UFA-Wochenschau 281/1961 13.12.1961


1ST UNITED STATES. Recording with automatic camera by the "Enos" rocket. -Enos runs out of plane. -Rotating earth.

02. big bird sand: freighter "Ondo" (see NDW 620).

03. Brussels. Demonstration gg. Military action of the United Nations in Katanga:-marching with many banners, including "Quittons l ' O.N.U." great "way met UN", close to the portrait of Tshombe's, half-close. -On gr. Amount of grow space + in standing focus on police officers, police Sperrketten in broad Street, swivel plate "Embassy - United States of America", close on incoming Americans, smoke on the road, police intervene with truncheons, youth is arrested, apparently verwundeter police officer under police escort led to cars.

04. Katanga. Fights:-div. recordings UN soldiers in fencing work on the airfield of Élisabethville, group Katangeser with applied. Arrow and bow Street immediately, close, close, UN troops behind sand bags in house niche position, m. -based weapons (gun, arrow + bow) suitable Katangeser, sometimes smiling, close.

05. Sierra Leone. Visit Elizabeth II:-panoramic view from forested coast on travelling "Britannia", of 3 guns gun salutes are given off, close, standing 2 Negro with marine caps with inscription "Sierra Leone", close to the wharf. -Swinging boat full of Africans, full-screen, Elizabeth's greeting to the port, close, see d. spectators front 2 African Children, one waving with flags (British), nah, honor guard, l head large, transparent "God save the Queen" on meeting space, close, drive Elizabeth and Philip in an open car through cheering crowds, div. recordings Africans with and without babies, close and big, take interested looking black, soloseat. close, Elizabeth with Philipp and African leaders sitting on Royal box, sunroof, flowers accepts by a small girl, E. u. Ph. smiling, close.

06. Stockholm. Nobel Prize (s.a. NDW 620 - and.) Section). -Royal family settled on the seats of honor, various settings. Nobel Laureate, Tailcoat with order, close, Nahaufn. including the Queen and Finland. The Mössbauer awards presented to princesses, Gustav VI Adolf, farm town and Ivo Andric applauding honorary Ivo Andric's close, beaten up, great.

07. in the footsteps of Christmas. Florida. Nicholas under water: - Nicholas diving, water skiing, close with open hair, beautiful nymph, N. presented gifts to d. several women of the Sea seabed, reappears, hovers to kite in the air.

08th Bad Godesberg. College for flower binding:-div once. Students in class for binding and arrange Kranz-and flower compositions, wreath pyramid with burning candles, large, swivel about roses arrangement with candles and girls anzündendes the candles, large.

08 England. Advent in the women's prison "Holloway":-face behind bars, close, prison buildings total, various settings. Inmates, close & Gr., the daily Tour in the courtyard, friendly nurse, observing, big, God service, nächtl. Tour of the sisters with singing, distribution of infant baby in bed asleep, close, performing a pantomime by the prisoners, prisoners can be located at Christmas from swords To give fire f. cigarette, fröhl. Frolic at some tables, 2 guards building wall (strictly), standing close.

Sports 09 Ravensburg German national championships in artistic gymnastics: Hesse-Westphalia-Pfalz: - freestyle on the pommel horse, side. seen (slow motion), Helmut Baum barren(Zeitlupe), free rollover, Laszlo Szakacsi of the rings has failed him, Günter Lyhs on the horizontal bar (is best single Turner).

10 Düsseldorf. Billiards - club home:-Norbert Witte and German master Siegfried Spielmann demonstrate high art d. billiards in serious and fun, tricks, including bursts billiard ball to head v. reason fall ball beer glass, beats her cigarette out of mouth. -Bulldog on table, m. d. Playing balls, ball to spool Herum rolling ball rolls in camera of ice man.

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Baum, Helmut ; Eisemann ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Grund ; Gustav Adolf VI. von Schweden ; Hofstaedter, Robert ; Mössbauer, Rudolf ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Spielmann, Siegfried ; Tschombe ; Andric, Ivo ; Lyhs, Günter ; Szakacsi, Laszlo ; Witte, Norbert


United States ; England ; Suffering ; Brussels ; Sierra Leone ; Stockholm ; Katanga ; Florida ; Big Bird sand ; Bad Godesberg ; Düsseldorf ; Ravensburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; civil wars ; Demonstrations ; close-ups, detail ; Justice ; Children ; Erdsateliten ; Flags ; Medals, awards, honors ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Rockets ; Advertising ; Armor ; Joke ; Shipping ; Ships ; Schools, training ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Gymnastics ; UN ; Unrest ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; People ; Military ; Military events ; festivals ; Christmas ; Jobs ; Astronomy ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 281/1961

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m footage from d. Rak. m. monkey of Enos origin: Metro English freighter "Ondo" before d. Elbe estuary camera stranded: fire Demonstr. i. Brussels + origin fighting in Katanga/Congo: Belgavox, Metro Queen Elizabeth in Sierra Leone origin: Pathe news Nobelpreisverleihg. Stockholm camera: Jürgens underwater Santa Claus origin: Metro Lehranstalt f. flower binding, Bad Godesberg camera: Luppa German country art artistic gymnastics Championships, Ravensberg camera: Hafner, Vlasdeck billiards trick camera: basic ice final brand 36, 1 m

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