UFA-Wochenschau 242/1961 14.03.1961


1st demolition of the Berlin Jerusalem church long shot of the Church, Pahl sen. on the camera, Tower, Shotfirers and blowing up.
(10:00:17 10:00:37) 02 federal air raid poster campaign of the federal air-raid shelter Office: swiveling of the port of Hamburg on the poster, more details, House federal civil air defence school in Cologne, shield "Federal air-raid school".
Interview with Dr. Werner Lennartz, Federal Protection Association air Wolfgang Esterer: "Do you not think that this action triggers unpleasant memories of the air raid during the Third Reich?" "You must dissolve the thoughts, emotionally to connect (1) air-raid shelter and the Third Reich. Air-raid shelter is human friendly in nature. The NAZI regime has abused this human helpfulness." "Don't you think that the development has overtaken the air?" "One is, we live more dangerous than our grandfathers, (2) because we have to live with the bomb. But we also know that we can survive the bomb. This is only possible if each of us knows the dangers and know how he can protect themselves from them." "One has the impression easily, this action aims to prepare the population directly or indirectly on the day." "Air-raid is precautionary in nature. The danger arises so not that I wisely expect you. You take out also no insurance because you To want to be sick. Air-raid shelter is in any case preparation for war. The State of emergency, we To want provide for the can By the way we encounter in time of peace, every day. Think of the accidents, (3) such as E.g. transport accidents, in train collision, on plane crashes, on large fires, natural disasters. It would be terrible if it because only beneficiaries would be and anyone who can help. Our goal is the support of the population. We hope and wish that we need apply only in times of peace."

The interview is unterschnitten with archive material: 1. Burning houses run through debris after the bombing, people, man is taken away on stretcher.
2. bombing from the air.
3. If to car, jammed railroad cars, smoking plane wreckage, burning house, pine falls in a raging river, debris drift past, people are rescued when a tsunami with inflatable boats.
(10:00:37 10:02:24) 03. "Long nose" in Langenbruck in Lower Bavaria a "nose Club" was founded. Can become a member, the NASE is at least 4 inches or 6 inches long. Total of Langenbruck, hops field, men are beer drinking in the district, meeting in the club bar: drinking two beers "noses", member list, bar scenes, 7 nose be a man with a cover, but not taken up in the Club measured in close-up with a slide caliper or ruler, finally, the round prostet.
(10:02:24 10:03:01) 04. Inventors fair in Brussels and gas turbine car of Assembly of different inventions: load lifter with foot operated, carrying Chair, folding table, clothes hanger with a compartment for mothballs, phone holder for the shoulder and a Fiddler for the moped. Gas turbine car from Crysler totally, look under the hood, demonstration in the lightness of the engine, it is a person carried by dashboard, lowering the deck, female foot on the gas pedal.
(10:03:01 10:03:40) 05. Heel and the perils of the big city for the stiletto heel: shoes in a shoe store in the mirror, two women take to the streets, paragraph gets stuck in a tram network, errand again to get him out, a train runs over him, a street sweeper removes the shoes in a waste cart, more traps are games and grates, a heel stuck in a grating fulfilment is sawed off by a new gang: Women with a sales sawed off go with one leg on the road, with another on the sidewalk, foot stencils on a grid to safe walking, shoes on a fashion show. (All in close-ups).
(10:03:40 10:04:26) 6 hand-painted dresses of the Düsseldorf painter Hans-Joachim Kuntze painting clothes, he passes the mannequins waiting behind a partition after the completion and presentation of two painted clothes with dash patterns and flowers.
(10:04:26 10:04:48) 07. Italian summer hats six crazy hats with large brims.
(10:04:48 10:05:04) 08 Studio mirror 1. The Ferris wheel: Scene W. Fischer slams with a belly dancer in a nightclub, flap before O., Maria Schell in the vanity mirror and real for the powders, fishing with a doll in the arm and the Director, flap is hit, cameraman and film clip with O. W. Fischer and Maria Schell.
2. El Cid: Charlton Heston during filming of the American epic film in Medieval clothing on a horse, the film crew, moving Dolly, 500 horsemen Gallop past the camera, large fray.
3. the marriage of Mr. Mississippi: Shooting in the Berlin CCC Atelliers: headlights light up, Johanna von Koczian, O. E. Hasse and the Director sitting in the middle of the film team Kurt Hoffmann, Hoffmann with hate in conversation, Koczian, panning from camera to a test with the two.
(10:05:04 10:06:37) 09. Wedding of Manfred Germar in Wuppertal married Manfred Germar Brigitte Ganns. Welcomes the couple when leaving the civil registry of many viewers, Germar kissing his bride, they go through the audience and a finish line of the 200 m European champion Martin Lauer photographed the whole thing at the end of the archive.
(10:06:37 10:07:13) 10 HSV against FC Burnley football second leg in Hamburg, game total and larger 1:0 for the HSV striker, defense of goalkeeper Schnoor, scored Seeler 2:0, kick-off to the second after a corner from striker half, Harris 2-1, then 3:1 by Dada, Seeler scored 4:1, defense at the gate of HSV, HSV fans storm after the game on the field and at the end a pair of kissing up. (Good audience shots in the entire game!)
(10:07:13 10:09:08)

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Esterer ; Fischer, O. W. ; Ganns, Brigitte ; Hasse, Otto Ernst ; Heston, Charlton ; Koczian von, Johanna ; Lennartz, Werner ; Schell, Maria ; Germar, Manfred ; Lauer, Martin


Brussels ; Rabat ; Langenbruck/Upper Bavaria ; Wuppertal ; Cologne ; Washington ; Upper Bavaria ; Langenbruck ; Düsseldorf ; Italy ; Berlin ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Higher education ; Interviews ; Special events ; filmmaking ; Football ; Blasting ; Technology ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Curiosities ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Air raid ; Engagement ; Science ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Viewers and audience ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 242/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m demolition d. Berlin Jerusalem church camera: Pahl German Luftschutz m. interview Dr. camera: Rieck Werner Lennartz, Bundesluftsch.-camera Association: Jackson, ice man Club f. owner long. Noses, OBB.
Camera: Oakley inventors fair in Brussels + gas turbine car origin: Belgavox, Metro shoes camera: basic hand-painted dresses + Italy. Summer hats camera: basic origin: Salgado Studio mirror: "the Ferris wheel camera: Pahl"E1 Cid"origin: No.-do"The marriage of Mr. Mississippi"camera: Pahl wedding Manfred Germar camera: reason, ice man football Rücksp." FC Burnley: HSV in Hbg. camera: Rieck, Seib, basic final brand 3, 1 m

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