UFA-Wochenschau 345/1963 08.03.1963


01 Washington. Visit Kai Uwe von hassel. -Von hassel accompanied by several men standing side by side Générale comes way flanked by a guard of honor before the Pentagon approached, close, close. Hassel neb. General at the intervention of battalions on the square in front of the Pentagon, frontal.

02. Cologne-Wahn. Return & first opinion of hassels. -Slow rolling Boeing, large, single Winker, great. Hassel. -last gangway steps coming down, side. located near a general, soloseat. Nah, is surrounded by reporters before aircraft, speaks into microphones, close (o - s narration). Under the surrounding officers, close.

03. Munich. Incarnate Tibetan lamas are working at the University in putting together a Tibetan dictionary. -The two tibet. Students sitting at desk in d. library of tablets and books in the presence of a Professor, browse through books and take notes.

04. Andalusia. Franco in the floodplain. -Gr. m crowd. Banners, Franco with accompanying generals and military protected by when walking through crowd, side. half close. Div. Setup, applauding people, including close to children along the way. Franco occurs with companions at stone railing up soloseat. half close. Standing in the water partially damaged block of houses partly destroyed stone house, bildf, man and boy help out to Baildon, near young man by pulling on the hands kniehohem mud in front of a House. -Mr Franco shows a list (vl. people behind it), close. Through destroyed Canal lock falling waters, flooded farmland, full-screen.

05. Leuven / Belgium. Students demonstration. -Frontal coming up the. Train m. banners with VW m. speaker before, COP & pole. Caravan with a policeman next to it and stalled ethmoidal Street, dense swarm of laughing and screaming students, water cannon vehicle (detail) the. Train i. background stand, frontal. Students who flee, partly leaning in a group against the Jet spray pan with water jet on the, police use their stick, briefly, cunning to fire on the sidewalk (people + police in the background). Several students are injured. Mr d. str., close.

06. Hamburg. "Society for the promotion of wealth creation" - money Wizard Wirrwa. -Will Fußgängerschwärm, bildf., full-stop. 1 mark pieces of huge. Awarded the coin pile, heap image filling. Detailed and intrusive men, half-close + close. Mounting money blades (close + big) and light on out Hob. Headlines (see anonymous.) Seitschwenk road m. fahrd. Vans, look at corner window of the company sign on the door, employees enter through front door. Various settings. Office & arbtd. Employees, hands b. Schreibmasch., big tap. Mohammed Adnan interviewed at the desk, Wirrwa close (o - s SPR. text). Cut which are each named. Amounts of money (on Darling. Underground). Swivel OVR. List of additions of capital income, bildf. 780 DM in bills in hand, which is held prior to VW (on grounds of DW), hand disappears before VW. -Esterer interv. b. dark a man in a collection (o - s SPR. - T.) Police officers and staff. come out of the business House on the street, close. waiting in the dark groups of people on the street in front of the House and in the stairwell, A few settings. -Rear view three pairs of ladies legs in snowshoes, close. -Wirrwa cuts through Banderole of a bunch of money on desk, close, tense zusehd. Cigar smoking men (Esterer seitl.), Wirrwa, great. Women's hand is one of 50 DM notes on table, great. Young man photographed, gr. (Men's i. Htrgrd.). Secretary writes on contract form, customer recounts money, signs. -Peters interviewed a glückl in the dark. Customers in addition to dess. neuerworbenem car, men's looking to heads + policeman, close. Forts. Interview with Wirrwa, W. speaking, great. Forts. Interviews by Esterer b. darkness (o - s narration).

