UFA-Wochenschau 241/1961 07.03.1961


1st appreciation of DM newspaper headlines from the appreciation of the DM to 5%, a dollar bill in addition to 4.20 DM coins, be it took 20 pfennigs, to a mark a 5 will be penny. Swing at the press conference. Actuality Ludwig Erhard: "we To want the economy not battered, we To want to maintain the full employment (in voiceover), but we To want to eliminate the excesses on the labour market and we To want, as I said, zurückkommmen to a healthy, balanced scheme. I think so, that is each dramatization of this measure in relation to the design of the export and import not to place." Undercut scenes: Trudy a Hall with workers at tables sitting moving locomotive, coal yard, machine shop, fabrication of light bulbs, man in a turbine, shipyard, VW car park in Wolfsburg. (All archive) 2 scenes press conference.
(10:00:15 10:00:58) 02. Kennedy press conference due to Adenauer's visit the White House, Kennedy receives several visitors, cameramen, Kennedy goes on a press conference and announced the Adenauer's invitation to Washington. (Original sound without translation)
(10:00:58 10:01:30) 03 US Ambassador Harriman at Adenauer sentry, Adenauer occurs with Harriman and from Brentano on the terrace of the Palais Schaumburg, cameramen, both smiling big and by Brentano, finally shake hands.
(10:01:30 10:01:45) 04. Kennedy's Adviser Henry Kissinger Rhine Hotel Dreesen, Bad Godesberg, outside, long shot inside with Willy Brandt as a listener, Kissinger at the lectern, among the listeners of Willy Brandt and Fritz Erler. Recorded interview Kissinger: "the main problem of the West is not a technical, but a moral issue. The West must be about the goals clear, he wants to keep track of and about the world in which he can live. The military strategic position of the United States cannot be separated from the West. There is not a US strategy and a European strategy, there is only a Western strategy."
(10:01:45 10:02:30) 05. 43. anniversary of the Red Army of Kremlin: large room total and front page with many flags and a bust of Lenin, talking div. MP, including Defense Minister Malinowski (all mute).
(10:02:30 10:02:48) 06 Brezhnev in Guinea Brezhnev with Prime Minister Sécou Touré, slapping women, Brezhnev big parade with Brezhnev to depends on the 'cross of the independence fighters' women in colorful dresses and soldiers, Sarabarfield Touré, both sign a contract, the contract in the Russian language. Pan of a high-rise building on a street in Conacry, views of corrugated iron shacks, street scenes with women, a Hairdresser, a Weaver and a man, pounds of millet a better quarter, transformer on the window of the trade representation of the DDR, shield and in the window, issued photos of Nazi crimes. Ride in a jeep through villages, construction of a "Cinomobils" of the German Embassy and demonstration of the "mirror of Germany" with the report of the visit by Sarabarfield Touré in Bonn, the audience applaud.
(10:02:48 10:04:12) 07. death of Mohammed v of Morocco, Hassan II's successor Mohammed v rides from one screen protected on a horse. (Archive) Pan through the crowds on both sides of the funeral procession, the funeral train with the casket on a gun carriage in the Exchange cut with close-ups of crying women (impressive scenes!), police officers carry away collapsed grieving, A few rolling on the ground, praying Muslims, swivel on the new King Hassan II. sitting on his throne, in the State car, jubilant women. Pictures from Morocco: total of Rabat, ride in a car, donkey carts, with many smoking chimneys, donkey moved a waterwheel, a farmer plowing with a tractor, another horse and camel, camel in a landfill, children in the carpet weaving, a man at the crochet on the street, street musicians, jugglers with Monkey and a snake charmer in multiple settings.
(10:04:12 10:06:35) 8 Queen in Nepal and India Nepal: many elephants with their leaders are in a row, Elizabeth II and Philip riding on elephants to a tiger Hunt, the tiger in the grass, which shoot Hunter, surrounded by many viewers, from a booth at the Tiger, Elizabeth observed the scene through a binocular, the imposed Tiger is measured, King Mahendra look at the Tiger, Elizabeth and King Mahendra in a horse-drawn carriage, Philip and Queen Ratna in another, 5 heads of friendly Nepalese. India: Riding big as guests of the Maharajah of Benares on ceremonial elephant, the Queen Elizabeth and Philip, Indians, Elizabeth goes through a gangway of the elephants, group of Indians and individuals with the dip in the Ganges, 500000 festively dressed Indians cheer for Elizabeth from the shore and from ships.
(10:06:35 10:07:54)

Interview of the two German goalkeeper during a match of the German national team at the World Championships asked the two German goalkeeper Wolfgang Esterer. The interview will be undercut by adequate scenes of the actions of the goalkeeper. Interview Esterer with the two goalkeepers of Hinrichs and Baker: "I would like to ask you, Which one distance are the shots you fired from the average?" Hinrichs: in most cases, i.e. jump - and above all in the case throws the distance "is often only 3 to 4 meters, i.e. the opponent jumps into the storm and I in turn go against him, in order to shorten the angle." Baker: "Yes, it depends on where the shooter stands, partially by 9 meters and partly when he played well at the district, it may happen that the shooter at 4 meters is about in the air and then fires on goal." "How much time do you have to consider an Abwehrreakion?" Han: "without a doubt only fractions of seconds." Baker: "Oh, Yes, there is not A lot of time there." "Have you had ever scared?" Han: "no, otherwise I'm not in the door." Beyer: "If you have fear, you don't even need in the Hall gate to go." "Have you been injured times?" Han: "No, Not yet." "Have you been met on the head?" Beyer: "that Yes, in Yugoslavia at the seven-meter ball, because I'm a great knock" gone." "Would you recommend any protection for indoor handball goalkeepers?" Han: "maybe a low blow protection." "And don't be afraid that it would To give serious injuries?" Baker: "no, no, that I would not accept." "Thank you." Finally still a montage of shots on goal.
(10:07:54 10:09:21)

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Beyer, Uwe ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Bourgiba, Habib ; Brentano von, Heinrich ; Breschnjew, Leonid ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Esterer ; Etzel, Franz ; Harriman, Averell ; Hassan II. von Marokko ; Kennedy, John F. ; Kissinger, Henry ; Mahendra ; Malinowski ; Mohammed V. von Marokko ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Ratna ; Touré, Sekou ; Hinrichs


Conakry ; Rabat ; Moskau ; Bonn ; United States ; Nepal ; Rabat/Morocco ; Canakry ; Conakry (Guinea) ; Bad Godesberg ; India ; Düsseldorf ; Berlin ; Morocco


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; Interviews ; Hunting, Hunter ; Children ; filmmaking ; News, communications ; Medals, awards, honors ; Parades ; Political events ; Press, press conferences ; Religious events ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Buildings ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Military events ; Economy ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 241/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m appreciation of the Deutsche Mark camera: Pahl, Jürgens, Luppa, basic Press Conference of Kennedy - due to Adenauer - visit origin: Metro US Sonderbotsch. Harriman b. Adenauer Prof. Kissinger as Kennedy's consultant in strategy. Ask camera: Luppa, Seib, basic 43rd Anniversary d. Red Army, Moscow origin: Sovkino Breschnew in Conakry/Guinea origin: Novosti, Sovkino Morocco, Bejsetzg. Kön. MOH. V successor Kön. Hassan II origin: Metro, Pathé journal, Pathé journal, Act. Marocaines Queen in Nepal (with Tiger hunting) origin: Pathé news, Pathe news indoor handball Dtld.: Niederlde., Berlin camera: Pahl, Jürgens final mark 2, 8

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