UFA-Wochenschau 254/1961 06.06.1961


1st Summit of Khrushchev - Kennedy in Vienna (10:00:16 10:05:07) a. city shots of Vienna road, City Hall, Fiaker stop, Prinz Eugen monument, Hofburg, a pigeon.
(10:00:16 10:00:32) b. ride Khrushchev's by the CSSR train of Khrushchev's driving sideways, crowds at the track, Khrushchev waving out of his compartment window, waving at the bandwagon, rhythmically clapping, welcome in Prague with a brother Kiss by Novotny.
(10:00:32 10:00:50) c. Kennedy in Paris trip by Kennedy and de Gaulle Paris, escorted by the Cavalry of the guard républicaine, reporters running to the Elysée Palace, de Gaulle greeted Kennedy before the Elysée Palace, the married couples of de Gaulle and welcome guests at a festive reception, table total, Kennedy Kennedy with great motorcycle escort on the way to the tomb of the unknown soldier, wreath-laying ceremony, the flame.
(10:00:50 10:01:17) d. Archive: Yalta, Potsdam, Camp David Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta, reporter, shake hands between Stalin, Truman and Churchill in Potsdam, Khrushchev and Eisenhower at Camp David.
(10:01:17 10:01:30) e. Vienna the red carpet is swept, wrapped a girl with flowers, in the Pravda, a soldier saluted the station clock shows 5 Khrushchev rises out of the train, is welcomed by sharpening, actuality Khrushchev (without translation), ride through Vienna to mute Viennese past, arrival of the Kennedy machine at the airport Schwechart, Kennedy and sharpening pace the 15s, both before their cars, cheering American students with banners, Kennedy evening reception in Schönbrunn receives Khrushchev in front of the US Embassy, shake hands,: arrival of the car the couple Khrushchev and the couple of Kennedy before the Castle Schönbrunn total and facade, Kennedy, sharpening and Khrushchev on a sofa, the ladies come add Jackie next to Khrushchev, sitting, Nina in addition to Kennedy, shake hands by Jackie with Khrushchev, Nina Kennedy interview (in detail, but dumb), Swivel on the ceiling, Kennedy of Khrushchev outside the Soviet Embassy welcomes swivel about the Embassy. Archive: parachute drops and cover any troops in Laos, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Vopo peeps from skylight, sign "stop! Zone boundary", the Palace of the League of Nations and Disarmament Conference in Geneva. Sign "Spanish riding school Vienna", Jackie comes with Colonel Podhajski, demonstration of the riding total and Jackie applauds in the lodge, transformer on the grandstand of the airport of Schwechart, large individual horses, Jackie, quote Kennedy to the Summit without translation, Jackie Gets a bunch of flowers, viewers of sharpening, the couple waving at Kennedy from the plane door, swivel about waving members of the Government in Austria, the machine starts.
(10:01:30 10:05:07) 02 Epsom Derby audience totals, arrival of the Royal family, bookmakers in the Indian look, Elizabeth II and her mother at the Royal Lodge, spectators and bookmaker, start to the 182. Derby, race and long finish with the surprise winner "Psidium" under Jockey Poincelet, the Queen and her mother after the race of the winner runs in a roundabout.
(10:05:07 10:06:36) 03. car racing Indianapolis Ascend many balloons before the race, a tire through the air flies scenes from the race, clash of many cars in an another crash, 21 cars were eliminated in whole, more scenes of the race, tire changing, winner was the Texan Foyt (10:06:36 10:07:38) 04 Le Bourget and B58 plane crash flight take-offs of various aircraft, at the end of the French Caravelle, Delete overflight of the Caravelle, flying a Vulcan parent sound Hunter, landing a French Breguet transport plane, a B-58 in the air and the still smoking crash crater of B 58-Weltrkordmaschine, firefighters, a part of the wreck, formation flights of the Royal Navy in many settings to the end with colorful Kondenzstreifen.
(10:07:38 10:09:13)

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Chruschtschow, Nikita; Chruschtschowa, Nina; Elizabeth von England; Elisabeth II. von England; Gaulle de, Charles; Kennedy, Jacqueline; Kennedy, John F.; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug; Podhajsky; Schärf; Foyt, Jim; Poincelet; Sachs, Eddie


Vienna; Le Bourget; CSR; Paris; Indianapolis; Epsom


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Railways; Disasters; fire protection; Fire Brigade; aircraft; motor sports; natural disasters; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness); 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside); Cities; Animals (except dogs); Maneuver; Military; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Jobs; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; Fire brigade; Military; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 254/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m Vienna, introduction camera: Salihu Chruschtschow in Pressbg. & Prague origin: State Kennedy and wife in Paris origin: Gaumont, Pathé journal Summit in Yalta, Potsdam, 1945 and 1959 origin Camp David: Archive ride through Vienna b. Begrüssg. Kennedy and Khrushchev Vienna dch b. night/reception. Österr. Bundesreg.

Conference list. Laos, bln. And Geneva origin: Austria Mrs Kennedy typically span. Riding school origin: Austria v. Kennedy farewell to d. airfield camera: Seib Epsom Derby origin: Pathe news Indianapolis auto race origin: Metro Airshow Le Bourget b. Paris + plane crash origin: Gaumont final brand 3, 1 m

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Nikita Khrushchev’s 125th Birthday (* April 17, 1894)

The First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1953-1964) and Premier of the USSR (1958-1964) is remembered mostly for his impulsive performances. His outburst of rage in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1960—when he supposedly bangs his shoe on the desk—is legendary. But Nikita Khrushchev is more than just the uncouth and bovine country bumpkin as which he is so often portrayed. Underestimated by many the metal fitter has a successful and seemingly silent rise up the party ranks. He is one of the few functionaries who survive all of Stalin’s purging campaigns. Three year’s after Stalin’s death Khrushchev instigates the de-Stalinization with his “secret speech” and introduces a period of domestic political détente—the so-called “Khrushchev thaw”. He releases a large number of inmates from the gulags and initiates an unprecedented number of economic, social, educational and cultural reforms.      

For his foreign policy he applies the principle „peaceful co-existence“ in dealing with the west. Eager to win the competition between the systems in the scientific, technological and most of all economic realm, his mantra is „catch-up and overtake“. In order to break the ice with the enemy he and Richard Nixon meet up in July of 1959 and engage in the so-called „kitchen-debate“ about the advantages and disadvantages of communism and capitalism. A few months later he accepts an invitation by Eisenhower and is the first Soviet Premier to visit the USA.

At the same time Khrushchev wants to demonstrate the USSR’s claim of leadership of the “socialist world” and shift the world’s balance of power in its favour. In regards to the “German question” it’s his ultimatum in 1958 that provokes the Second Berlin Crisis. Three years later he agrees to the building of the Berlin Wall.  In the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis the Soviet Union and the USA are on the brink of a nuclear war. Khrushchev is ousted in 1964 and replaced by Leonid Brezhnev, as some of his ambitious policies don’t yield the expected success—such as consumer goods production, the reorganization of agriculture or the development of unchartered territory in middle Asia—and many comrades fear that the radical restructuring of the party might result in their loss of power. Khrushchev spends the remainder of his life on his dacha near Moscow until his death in 1971.

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