UFA-Wochenschau 268/1961 14.09.1961


01 police Festival in Berlin diverge mass of flag-wavers with Berlin flags, flag wavers with Berlin and Schwarz-rot-GOLDENEN flags, the tines will converge again. Motorcycle pyramid of 17 men, policeman binds to coupling and crawls through a tube, a gymnast does somersaults, Shepherd jumps over a wooden wall, policemen to overcome various obstacles and jump in a tub of water at the end. Finally, the cops with their bodies form the lettering "Berlin - capital of Germany" in the stadium in the middle with a star and the Berlin bear.
(10:00:17 10:01:13) 02 4th wall report the wall is later drawn: A policeman nail a wooden post against the wall, another turns away on a barricaded bridge, div. Settings work on the wall and waving in East Berlin, woman with a child on the arm in West Berlin, people on ladders in the Bernauer - and single in the Strelitzerstraße, again and again in between the building of the wall, woman with binoculars on a window in East Berlin, beckoning in the West with binoculars and towels, single hand, two Vopos from behind turns one woman at East Berlin window around,, first waving and then panicked then her window, the two Vopos.
(10:01:13 10:02:04) 3rd Studio mirror 1 filming "Two million": sitting in a truck Hardy Krüger, Loni by Friedl and Walter Giller, a large headlight and the film camera mounted in front of the radiator Giller, and Friedl great in the car, extras in addition: garbagemen and tram driver, driving the trucks with the headlights.
2. Filming "Nicolas": In a garbage dump in Geneva film scenes are created with French actor Michel Simon, the film crew at work: measuring distance, flap, sound engineer and cameraman that will flap before Simon hit micro, sound device, o Simon,.
(10:02:04 10:03:11) 04. sports training by movie stars in Italy the Italian actress Anamaria PAL fencing training with her partner Chamming Pollock for the film "Caribe". Pollock is practiced with multiple opponents, a mass Brawl, a trampoline jumper, the American Robert Aldo is heaved on the trampoline and this moves then by about 10 men in vibrations, until Aldo loses the balance, jump to the conclusion two stuntmen from a roof in mattresses.
(10:03:11 10:04:17) 05 athletics in Hamburg with R. Boston and J. Thomas Assembly of pole vaulter, shot-putter and Javelin thrower, John Thomas in the and after the high jump of 2.10 m, Ralph Boston puts on the shoes and jump 7.97 m far, laughs and sign autographs. 200 m race with the winner Manfred Germar in 21.5 s, 4 x 100 m relay team of women with a brilliant Sprint of the final runner Tymm by HSV, 110 m hurdles with the two Americans, winners will be Boston in 14.1 s (10:04:17 10:05:38) 6 Martin Lauer in the hospital and a portrait of him by an injection, Martin Lauer suffered a severe blood poisoning and had to be treated in the hospital "Rechts der Isar" stationary. Font "Hospital rechts der ISAR" on the wall of the hospital, Lauer reads in his sickbed "Aerodynamics of the aircraft". Lauer in a 110 m hurdles and then limping misses Arnim Hary. He drinks his mother at the bedside. When training with relaxation exercises. Soft is carried on a stretcher from the hospital in an ambulance. Lauer plays at home on his guitar and sings rock, during the welding and studying for his degree in mechanical engineering, scrolls in photo albums. 7 7, 1959: double world record in Zurich about 200 and 110 m hurdles in 13.2 s, applause and Lauer.
(10:05:38 10:07:05) 07 "Exitus of racing?" - are death Graf Berghe von trips on the occasion of the death of Graf Berghe von trips in the race at Monza shown many archival recordings of other races and spectacular Rennunfälle. Archive footage of launches, track, audience and award ceremonies. Trips in several settings in civilian clothes and getting in his car, start at the Nürburg ring, big cars, trips as the winner. Accidents: Car can't take a curve, crashes into spectators, overturns and burns, two more rollovers, the latter by Hans Hermann, Karl Kling put his car into a tree, and in Le Mans 82 spectators die Ferrari, in which Alberto died Askari, smashed mast on the Reportago car wreck, helmet and wreath. Monza Grand Prix: car becomes the start pushed, trips, start, track, accident, where except for trips 14 spectators were killed – the race was canceled, was won by Phil Hill.
(10:07:05 10:09:35)

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Boston, Ralph ; Alda, Robert ; Friedl von, Loni ; Giller, Walter ; Krüger, Hardy ; Pierangeli, Annamaria ; Pollock, Chamming ; Simon, Michel ; Germar, Manfred ; Hill, Phill ; Lauer, Martin ; Thomas, John ; Berghe von Trips


Berlin ; Nuremberg ; Munich ; Australia ; Monza ; Duisburg ; Hamburg ; Bad Kissingen, Germany


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; close-ups, detail ; Dogs ; Flags ; Fencing ; filmmaking ; motor sports ; Police ; Portraits ; Sensations ; sporting events ; Deaths, funerals ; Trampoline, jumping on a trampoline ; diving ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; People ; festivals ; Dogs ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 268/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m police Festival in Berlin camera: Jürgens, Pahl new wall pictures in Berlin origin: Berlin reports Studio mirror: "2 million" camera: Pahl Studio mirror: Michel Simon origin: Cine Journal sports training d. movie stars in Italy origin: SEDI Athletics Festival, Hamburg (Ralph Boston and John Thomas) camera: Seib, Zakariah, ice man Martin Lauer in the hospital and looking back on his career camera: Vlasdeck car race Monza "Exitus of racing?" Graf Berghe trips + origin: iNcom, Hamburg archive end-mark 3, 1 m

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