UFA-Wochenschau 338/1963 18.01.1963


01. the tactical brother kiss a. Warsaw. Khrushchev a. transit to East Berlin. -Side. long wall i. snow, Brandenb. Gate hint. Barbed wire i. Vdrgrd. snow, total. -BC converses smiling and joking in the midst of a crowd of officials, close + gr. (b. darkness). -Germany travel b. Yevtushenko, Mrs. -J., big, add. with girl conversation with Dr. Bucerius, Bucerius, great close,. Jewtusch. + Maintenance Heinrich Böll. see each other, big, Böll, halbseitl. looking, big, j. says, sitting with hand-held microphone in addition to Boll, A few Russian. Words, Böll close (original sound), + Mrs J. listening to, close. -J. + B. toast to themselves, standing in front bookcase, with whisky. J. drinking front., gr.

c. East Berlin. Khrushchev's arrival to the VI Party Congress (see NDW 677). -Longer greeting ceremony a. platform, BC kisses except when Ulbricht comes another functionary, Gr., m. flowers by quantity, div. once. in d. smacking hands official groups, ad swings, neb. Ulbricht standing, Cap on & off, close. -d. West Berlin. Pahl jr. interviewed passers-by and Willi Brandt e. Hamburg is Khrushchev's visit (original sound - see narration). Exhibition by Bernard Larsson photos from East Berlin daily; -e.g. on wrong size. Ulbricht head of looking workers (photo montage), l. may parades. Young man & 2 jg. Girl as a exhibition visitor. -Forts. continue below... f. East Berlin. VI. SED party Congress. -Pioneer group, waving flags and applauding, Chruscht. + Ulbricht s. shake well the hands, close. Views of page on the stage, supervision at the mass in the Hall, which brings cheers from common lifting of the arms, Ulbricht speaks briefly (o-ton: "...) Socialism in the German Demokr victory d.. Republic!"), applaud itself, applaudrd. Volume i. Hall, half-dead. Chruschtsch. shakes the hand Ulbricht on stage, close. Front series + stage at together. Hochrufen (interview). -Forts. (e): - photos from everyday life. Border images. Hilde Benjamin, great. Man on the dock. Stacheldr. with shield: "forbidden zone, entry forbidden. "There will be floor.!" Vopos. Watchtower. -Visitors before the photos, close. -Political photos. Prisoners, depending on size. Ulbricht, great. Zones - justice officials. Officials. FDJ girl. Benjamin, gr.

02. the tip of the week (see NDW 677) 03 Frankfurt. Baby fair. -Cut-out cover "Baby" journal "We", toddler scrolls at table in a booklet, close, deselect Pan OVR. elast. Fabric Chair, where it sits hanging. Toddler other rocks in the baby cart, close. Rotating baby carriage, individually, big. Woman hand push button car rod, big, brake pad click Gaither. Tyre, close. Toy cars, close. Woman wiped the baby in plastic bathtub, then sets it on wrap Board covered by another woman over the tub. Young woman hanging fabric baby bottle in the foam rubber bottle holder before the belly, baby takes to the bottle, big. Sign m. heading "Always the latest for the baby", before 2 babies sit on mod. close square night harnesses (musical), +, that plays with Nachttopf(?) in hand. -Back & neb produced rolling wheels of a baby carriage. Electr. Close device + dead. (machine. Grandma). -04 Frankfurt. German amateur football championship in the Latin Americ. Dances. -Vorführg. a polka, short, with views of Hall & mitklatschd. Audience. -many pairs in a Rumba, couple Breuer and couple Bernhold, ever close. Applauding guests at tables close. Ehrentanz of the Bernholds: Quickstep, long past. Legs. Jg applauding. Lady, neb. ält. Companion Standing tall. -05 Grindelwald. Jackdaw Peck in the snow, close international women's ski race. Young people crowd on snow-covered road, and others on bicycle carriage (winter bicycle), briefly. Old. Lady throws ice, moving ice, surrounded by fidgety brooms, large. View from aufwärtsfahrd. Ski lift over snow-covered mountains, short. -Upper lift station, short. -People look over the balustrade of a mountain hotel, inLiegestühlen PIC is sonnendes. Close couple. Sepp Behr, great in its wax kitchen, wake skis, close. Some ski athletes coming in and waxing your skis. Barbi Henneberger eight on their skis to create and close to wearing out, + big, out going on, half close. -Chimney sweep goes through local road, close, shortly. -a. Special - slalom:-No.. 13 is from the start, close, v. hint. seen. Passage of Christine Goitschel falling behind target (2), gr. Second clock, seitl, tall, short. Passage Barbi Henneberger, short, sits behind target on the Podex, photographic Lord, close. -b. giant slalom. -Close rear seen legs at the start. Various settings. the slalom, including Marielle Goitschel, WINS in giant slalom). Marielle behind frontal, big. -Barbi Henneberger during d. pass and after surrounded by photographers, close (combination winner). -

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Behr, Sepp ; Benjamin, Hilde ; Bernhold, Jürgen ; Böll, Heinrich ; Brandt, Willy ; Breuer, Ursula ; Bucerius ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Jewtuschenko ; Pahl, Georg ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Goitschel, Christine ; Goitschel, Marielle ; Henneberger, Barbi


Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; East Berlin ; Grindelwald ; West Berlin ; Federal Republic of Germany ; East Berlin ; Warsaw ; Cologne ; Federal Republic


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Interviews ; Children ; Flags ; Leisure, recreation ; Political events ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Sports details, fouls ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; Youth ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Holiday ; winter pictures ; Exhibitions ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 338/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 Khrushchev in East Berlin, wall + camera: Pahl, Rieck, fire origin: Polkronika Jewtuschenko at Böll camera: reason Brandt opinion such as East Berlin + camera: fire exhibition i. Hbg. DDR + camera: Rahim VI Party Congress in Berlin origin: DEFA accident series: danger downstairs origin: Jupiter film baby fair camera: Jackson dance tournament in Frankfurt (Latin American Dances) camera: Jackson, strong, Zakariah women's ski race in Grindelwald (winner: B. hen Berger) camera: Rau origin: Cine journal final brand 3, 1

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