07. world tour of Queen Elizabeth II.

a. Dunedin/New Zealand. E. on the back seat of a geschloss. Car b drive through people trellis, beckoning, half-close. Div. once jub. Crowd in front of the Grand Hotel. Cardboard sign on facade m. inscription "Homage To The Royal Family" m. symbols (Lion Crown horse), great. Car STS the waving Royal couple driving on winkd. People temporarily close past, the hotel. Start wheel unt. Aircraft stands tall. Flight recordings mountains with snow.

b. Canberra. -E. welcomes young lady who makes a curtsey and Prime Minister Menzies, währd airfield in front of spectators i. Htrgrd.. d. jg. Lady just before Philipp curtsies, close. Audience series m. umbrellas, half-close. Elizab. honor guard goes down under umbrella with generals, short. Elizabeth m. Crown jewelry, evening dress and sash goes in addition to Menzies, among others followed by Philip, on the podium of the Parliament Hall. close. Stehd under wall portraits. Ladies & gentlemen. Elizabeth sits close, Menzies leads cheers on the Queen to production (sound) on the microphone. close. Seitschwenk on smiling Köhigin & Philip, half-close.

c. Melbourne. Moomba Festival. Parade. Various settings. Parade: schott. Military band with timpani, drums, flutes and bagpipes, drum-girls {(?).} Royal couple to stand in civil, halbseitl. close, young lady with Crown & King coat holds reins and waves close. Applaud Crouching at the edge of the road. Children, Man Group parades in swimsuits, moving truck occupied rowboat on cardboard waves, shortly. Children on the roadside, partly out of paper cups drinking, before police officers (detail), close. Flowery car with 2 winkd. JG. Girls, cars with girls who swing their skirts m. d, short, hands to applaudrd. Children, frontal, close. Elizabeth gets out of car, close, moves Campo. PH in off. Car through cheering mange, half close, beckoning.

08th Cortina. World Figure Skating Championships ropeway before mountain massif under title. Road with hotels, A few jg. Athletes take down skis by a small car, close, shortly. Circle jg. People on the roadside, under which a jg. Girls considered s. in the hand mirror, close, shortly. OVR with skis. Shoulder listener. JG. People, in short, kl. Boy rides sled, close. 2 dogs-on leash run nuzzle up close. Among outstanding-looking picket range of sports shoes, close. Exercisers in the Olympic Stadium skaters (Pirouette, jumps), m. once views on flag set, then on mountains, before each Zuschauem and knipsenden reporters (individual training). -Cowering in a semicircle on the ice and stehd. Photographer, close. -Manfred Schnelldorfer runs at spectators on the ice approach and converses with a gentleman, close. -Freestyle express his overthrow. Various settings. Viewers, gr. + close, including jg. Lady t half drawn in the face. Turtleneck. -Freestyle Sjoukje Dijkstra (World Champion). Applauding audience in bleachers, halbseitl. bildf. -Freestyle Bäumler Kilius of smiling strongly applaudierender jg. Man, it's great. Marika K. BA says something, great, Bäumler smiles and waves, big, the world champion pair beckoning, half side, close.

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Bäumler, Hans Jürgen ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Esterer ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Menzies, Robert ; Peters, Hans Joachim ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Wirrwa ; Dijkstra, Sjoukje ; Kilius, Marika ; Schnelldorfer, Manfred ; Franco, Carmen


Cortina ; Melbourne ; Cologne-Wahn ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Leuven/Belgium ; New Zealand ; Andalusia ; Washington ; Canberra ; Berlin ; Australia ; Dunedin/New Zealand ; Cortina d'Ampezzo


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Demonstrations ; Ice skating, art running ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Dogs ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; natural disasters ; Parliaments ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Rain ; Advertising ; Schools, training ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Debris ; Buildings ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Holiday ; Events ; festivals ; Water ; winter pictures ; Economy ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; NATO ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Entertainment, festivals ; Viewers and audience ; Dogs ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 345/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 3 Defence Minister v. hassel in United States + interview b. return origin: Metro Tibetan lamas are working at University of Munich camera: Vlasdeck Franco in the flood area of Andalucia origin: No.-do disputes between Flemish + Walloon students, University Lions origin: Belgavox Wirrwa GES. such promotion d. capital formation, Hamburg camera: Rieck, Brandes Elizabeth II in Australia. origin: Pathe News World Cup i. figure skating Cortina d' Ampezzo camera: Jackson, Vlasdeck origin: iNcom final brand 3, 1

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