divided and a oil lamp with scale. Clock Museum: Transformer in the Museum, pivoting about a room full of clocks, musical Interior, and game clock with windmills and sailing ships, drums, Black Forest clocks in figures, Panorama with a moving train in a frame, a modern station clock and railwaymen lifts trowel.
(10:00:18 10:01:12) 02 mercury capsule Cape Canaveral: second hand runs great at "Zero", a mercury rocket, introduction of 7 astronauts, including John Glenn, training of frogmen to salvage the capsule from the Atlantic: jump from a boat, handling under water in the capsule, and mount a rescue ring.
(10:01:12 10:01:50) 03. Defusing a mine of air in Berlin-Moabit archive: Lancaster bomber throws a bomb and night-time totals of strikes. A sound truck of the police through Moabit and urged residents to leave their homes, Pan will be lowered over the exposed 40 quintals air mine, rolling shutters, people leave their House, observations by people on the street, including a little girl with doll, old woman with a small dog, women with baby carriages, an old woman is pushed on a Gurney into an ambulance and drove off, and a young woman in a wheelchair, Road sign, traffic light, deserted streets, the two demolition expert, the air mine, House facade with open Windows, the demolition expert at the mine and the built in fuses, speaker size, Georg Pahl sen. on the camera. Hans-Joachim Peters interview with the demolition expert: "how get it so a detonator?" "So, these 3 we brought out here by means of a pipe wrench and the detonation with a bore with a special pair of pliers." "And How long did it take you to do this?" "In the whole 30 minutes." "Thank you." Onlookers watch as the mine with a low-loader is transported away.
(10:01:50 10:03:50) 04 monastery building by Le Corbusier, at Lyon, monastery of Ignatius of Loyola two long shots and a detail of the new monastery building by Le Corbusier, a concrete structure, however, long shots of the historic monastery, cloister, monks go to mass in the new monastery, mass, monks at the fair in the old monastery, glass image, monks in the ambulatory of the new monastery, façade and Bell Tower.
(10:03:50 10:04:38) 05. students demonstration in Brussels, students demonstrate marching with banners, against the policy of the United Nations. Water cannons used, mounted police rides "Attack", a protestor is led away, police officers walk in a park after fleeing, police firing tear gas, the students throw back the grenade.
(10:04:38 10:05:35) 06 new year celebrations in Hong Kong exploding fireworks and firecrackers in the streets of Hong Kong, a boy lighting a firecracker, children digging in the remains of fireworks, burning lanterns, street musicians, dragon dance, children, a man eats in a food stall, a chicken on a Chair, a policeman controls the traffic, night-time street scene, and neon signs.
(10:05:35 10:06:13) 07 Dior fashion Dior introduces the so-called "slim-look". Below are six single - and multi-part day dresses and costumes, and three evening dresses with A lot rhinestone trim.
(10:06:13 10:07:00) 08. Beauty salon in Australia there will be presented new "fat shredder": women are rotating rollers, which should reduce unnecessary pounds on the Po, others riding on Hometrainern, a young girl in the dumbbell press, two women in vibrating massage belts.
(10:07:00 10:07:32) 09 ski flying week in Oberstdorf an Alphorn players against the mountain backdrop, road with Oberstdorf in the background, traffic COP, viewers flock to the Hill, parking, spectators in a tree, smoke cartridge for the wind measurement becomes inflamed, installation starts, cameramen, jumps and a fall. World record jump with 141 m of Jose Slibars, Yugoslavia, Slibars, he will be in the competition but only 6 Wolfgang Happle, Germany, at the start, Willy Millowitsch photographed, jump from Happle, he is 3, jump of the 2 Otto Leodolter, Austria, dangerous-looking fall by Helmut Wegscheider, victory jump by Helmut Recknagel, DDR.
(10:07:32 10:09:30)

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Braun, Heinz ; Corbusier le ; Dior, Christian ; Loyola von, Ignatius ; Pahl, Georg ; Peters, Hans Joachim ; Räbiger ; Happle, Wolfgang ; Lesser, Peter ; Lukkariniemi ; Recknagel, Helmut ; Slibar, Joze ; Wegscheider, Helmut


Holland ; Lyon ; United States ; Berlin ; Brussels ; Hamburg ; England ; Washington ; Paris ; Australia ; Hong Kong ; Oberstdorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; Demonstrations ; Railways ; cameramen, cameramen ; Police ; Rockets ; Religious events ; beauty care ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Cities ; Technology ; Buildings ; Medicine ; transport questions ; festivals ; Science ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 240/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m clocks Museum origin: Polygoon, Sucesos mercury capsule origin: Metro Entschärfg. a "cookie", Berlin-Moabit camera: Pahl, Jürgens monastery of Ignatius von Loyola + Dominican Klost. v. Corbusier b. Lyon origin: Pathé journal, no.-do Santos-Demonstr. away. Congo in Brussels origin: Belgavox new year events in Hong Kong Dior fashions origin: Pathé journal beauty salon in Australia origin: Cine sound int. Ski week in Oberstdorf camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner final brand 3, 1 m

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