UFA-Wochenschau 348/1963 29.03.1963


01. the tip of the week - driven operation - protection devices (see NDW 687/2) 02 Steinebach. Bidault visited worship - last recordings prior to departure. -Patrouilliered in front of the Villa. Policeman. Bidault converses with neb. him sitzd. Lord in the sport shirt, B. speaking and smiling, big. A COP goes down hill in the garden, krz. B. coming up walking followed by 2 men, close to the screen, join 2 police officers parked on the walking path. Pol. Caravan, close. Bidault rises Traditio. Driver in VW, smiling, close, police telefonierender in the car, lateral ones. close, short. Church with unmittelb. Environment, close, A few smiling beobachtd. Bavaria, close, b. folgd with him. Close guards b. stairway to the Church. -Some on the. Worship with b + companions on the vord. Chairs, b side, close.

03. Rome. Pope Johannes XXIII beatifies Elizabeth Seton. -Pope is carried through St. Peter's Basilica, blessing the there SP gathered. Clergy, halbseitl. close + close to half. Scenery währd. Beatification, praying Pope, leaning on bed pillow, side. close image of a Saint on wall with Baroque frames and candles next to it. Pope kneels with some priests on the altar steps and swinging incense boiler, half-close. -04 San Jose. Visit John F. Kennedy Encl. Conference d. zentralamerik. States. Frontal coming up by populated road train off. Cars, military and reporters, passing on people trellis, in which flags are waved, half-close. Kennedy in longitudinal, vorbeifahrd. off accompanied by men. Dare standing + beckoning, close. Waving crowd, shaking screen, Kennedy, OVR. Railings of a speaker's podium with gathers. Men's hands that reach out to him, leaning, half-close. K. goes umdrängende lot by him, half-close. People rush by helicopter with rotierd. Kennedy screw away, waving to whether. Gangway level, half-close.

05. Washington. Brentano at Kennedy. -White House hint. Trees, half total. Kennedy in the rocking chair, side. + Br. on sofa behind it head-on with Parley, close m. photographer i. Htrgrd., Brentano, big,. 3 cameramen on tripod cameras in front of the building, close. Brentano m. agree. Men before white. House, going in car, Mr s. Door. -06 Cologne-Wahn. Return of hassel by tour from London and Paris. -Night. -A Fiddler b. night, large, leaking propeller, big, v. H. gangway descends, side. bottom front of aircraft located near a general, close, pilot looking down from pulpit down, big, v. H. Expresses the gene. such farewell hand, close, go away.

07. Portland. The first hydrogen bomb carrier of the Royal Navy to train on aircraft carrier "Ark Royal". -Final preparations at the Düsenbombern, pilot rises above head in pulpit from above, near, shortly. Startd. Bomber, over Lake, flying on short, v. hint. seen. Supervision on the twin Buccaneer bomber during d. driving in starting position, starter flag beats down, close, start and concentration camps. Flying v back. -Ship radar station m. s. drehd. Antenna, close, bombers in the sky, swivelling on explosion cloud on the water. 2 individual landings on carrier, close, short.

08 London. Royal visit to film - presentation of film celebrities. -Male. Star b. arriving inside, close, is smiling in camera looking top hat co-stars b. occurrence that, frontal, close. Queen Mother Elizabeth comes accompanied by some men of Justice came in, greeted on wall standing stars turn d., side. Nah! maintains greeting ceremony, Princess Margaret is smiling with some, room half total b. d. and Tony heard the words of a PIC. actor. Stars (this v. rear) interested to close, Margaret responds something. Queen mother is right. actor. Star, lateral ones. Nah, this smiling big, Queen Mother smiling continues, big, Liselotte Pulver hand ranges + makes Court curtsey, side. close. CL. girl is enough which is sth. herabbeugd. Prince. Alexandra. Flower bouquet, this shaking hands with him and speak to him, close.

09th "kissing is no sin" div. Once. Tree branches with bizarre icicles, dark branch against the far sky with veiled Sun, white icy trees of along snow-covered waterfront. Nah, neb frozen water. Residual ice, close, shining silvery forest River, frontal, close. Large flock of swans swimming before Lombard bridge with herabblickd. People along, half-close. Old woman sits alone in the Sun on a long wooden bench on the shore trail side., half-close. Swan, over the water collected, with the wings striking, frontal, big, starts again on the water, parts of the Alster ships and men who sweep it out and brush, half close, shortly. Swan put the neck back and rummages in the plumage, large. A boy dressing the rim of his bicycle, by rotierd. Saw wheel, big, is bewegd in the wind. Crocus flower, great. Archive recording of Mr legs, who follow women's legs, turtle runs hint. Dove, lateral ones. close. Human shadow runs over bildf. Crocus lawn. -Div. archive footage of Kiss scenes. Animated sketch v. s. küssendem couple with hint d. of bacterial Exchange u. k. bpfd. Heart. Mounting lovers b. d. people & b. d. animals, Penguin - couples, camel mother & baby sniff are, crane couple b. d. courtship, pair of Lama (?). People Kiss in a close-up of partition betw. Beschnüffelndes boxes pigs couples, gr. Representations of lovers in c. art (engravings. Painting) kiss. -Pahl jr. leads with Liselotte Pulver. 0 W. Fischer & Axel von Ambesser a. d. Street sound interview (Ambesser tender kisses Liselottes cheek, Fischer is stormy Kiss, L. p. fends off laughing). On bildf. Crowd on copied globe sketch m. scale, 1/3 of degree marks disappear. Pahl jr. Interv. div. couples and individuals m. d. question, whether they are still at their initial. Kiss could remember such as Grete Weiser. Long audio interview with Ernst Peukert (highlighted: moonlit romantic.) Lake with Bole, from moving boat seen; biegender is in slight wind tree, half total; Moon reflection in the water), Siegfried Sommer of a flower girl, Elfie Pertramer, Axel von Ambesser, Willi Brandt.

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Alexandra von Kent ; Armstrong-Jones, Anthony ; Bidault, George ; Brandt, Willy ; Brentano von, Heinrich ; Elizabeth von England ; Fischer, O. W. ; Hassel von, Kai Uwe ; Johannes XXIII. ; Kennedy, John F. ; Margaret von England ; Pahl, Georg ; Pertramer, Elfie ; Peukert, Ernst ; Pulver, Lieselotte ; Seton, Elizabeth ; Sommer, Siegfried ; Weiser, Grete


Stone Creek ; Washington ; London ; Cologne-Wahn ; Portland ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Australia ; San José ; Rome ; Cortina


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Children ; filmmaking ; aircraft ; Spring, spring pictures ; Plants ; Political events ; Police ; Radar ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Ships ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; Buildings ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Landscapes ; Maneuver ; Events ; winter pictures ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 348/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m accident series (4): Went into operation origin: Jupiter film Bidault Steinebach/Bavaria camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner beatification the American Elisabeth Seton d. Papst Joh. XIII origin: Metro J. F. Kennedy in costarica + Brentano at Kennedy + return, Kai-Uwe von hassel from London and Paris camera: Rieck origin: Metro Wassserstoffdüsenbomber "Buccaneer" + "Scimitar" train on aircraft carrier "Ark Royal origin: Pathe news-Royal film performance, London origin: Pathe news spring - Kiss story camera: Jürgens, strong, basic, Pahl, Vlasdeck, Rahim archive: origin: Cine journal, Sofia, composition: mood pictures final brand 3, 1 m"

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