UFA-Wochenschau 289/1962 07.02.1962


Advance cinema advertising (yawning. Man, table m. liquor bottles, drive up newspaper) 01. The portrait - Ludwig Erhard Erhard, smiling, cigar smoking, big, takes congratulations to a. 65th birthday contrary to Adenauer Schröder, Strauß, the close, Carlo Schmid close + big, cameramen, Erhard close, screen, + Mende abut m. schnapps glasses and lead them to the mouth, close, parliamentarians, including Strauß, and Schröder, seeing to. close supervision on discussing men's and camera people.
Erhard in his house on Lake Tegernsee. -At your desk, souvenir photos, granddaughter clings to him and it pulls away from table, grouped with family around table while enjoying alcohol, half close, wife and daughter separately, Gr., Bookshelf, close, Erhard book peeling (close, hint., m. cigar in the mouth), wood-carved figure, large, various settings Erhard b. listening to classical music, open right-hand (diagonal), screen, E. comes with 2 granddaughters on terrace. Archive: E. at the vegetable market, stroll Hat draws, close, when traveling, etc. - E. rising out of car and smoking, one hand in his pocket, based on your doorstep, plate "The Federal Minister for Economics - House I", nah, Erhard sitting, o-ton: "I have the impression that the German people has been thoughtful, only again and again is seduced. The fact that despite rising prosperity everywhere a feeling of unease, seems to suggest that the people of that are aware, that prosperity alone not to purchase the luck (learn) will be me but it!"

02. sport Weißenbach/Ö. European Championships in Luge. -Throw double - and single-seaters. -Winner Sepp Lenz (crashes, runs after s. sleds here in the target).

03. theme of the week doomsday - story. Archive: Views. Astronomer looks through the telescope, each 3 illustrations zodiac signs with appropriately. Month names are star backdrop detach, scale, rotating counter, assembled short cuts newsprint, newspaper clippings ("as we predict: dangerous life everywhere" - "end of the world" - "8 mad planet") and people in road traffic, e.g. just legs, close, various settings, agitated waters, image filling and with city skyline in the background, in surf umher great end, which beat over wave Crown, screen, soldier paddling sandstorm over sand mountains at partly flooded buildings, half close,, race car driving in the dark, snake on broad Street, 3 cows rain drenched land along, Eclipse, chicken slips into stable, boring. Landscape at twilight, at dark room lighted pendulum clock, masked magician holding staff smoking shell, psychics, face of older woman in the reflection of flickering fire screen-filling, roof hatch opens groaning (in the dark). Drive up on disaster reporter Wichmann, bordering d. gr. Theatre of the world; in Stadium round behind tripod camera, Mohammed Adnan interviewed (l.) Man who inflatable dch. Mönckebergstr. bears ("man, I've got; no time to 5 comes the deluge!"), (2) Guard soldier (question:"what do you think because of the bevorstehd.) End of the world?" Answer: "Yes, I'm sorry, because I can To give no information about it. There they consult my superiors in the guard room!"). (3) man in phone booth (Günther). (Question: "Yes, what you intend to do before else?") Reply: "Yes, that I thought I can not say unfortunately that you know!") (4) old man on d Street: "nothing at all! Let them go under, I don't care. I have nothing against it." (5) 2 PIC. Ladies: "mer must stop;" (6) a gentleman: "I would give all my money!" (7) 2 young ladies: "Yes, because I would have fun!"... Wichmann raises champagne glass, drinking... Myriad of swirling air balloons filling the picture, dancing and kissing couples on artists Festival, Star Gazer, close, star image, div. Panels set up (including "destiny interpretation - advice in shops - love and marriage - hand lines..."-"horoscopes, strictly scientifically". - Esterer 92-OCCA.) "Astrologers (8):... one which says that soon the world will perish." A: "no, I don't think so because! The world will never go below, will be forever. The only thing that maybe could go down, possibly ' times, that would be humanity by the atomic bombs. I want to have something from life, I have a friend who is 43 years old (he and she on photo), and I have already 7 years, and that cost me but a bunch of money. but that Never mind, which is also true. "Walsh is asleep at his post, pursued before Assembly clockwise, gr. Solar Prominences and the more and more reporter declining together with, fiery explosion, screen-filling, reporter moves up terrified...

03. b. Hamburg. Football. HSV: Peñarol (see NDW) lightning swing high on scaffolding on floodlight, image filling.
Wichmann is pavement: along, carrying his equipment under the arm. Pot of cyclamens in the Middle standing 2 others on window sill, flips and crashes out of window, close (seen from inside), before Walsh will bounce, which bends, picks up a cyclamen and infects it, close.
The whole doomsday story including football is the song "Of the world not going...", sung by Zarah Leander, underneath.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Esterer ; Wegner, Günther ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Lenz, Josef


United States ; Switzerland ; Berlin ; Cologne ; Hamburg ; North Germany ; Spain ; Weissenbach ; Weißenbach/Austria ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; close-ups, detail ; Interviews ; Cinema commercials ; Football ; Portraits ; Rain ; Tobogganing ; Joke ; Sports details, fouls ; Technology ; Magic, magicians ; Water ; water emergency ; Science ; Magician, magic ; Astronomy ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Wochenschau 289/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Advertisement: Yawning man portrait of Ludwig Erhard to the 65th born day camera: Luppa origin: Archive fil European Luge Championships, Wiessenbach/Austria origin: Austria doomsday story camera: Seib, Jürgens, Brandes, Rieck football HSV/Montevideo camera: fire, Seib, reason, Rieck final brand

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