UFA-Wochenschau 347/1963 22.03.1963


1st Florida. Failed bombs target flight escape from burning machines. 2 Americ. Bomber fly type F 105. i. d. background (OVR a line) that target bunker total, close, Innenraun m. soldier dolls. Tieffliegd. Machine drops bombs 2 once, half close, in page view, exploding bunker, close. Scrap, bildf. -Bombs, from a lower perspective, dissolve by one of the bombers in flight in the Htrgr. half-close. Bombs fall on embankment, explode and bombers fly over it, example, hint. Expl. -Wolke i. d. Htrgr. - angle swivel on brennd. Masch. in the sky, flying d. pilots from both. ., Individually, each remote. Crashes the machine vertically, half-close. -02. The century of photography a. Hamburg. Fotoausst. "World Press photo 62-63". -Jew photos. bildf. or big, among others: desperate. Man kneels and clings s on a spiritual - m. car accident men b. rescue attempt - jg. verzw. Lady in d. grasp of. Bears - from water sehd. Head one gr. Frontal - confrontation lion energized seal, & Dompteurinniges Orangerie - 2 Africans to d. Bernauer Straße - play children: Berlin wall - aufeinand. facing gun barrels before Church i. Htrgrd.

b. Cologne. Photokina. 63. - div. trick shots: intersections and lighting effects. Mounting lens & menschl. Eye in the comparison, depending on the size. Men explain cameras half total, depending on short, Hall v. Arnold § judge,. Demonstrate the Arriflex v. telephoto lens, synchronized cameras, among others. Glass closet m gr. Light bulbs, rotation roller m. photos, ATM. Punching v. labels on. SLIDE mounts, close. Demonstr. + try BC High automated. Close hand cameras, + big, einzl Assembly. fotografierd. People + photos v. Asians. -c. Wolfsburg. Photographer H. Heidersberger. -Optical Rhythmogramme. H. uses machine (gr. Scaffolding with commuting and weights) underway, div. Detailaufn. of the kompliz. Pendulum system, circular point of light on a dark background, H. is a kl on the machine. Crank turning, which installed before. Camera sitting, half-close. H. shows series photos of Rhythmogramme close, his face big at interest. Watch pendulum details, light, photos, great.

d. Hamburg. Fashion photographer of F. C. Gundlach. Eyes of young ladies side. large. With the. Put up her hair worked on jg. Lady, that's great. G. + Wizard b. setting up a backdrop, short. Hand leads a thin Rod lip contour sketch Japan Woman face down, close. Lip is melted, side. large. G. sets Japan model on the dressing table Hair wig on both back they still s.th.. cope, close + size. Gundlach boxer dog looks up. G. Rock is on the model, which also wears a fur Cape, face of the Lady big, head-on. G. repeatedly operated crank to d. camera, and jew. on Disc d camera model be in. Face of Gundlach appears bent on camera, great poses. -03. stars in our time a. Soraya wants to film. -. Producer di Laurentiis introduces them and. Guests here through door into reception room on their place at the table, close, kisses her hand, gr. Arch. -On the. Soraya m. Heuss-among other things - di Laurentiis talks her puts Chair b. Sichsetzen, nah, she presses her hairstyle m. both. Close hands. Old. smiling young lady, great. Soraya speaks in stehd before her. Microphone, great.

b. Workshop mirror:-filming for new CCC-film m. Liselotte Pulver, o. W. Fischer unt. Directed by Axel von Ambessers. -Cinematographer on camera (CCC-film), b. pivot, side. close. -The 3 parties talk, add i. circles. standing, by scene, close, Ambesser passing a porcelain dog, sample (f. UFA) with original sound in the powder. L. powder thrown Porz. Dog meets anst. the is bückd. O. W. behind him Director.

c. Bremen. Zarah Leander celebrates her birthday at the Astoria. Sings on stage, close to half (o-ton: "Yes, Sir") sits with guests at table with the rise of the champagne glasses, & Mr. beside her To give kiss on lips himself, close. Some settings, applaud. Audience at tables, close, bildf. Zarah gets on stage, in front of applaud. Vaudeville artists standing, bouquet of flowers handed over, it touches with some bystanders m. sparkling wine. Continuing her song (interview).

04. men's casual fashion 63 - against the background of the departing winter. -s. narration. -Demonstration in a picturesque alpine landscape and in connection with the exercise of more. Winter sports such as for sleigh ride, skating and curling. Mr m. umbrella is covered with snow. Roof, takes refuge in his swirled through snow thrower. Snow dust, stuck screen below. Mannequin in shirt & vest initially in swimming pool standing and with a lady with Schwenkgläsern pushing in, then at the bar (detail settings), to approach the women's legs. Mr legs, close, stand on the tip of the toe, close. -Large disk rotating in the horizontal position, great. Model "Polo" sleeve pocket, pulls a cloth and waving (detail), so the mannequin from jg. Winter sportswoman neb. Travel bag on snow Hill, standing and with dark cloth waving. Mr frantic back rear platform of a turn disappearing in mountain tunnel.

