UFA-Wochenschau 317/1962 21.08.1962


Contrasts 01 Hamburg. Lefa, - rows tagged pushed together. Shopping cart bildf, woman's hand grabs one, pushes him through the "friendly door" to turn off. Rooms filled with up to ceiling. Walls, machines, artfully draped construction of sausages, behind d. Mrs m. filled. Car, passes on vegetable crates, bildf., front, grabs a bottle series, hand, hand pours money into opening d. transporter, Gr., is rotierd. Money, women are goods on the conveyor belt, change falls into box, large, rotierd. M. candy discs?, swivel OVR. Eggs in einzl. Combs, screen-filling.

02. Germany 1947 misery train to the Freibank. -Python snake, great, various on the. Beans in a bag pour one old queues before shops, charity and on market, market woman. Man, people in the streets holding m. partly destroyed young man hand for receiving money contrary to. Houses.

01. a. OVR swivel. many egg cartons (such as whether.) m. inscription "German brand eggs", Mrs m. full car goes to sitzd. Spectators over, legs of seated m. shopping bags before, close, action. Spectators, side. close, Mrs. m. d. car before ballet scene, upper body d. dancer, feet b. Ballet, large illuminated, great. -Div. once. Chop production line, woman takes them out, close a package.

02. a. OVR swivel. People queue in front of d. Freibank, various settings. d. maintain, including At night, t. sitzd. Women among them, close, people swarm charging the entrance and, hastily rushing in people v. Interior seen butcher at booth overenthusiasm piece off meat, neb people. the hängd. Pieces of meat, old grave woman, neb sign "l / 4 beef 62". Scales, near and in the background of goods delivery.
Complain-la-Tour/Belgium. Jazz Festival. -Musicians on stage in the open air outside gr. Audience, musicians throw autographs of which the's leading keeps a pack down, close begging, jumping over fence, onrushing young people patronizing.

04. Berlin. Demonstrations for the dead Peter Fechter. -Restless crowds on the road, road sign, m. durchgestrich. Name gr, policeman wears fencer hint. Wall, and. Vopos added accompany, and length. Persecution of the group, heading for a car (something blurred). -Gedenkstätte m. gr. Flag and jg. Guardian, people before, div. cross inscriptions "We are but German" - "We denounce" loophole in wall, great swing of bunker (House) m. loopholes on flowers to d. wall.

03. a. Jazz Festival. Rain drips on garden chairs, big screen m. raindrops, large, pan on top v. umbrellas & stage i. Htrgrd., drummer, close. -04 a. Berlin. Young artists convicted. the wall of stone & color. -Meeting in the local "Z. of old Fritz": vol. man and girls on pavement bearing images, sign "old Fritz", large, jg. Artist sitting on window sills and the wall outside (m. inscription "KZ" sketching, artists, supervision on sketch währd. d.) Graduate fact, artist couple converses OVR. Portrait of v. old. Woman, he keeps close, neb on table upright. Beer glass liegd. Images, close, jg. Man brings woman portrait wall unt. multiple images, jg. Girl tries to straighten wackelndes image, close.
Young sculptor edit stone figures on free space, various settings. Sculptor b. chisels, close + Gr., child neb. Legs of a working, close, sculptor couple in addition to his work with child in arms, in front of Reichstag building in the background.

03. b. large & settings trombonist, clarinetist, close on the Jazz Festival.

05. Berlin. German Leichtathl. Junior Championships. -High jump of junior, scoreboard (1-94), athlete dressing throwing hammer, close, various settings. Grandstand of m sparser plans. -Quantity, hammer thrower d. jg. Girl, pole vault, hurdles d. girls, 3 athletes on Spectator bench fire m. call, close, close running junior, arm in arm, smiling, 2 winners.

03. c. jazz. Spield. Band PIC. Musicians, saxophonist front microphone, g, neb hands on the saxophone. Microphone, g, piano player, side. big, young people beyond lawn with audience partly resting, close. Div on the. jugendl. Viewers & audience, close.

06. car veterans. Prince Heinrich memory ride Kiel - Eckernförde. -ALT. Mercedes, series cars before start, ran in gentlemen be car seat, man hand boosts m. himself, working Motors gr, hood is applied, hands on rubber balls such horns oppressive, big, wipes in the midst of cooler standing to, start d. cars, from the inside hand brake, lower starting cars seen.

07. Abensberg. Speedway-Rennen (boarding. Motorcycle racing). -Start, side. total, div. setting. the dusty race, spectators squat is währd. d. of pre-accession lawn behind barrier and dive again to close.

06. a. forts. Car veterans. -Div. once. Driving a. d. route, waving to pavement, including girl and boy groups, a boy on sidewalk running, close, part once. old. Car with floating wheels, drivers head outdoors, soloseat, big, hand presses on Horn, drive OVR. Bridge, heading on bridge. Steamer, seen through the railings from the top, car series at the destination standing wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of Prince Henry v. Prussia, portrait of the Princes, great pan cars & people from the high-altitude Tomb.

07. a. forts. Motorcycle racing. -Standing spectators front protect their faces m. staple and their jackets close, driver crashes, during and. him pass away, the fallen rises and takes his bike on close, hand waving target banner, soloseat. close. Winner Josef Hofmeister climbs podium, the number of men in white sports dress behind, close, winkd. Audience, Hofmeister m. Kranz, waving, big.

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Hofmeister, Josef


Hamburg ; Berlin ; Idroscalo ; Germany ; Complain-la-Tour ; West Berlin ; Paris ; Switzerland ; Hanover ; Kerkrade ; Belgium ; Abensberg ; Kiel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Jazz ; Children ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Rain ; Advertising ; Reviews ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Art ; Works of art ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; People ; Water ; water emergency ; Science ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Entertainment, festivals ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 317/1962

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7 6 m LEFA Lebensmittelfachausstellg. Hambg.
Camera: Rahim Dtld. 1947, misery train to the "The Snake" Freibank Jazz Festival in Belgium origin: Belgavox Demonstr. In Berlin e.g. death Peter fencer camera: Pahl jazz. Belgium origin: Belgavox vol. Berlin artist on the wall camera: Pahl Jr.

Sculptor before d. Berlin Reichstag camera: Pahl Jr.

Jazz origin Belgium: Belgavox DT. Leichtathl. Junior meistersch. Am.
Camera: Pahl, basic jazz. Belgium origin: Belgavox Prince Heinrich memory drive camera: Rieck, Brandes int. Speedway Sandbahnrennen. Abensberg camera: o Connor, fire end title 3, 1 m

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