UFA-Wochenschau 341/1963 08.02.1963


01. the canvas provides more Premierenstisnnung. -Settings some people at the box office. People throng at the cinema entrance, waiting curious see through glass door (the box office). seen from the inside, close, stars the audience, including colored pair of smiling. Willi Fritsch speaks with jg. Atogrammjägerin, close. Two men close the glass door from the inside from outside waiting & a man photographing. -Presenter levers up film reel and placing a, close to the Panel operated spectator stands, close, half total, halbseitl., with Fritsch in the fo. -Hans-Martin Majewski conducts small jug. Jazz combo b. d. sample, close, short. -Lord and Lady photograph, standing before prying. close; Director Kurt Hoffmann lifts. in the circle of vornehml. JG. Movie stars fröhl small. Boys high and broadcast the camera head-on, close.

b. Workshop air. -Sign at entrance "The Ehejoch", gr. -Director Alfred Vohrer. Wizard & Heinz Dragon, critical look up, halbseitl., close. Barbara Rütting and Dragon, big talk. -Cameraman behind the film camera explains side something. large.

c. Ernst Lubitsch Prize for Director Rolf Thiele. -Chair with inscription "Ernst L." on back of + old tripod camera next to it, from here to g upward swing. Lubitsch picture on wall. Thiele with price in hands and converses in the Hall with 2 men, big + close. A few rows of the audience... applause, halbseitl. close.

d. interviews with filmmakers. -Esterer asks people at the box office: "Why do you go tonight at the cinema?", including l. + Safari (see narration). At the switch, close group of people. Seating and price scale, screen-filling.

02. animals in need a. Neustadt/Baltic Sea. Last refuge of wild birds in the ice-free port. -Feeding. -Cut-out port, v. water viewed from, with many seabirds, various settings. Bird flocks beside ships. -Man pulls filled sleigh with a lining. Washtub, by Mrs fixed content. is that way. -Div. once. Seabirds on iced up. Coast through floating ice gully Swan series, close. (The next.) Pictures at snowfall :) Dark ducks clinging to the swans, close. Dormant Swan flock, bildf., close. Swan head, lateral ones. large. Some on the. frozen birds snow up. Ice water Ford with birds, half total. Erhebd are typically air. Swan, close. Workers draws short with bag over ice, sled. About and. Swans hinwegfliegd. Swan. -Over ice of pulled sleds filled with. Bath, big. -Div. once. Feed spreading of bag and tub and eating wild birds, vornehml. Swan (b. snowfall). Wild duck beat die with wing and leg, close, woman arrives and grabs the animal. Tree branches in the fo. front of a hazy sky with verhangenem Sun ball. Hands of the woman turn and touch the dead animal, close, upward swing on the sorrowful face in the PIC. Big woman. -b helicopter, lining bring to high feeding places in the foothills of the Alps. -Helicopter. transported gr. Hay bales over snow-covered mountains, close & total, pilot side. Gr., driving scenes. -Helicopter. Pulpit disc with printed flower with a cross over an arm of the pilot across seen (with Outlook), close. Helicopter dropping bales of Hay on the feeding place; Feeding place filled by deer & deer, half total.

03. Saarbrücken. German championship in cyclo, (very icy track) div. once. Driving and carrying wheels over icy and snow-covered terrain, Rolf Wolfshohl b. wearing, lateral ones. close, continues. Many falls, close + close to half. Solo tour of winner Wolfshohl. Wreath is hung around near him.

04. Seefeld. Opening of the ski season. -Visit Bu.-Pres.. Schärf Mann walks through snowy landscape village, horse-drawn sleigh in village street, sharpening and 3 more eingemummte gentlemen on sled, close, sharpening takes grüßd. the hat off, close. -3 thick coat of arms-importing tourists go by road, front, close. DIV set to amusing tourists at bar from snow in the garden. -Blickd view from window. Lady i. fo. over on populated rink - skating, half-dead. + close. -Young lady throws curling v. hint. seen. -a. 3 x 5 km cross country relay of women. -Young man gives go-ahead from gun, side. large. Start + div. on the. and once. Solo final runner of the siegr persecutions. Russ. Team, Alevtina Kolchina of photographers surrounded, thanked waving u. m. head nodding for the Ovation, (chalice in hand holds close). -Danceable, grid m. ornamental frills through seen. Sitting in sports clothing. Detail settings. Drummer (without head), short, right arm of the player of piano, v. hint. GES., close. Twist & and. Dances are danced in sport dress. An athlete passed on the dance floor by a few, close. Sitting athletes looking to.
Athletes round Georg Thoma, breakfast at the restaurant, converse lively with study lists, close + size. Skier wipes with behandschuhter hand over the ski Polish of the skis, which he keeps to himself (i. Htrgrd. Church), little girl Trudges on skis on a flat surface, soloseat. close, short. -Man helps on upper station ski lift on the slope overlooking incoming athletes from the ski lift, short, short. Looking to the Sun face of a young girl, great mountains i. Htrgrd.

b. combination jumping. -2 jumps. Winner Georg Thoma, solo stehd., close.

c. Special jumping. -2 jumps, close. -UNT. several spectators jg 3. Girl fur caps with same costume jackets, close. Winner: Taniguchi before Kukuchi. Taniguchi, frontal, big, before viewers are freuenden with him.

05. Igls/Innsbruck. World Cup four-man 2 athletes when sanding the runners close. Bob is pushed away seitlings of men towards the railway, close. Workers sweeps close with a broom, the walls of the bobsled run. Bob starts and it presses a lever in the bottom (timing?). Another start. Various settings. Route. Older man turns his head, big with mischievous face and pointy hat, man waving his camera, great. 2nd place: Bob Italy II with Frigerio. Winning team with Sergio Zardini in evening suit standing next to each other in cash, close. -

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Drache, Heinz ; Esterer ; Fritsch, Willi ; Hoffmann, Kurt ; Labudda ; Majewski, Hans Martin ; Rütting, Barbara ; Schärf ; Scheliga ; Thiele, Rolf ; Vohrer, Alfred ; Frigerio ; Koltschina, Alewtina ; Kukuchi ; Taniguchi ; Thoma, Georg ; Wolfshohl, Rolf ; Zardini


Neuchâtel/Switzerland ; Alps ; Rome ; Berlin ; Seefeld ; Hamburg ; Neustadt/Baltic Sea ; Neustadt ; Baltic Sea coast ; Igls/Innsbruck ; Saarbrücken


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; Interviews ; Jazz ; Children ; filmmaking ; Leisure, recreation ; Cycling ; Shipping ; Ships ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Skibike ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; animal welfare, animal welfare ; Cultural events ; Holiday ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 341/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title 7, 6 m movie news: "it was the Wild West" + interviews at box-office + Studio mirror + camera: Jürgens, Zakariah, reason, Jürgens, Pahl, Vlasdeck Lubitsch Prize f. R. Thiele camera: Pahl Jr.

Animals in distress: seabirds + starving wild camera: Rahim, Vlasdeck, Hafner German Radquerfeldein Championships in Saarbrücken (Rolf Wolfshohl) camera: Luppa, reason pre Olympic ski races in Seefeld/Tyrol camera: Rau, Vlasdeck Viererbob World Championship in Igls origin: Austria final brand 3, 1 m

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