UFA-Wochenschau 337/1963 11.01.1963


01 India. Return of the Indians after Abzug-of the Chinese. -Wreck a tractor on the side of the road, scattered off lying around. Bags and rags, 2 with luggage back Asians before Valley m. einzl. Farmsteads i. Hintrgr., close, jeeps drive d. forest and water Ford, Bomdila, half total. -Tribute to Mahatma of Gandhi's Outdoors: - lift the arms under Hochrufen Indians, Indians hung portrait of Gandhi with a sash and pray before. -Individual Indians are getting close to a point in the free packages and rugs. Musik keeps child on back d. mother a candy to the child takes it close. -02 Tezpur. Nehru. Hospital. -Nehru and A few gentlemen are to a hole in the Earth, from which the upper body sticking 2 soldiers, close, tour of Nehru's barracks hospital stands on beds, consoles and allows reports, keeps ever close hand on a forehead.

03. Hungary. Maneuver. -Upper part of large antenna, close, generals study location map in the semi-darkness. Soldier flashing lamp swivels back and forth, frontal, close, heads as a tank over a country crossroads (b. darkness), errant mil HGV in the dark, close, silhouette of a fahrd. Tank, half close views of hazy and smoky maneuvers fahrd area, at field day. Truck with tank wheels, totally close. Soldiers behind shooting old-fashioned Cannon, half close, beyond A few soldiers, gunning down before him, a box, side. close, soldiers a helicopter typically air, ride on ATV and ferries across River, briefly, total, close, pilot in cockpit close aerial River basin, mountain road rolling tank, close (sämtl. undeutl. On the.). -04 Berlin. New York Archbishop Cardinal Spellman on the wall plate "US army checkpoint", large, Cardinal betw. 2 Americ. Goes to generals on the car blow forward, seitl., close. -Sehd through binoculars. Policeman officer, front, half close, Cardinal close with 2 officers on recessed front wall, total, + big, an officer has m. finger over. -Upward swing of bildf. Wall cut-out on Jack by wire. visible wall with inscription "New time", close, with barbed wire wooden cross umwundenes to m. flowers, close, wall cutting flaccid border, gear grinding and before the wreath, guards on d. with attached in the foreground outgoing officer, close, Spellman pray before Memorial before companion series, half close, 5th issue of the week: the cold a. scientists in the Arctic. -A few settings. Ice & snow desert, 2 men a scientist b. research div. trudging small devices over snow field, close. -b. winter pictures from northern Germany and England. -Man Trudges packages through high Snow Hill along several elephants in the snow close, men To try to get off a car in snow-covered terrain using tug of war on wheel rotating snow track, close. -London bus across the image, bildf., on the face of a man waiting at the roadside snow-ball burst, man and woman make stiff garments in the snow on short, 2 boxes of milk bottles are taken from crates range, close, short. -c. helicopter d. Bundeswehr bring food on frozen Islands. -Rotating hub screw, big, pilot from soffit, large, flight recordings v. icy sea, children cavort on ice floes on the beach before moving distant ship, bug of the fahrd by ice water. Ship, close, driving ice floes, frozen waves beating bridge girders, large, as well as the whole icy bridge next to high, side. close.

d. river shipping. -Riverboats sawing, neb. Barge standing, with pan across 2 barges in the ice and look at icy river with ice-free access to tributary long a Ford in the ice narrow cutting, short. Downward swing is from icy Pole on icy ship and men who edit the ice with hammers, beat off ice hand, close, over icy planks rising man, whose Gesicht obscured by hanging down ice, pan across icy ship equipment. -c. removal of snow in the mountains. -Snow clearing machine in action, residents b. blades, dense snowfall before firs, full image. -06 Federal Republic. -New for spring & summer 63:-"City-Look" mannequins show one big and close in the headlights including hats in melon shape, flower-covered margined hat, hat with veil. Smokes with a mannequin and A few talk big, smiling with each other and close. -Mr. hat with bow, large, which blows wearer film lighting & lamps, close.

07 in Oberstaufen. Boarding school. Ski Championships. -Hands check the inside of a helmet (archive) ladies slalom, skier with bib with inscription "Grindelwald" inverts helmet smiling on her head, frontal, gr. Various settings. Women's slalom, falls M. Goitschel Heidi Mittermaier, Anne-Marie Leduc. View from top of unt. End of the train with runner destination & city in the background, target passage of Erika Netzer's (2nd), pass Marianne Jahn, applauding audience number, half close, Marianne (winner) side. prior plans. close, looks just as camera.

08 at the Königssee. Luge World Cup training. -Div. once. Luge. Winner: Josef Lenz; a man congratulated him, close.

09th Bonn. Adenauer's 87th birthday (see also NDW) Adenauer on the birthday table frühstückend, pours milk in his coffee, big, him son Paul, and granddaughter Monika sit close, Adenauer uses, frontal close, granddaughter looks on smiling him, close supervision on birthday cake. Inscription "t. 87th birthday", big. -Rhöndorfer boy / girl congratulate him on u. , when he comes down way in dawn, close present flower bouquet. -Bundeswehr guard make look turn Adenauer when stepping off the guard angetreteen in the courtyard of the Palace to the right, close. -2 be orphans van brought a woman in room to the Chancellor, close. Elizabeth black main apart from Gerhard Schröder before and. Cabinet members, smiling, close. Erhard presented Adenauer in the circle of angetret. Cabin a candle holder, side. close. -Looking up blasted face of a little on the men's boy, close. -Adenauer scrolls in a General holding out thick book. -Adenauer speaks before the Palace smiling with officers and generals, close. -Adenauer inside clustered family which focuses on him, half close - grandchildren to come with flowers on his chair, he converses. with them and Pat them close. -Adenauer b. listening, great. 3 grandchildren carry a poem before (original sound - see narration) close + size. -Intermediate editing: grandchild and the sitting Chancellor embrace dearly in the circles and. Children. -

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Adenauer, Paul ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Nehru, Indira ; Spellmann, Francis ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Schwarzhaupt, Elisabeth ; Goitschel, Marielle ; Jahn, Marianne ; Leduc, Anne-Marie ; Lenz, Josef ; Mittermeier, Heidi


Arctic ; India ; Hungary ; North Germany ; Bonn ; Canadian Arctic ; Berlin ; London ; Vosges ; Tezpur ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Königssee ; Oberstaufen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Children ; Escape ; Refugees ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Advertising ; Religious events ; Tobogganing ; Armor ; Shipping ; Ships ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; Unrest ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Maneuver ; Technology, industry ; Medicine ; Military ; Military events ; winter pictures ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Geology ; Military ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 337/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 extraction of Chinese from Bomdila + Nehru visited hospital in Tezpur origin: film Division tank maneuvers in Hungary origin: Hungaro Cardinal Spellmann in Berlin + wall camera: Pahl Jr.

Temperature measurement in the Arctic + Winter in Germany camera: Zimpel, Rieck, fire origin: Pathe news summer Knave "City-Look" camera: reason women in Oberstaufen camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner Luge at Königssee camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner 87th birthday of Adenauer + poem "Dear grandfather" camera: Luppa, strong final brand 3, 1

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