05. London. Battle of flour in Hyde Park. Various settings of the Sichbekriegen of a crowd of students and students with small explosion flour sacks. Group of students tried to get himself defending student A few throw themselves Each other into the water, others make plunge into voluntarily, policeman noted is in the circle of students on the shore, shortly. And. Policeman's hint. Youth on smiling students temporarily. Drenched, coming from the water's edge student shakes his wet trousers up, close, close. -06 Dortmund. National Go-Kart Racing. -(100 CCM, 200 ccm kl.) 2 close once. one jug of the weigh-in. Driver's vehicle, start d. field, various settings. Line, Ms. neb. Round shield substitutes for viewers on the edge of the track close, shortly. Detail settings. the driver. Winner: Werner Ihlenfeld. Mr congratulates him, close. Some applaud. Viewers behind the gang, close. IBC takes off the helmet and smiles, front. Gr.

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Fischer, O. W. ; Gundlach, F. O. ; Heidersberger, H. ; Laurentiis di ; Leander, Zarah ; Pulver, Lieselotte ; Soraya von Persien ; Ihle, Werner


Cologne ; Hamburg ; Florida ; London ; Rome ; Bremen ; Wolfsburg ; Berlin ; Alps ; Dortmund ; Iffezheim


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; aircraft ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Buildings ; Technology, industry ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Entertainment, festivals ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 347/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 bombs maneuvers in Florida (escape from an explosion by catapult seats) origin: Metro hamburger "World Press Photo" Aust.
Camera: Rieck Photokina 63 in Cologne camera: Basic, Luppa photographer H. Heidersberger (optical Rythmogramme) camera: Jackson In the Studio d. F. C. Gundlach fashion photographers camera: Rau. Film contract for Soraya origin: Salgado Studio mirror: breakfast in bed (O. W. Fischer + d. powder camera: Pahl Zarah Leander celebrates birthday "Yes Sir" O - sound camera: Rau menswear by Fahmi camera: Rau student Ulk in Hyde-Park (battle of flour) origin: Pathe News Go-Kart race in Dortmund camera: Jürgens, Luppa)

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90. Geburtstag von Liselotte Pulver (* 11. Oktober 1929)

Mit ihrem fröhlich-unbekümmerten Lachen erobert die Schauspielerin Liselotte Pulver in den 1950er-Jahren die Herzen des Publikums. Vor allem ihre komödiantischen Darstellungen in Filmen wie „Ich denke oft an Piroschka“ oder „Das Wirtshaus im Spessart“ machen sie zu einer der populärsten Filmstars der Wirtschaftswunderjahre.

Die 1929 in eine alteingesessene Berner Familie geborene Pulver hatte zunächst eine Ausbildung an der Handelsschule abgeschlossen, bevor sie Unterricht an der Schauspielschule nimmt. Nach kleineren Rollen am Stadttheater Bern wird sie vom Schauspielhaus Zürich engagiert und erregt dort in klassischen wie modernen Stücken Aufmerksamkeit. Bald erhält sie erste Filmrollen, so an der Seite von Josef Albers in „Föhn“. Zwar ist die eigentlich vielseitige Darstellerin schnell auf „freche“ Frauenrollen abonniert, verkörpert in der zweiteiligen „Buddenbrooks“-Verfilmung von Alfred Weidenmann und in Helmut Käutners „Das Glas Wasser“ aber auch ausgesprochen komplexe Figuren. Internationale Bekanntheit erlangt sie durch ihre Hauptrolle in Douglas Sirks Remarque-Verfilmung „Zeit zu leben und Zeit zu sterben“. Billy Wilder besetzt sie für seine Screwball-Komödie „Eins, zwei, drei“, in der sie als Sekretärin Ingeborg ihren legendären Tanz auf dem Tisch hinlegt. Auch in französischen Produktionen steht Lilo Pulver vor der Kamera und zeigt unter der Regie von Jacques Rivette in „Die Nonne“ eine ihrer glanzvollsten Leistungen. Weitere große Angebote aus dem Ausland, wie für „Ben Hur“,„El Cid“ oder „Der Gendarm von St. Tropez“, muss sie aus vertragsrechtlichen oder gesundheitlichen Gründen zu ihrem Bedauern ablehnen. Ab den 1970er-Jahren ist sie nur noch selten in Kino und Fernsehen zu sehen. Ein Comeback erlebt sie schließlich mit der Sesamstraße, in der sie von 1978 bis 1985 in der deutschen Rahmenhandlung als „Lilo“ auftritt. Im Jahr 2012 zieht sie sich schließlich endgültig aus ihrem Beruf zurück.

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