UFA-Wochenschau 286/1962 17.01.1962


01 Washington. Kennedy's State-of-Union-. Embassy (Berlin). -Capitol, half total, dome, close, A few settings filled Parliament Hall, applause, Kennedy speaks (interview).

02. Berlin. Lord home's walls. -Upper part of Brandenburg Gate waving flag, close (barbed wire & shield "Hindenburgplatz" in the foreground), policeman with a Flyaway jacket between pillars standing, close, Lord home, Brandt, and allegiance in border, Brandt's statements, upper body 2 brit. Soldiers (one with a rifle in his arms), close, long wall, side, with pillar and "Friedrich Strasse" street sign in the foreground, Friedrich room Street intersection with Vopos standing on street corner close,. -Kennedy speaks to Parliament (original sound). -03 Frankfurt. Incoming 6000 U.S. soldiers to reinforce. -Aircraft of the air force, rolling out some settings versammeltes on airfield military - NATO officers, pilot in cockpit half close foreground (seen from the outside; rising from GIs, greeting by NATO officers at the foot of the gangway, close, GIs get in U.S. Army - bus, short, heads 2 officers, carefully looking side., close, steering away from that image filling.)

04. US bomber prepares course record over 20 000 km. -Assembly-flying bombers. total (seen from above) + pilots in pulpit on handles, close (from the rear), route is marked on the globe sketch.

05. natural disasters Aldeadávila/Spain. Dam break. -Drive up between steep slopes at broken dam, div. settings, water masses, once. Flood, including descends spraying flooded road at bridge & houses, devastation, car (in the picture), close.

06. England. Snow mass. -Spreading action. -2 shoveling workers by moving truck sand on snowy road, close, bouncing bird in snow pours housewife Birdseed from ground floor window, short, short, dick tightened when pushes face with cold protection with his hands snow by car, close, short, big, short, A few children drop backwards in high snow, close.

07. England. Winter storms on the coast. -Storm surge recordings from moving along coastal road car filmed various settings surf at quayside, div. settings in the surf near the banks capering around and falling over young people, youth can be run out of his boots against the wall held the water out pan on hand filled with shells or stones of a boy, close, close, neutral setting surf Quay wall.

08 India. End of the world. -Surrounded by group of people dancing Hindu, close, various settings. Indians on various plucked instruments playing and singing, individually, close, Jagadguru in the midst of squatting believers sitting, close, div. Settings of devotional believers and priests, cultic acts, including sitting around settings, like the Indians to fire pits and with Kellen fire new fuel (?) lead to.

9th Mainz. Crowning of the Carnival Prince. -Div. settings themselves snagging a stehd. schunkelnde and singing crowd (quote): "On May 30 is the end of the world". -Long fuzzy swivel, invasion Prinzengarde with timpani and brass instruments in ballroom, Crown Prince couple sitting close, div. settings Horn blowers in an ER series (original sound), short (with flags), div. once, happily applauding, close, etc. Committee member with the letters MCV on CAP, male choir in marine clothing on stage singing (original sound), in short, the leapfrog show area, short, parody on Lohengrin (interview) (Lohengrin pulls Swan on hand trucks), the Royal couple looking to close that Mariner singing (interview), piano player falls from the stool, choir run by the stage, the last man to jump on Mr. by the Carnival Committee, swivels around him, kisses him.

10 sensation in the dance portrait couple Karl u. Ursula Breuer. -He chooses dress in studies on desk, filling in an evening gown, certificate of commendation, screen-filling, sketching showcase with trophies, image, they in his presence from her closet, he kisses her as a sign of his approval. Frankfurt. Int. Dance contest. Couple Breuer under several pairs with a Rumba (original sound), close, various settings cheerfully applauding close. -QUICKSTEP - show dance couple Bernhold, among others, feet & legs, big, Lys Assia as spectator, smiling, close, applauding, close, Überreichg. of the winners Cup at Bernholds, near ski messages of 11 Courchevel. Hotel owner runs great skiing. -Mr. tournament ski on stilts, runs through the resort ski slope runs up, holding a rod on wire line, jumps up from the Stelzstiefeln, puts on his sombrero small boys and takes his skis, vollführt downhill jumps, turns, somersaults, running on one leg.

12 Grindelwald. Int. Women's ski race. -Downhill skiing: Barbi Henneberger, (4), winner Traudl Hecher, slalom: Barbi Henneberger, Grete Grander/(stürzt), Marianne Jahn (WINS in the slalom), Heidi Biebl (winning combination).

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Biebl, Heidi ; Assia, Lys ; Bernhold, Jürgen ; Brandt, Willy ; Breuer, Ursula ; Home ; Jagadguru ; Kennedy, John F. ; Tournier ; Grander, Grete ; Hecher, Traudl ; Henneberger, Barbi ; Jahn, Marianne


Washington ; Berlin ; Basel ; England ; Frankfurt ; United States ; Mainz ; Spain ; Aldeadávila ; Karlsruhe ; India ; Courchevel ; Grindelwald


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Carnival ; Disasters ; Children ; Flags ; Carnival ; Musical events ; natural disasters ; Portraits ; Religious events ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Landscapes ; People ; Military ; Military events ; winter pictures ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; NATO ; Jobs ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 286/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, - m Kennedy-Berlin Declaration before Congress origin: Metro Lord home in Berlin origin: Pathe news Kennedy speech II US - troop airlift n. Frankfurt/M US-bomber track record flight camera: Rau, strong origin: Metro dam, Spain origin: No.-do winter storms in England origin: Pathe news Hindu priests pray f. d. survival of the world origin: Pathe news Carnival in Mainz camera: Basic, strong amateur dance master pair Breuer. Cologne camera: basic int. Amateur dance tournament, Frankfurt camera: Basic, strong Acrobat on skis origin: Pathé journal women's skiing, Grindelwald origin: Cine journal final brand 3, 3 m

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