UFA-Wochenschau 351/1963 19.04.1963


01. the good tip of the week - children at risk. -Sign at fence "Prohibiting entering site!", close. Div. close once. Work on the construction, older fence zuguckende 3 people, 2 kl. Boys run along the fence in front of them, foreman with plan in hands asks a worker such meeting at the Office (original sound). Transf. -Drive up a. piles of sand on the, the 2 boys play m. toy excavator & auto, crane hängd. Gr. Component is rotated, shadows of them runs OVR. the boys and liegd. Wooden planks, construction workers and look at font piece, is attentive children sounds and the two by their game instead pulls away.
2 truck drivers distribute boys, which is located on the gr. Truck m trailer have searched their hiding places for Wild West games (original sound), driver his moves the truck under the guidance of outside stehd. Colleagues a piece back. -02 UNITED STATES. The grave in the Atlantic Ocean "Thresher disaster" - see NDW 690 - sth. and. Cut.

03. Argentina. Military coup - battles in the Interior of the country. -Div. on the. Military in the streets, empty buses, close, gathered on the square in front of State buildings. Content observed men's groups, soldier m. ready to fire. MP civil - transport, close, beckoning soldiers on breakneck off. MIL truck, soldier m. close, ready to fire content. MPs bring the man before him, soldiers make to create sidewalk on their rifles. Various settings. Battles: total shots of individual fighters in action, including firing over taken areas rising smoke, behind soldiers Sandwall out running, close, short, flight observers on the radio. Individual destroyed buildings, including industrial Hall inside, half total. Tanks roll over road, close to the driving record of MIL transporter, short, soldiers go around in rubble, div. once. Aircraft debris on airport, including still-burning part.

04. Current Tokyo impressions off airport railway (?) rising people, flight attendant on the gangway ticket are Lord rising up, close, door of the Boeing aerial mountains on the unt is used, screen-filling,. The screen shoots. Aircraft parts in the passenger compartment portions on the plate, is the steward of serving tray with binoculars looking Mr close, top of Fujiyama from nozzles on the edge of the picture, big, shortly. Aerial Tokyo with aircraft parts at the edge of the image. Jg usage. pretty Japanese girl, smiling, gr. (Original sound), short, div. streetscapes with many passers-by, including Mrs m. kl. Girl on back, close, kl. Boy with toy-MP before passers-by legs, close. Shuffling feet in clogs, frontal, big. -Telephone Dial flexed down head with the handset on-hook is turned by Lady hand, big, soloseat. large. -Feet in high-heeled shoes on pavement, big. T. pair runs before slowly driving. Cars on road, close to passing cars. -Crowd press from outside on subway platform, railway officials crowded passengers in that. Initiate and close the doors. Seitschwenk about befindl in work. Olympic Stadium, total.
Interview with Mr Aso at the stadium (o - s SPR. text). Highlighted: oblique supervisory district and downward swing on road construction, sections d. road construction sites, 2 road construction worker b. shovel work, close, short. Cars on site covered with wooden planks, roadworks b. darkness. -Cameraman Zimpel visited Turkish bath. Sukiyaki lunch: Japanese Couple enters room, kneels down at table opposite each other, serving rack is used in addition to table, close, the couple drinks from tiny cups, depending on the size, added servant prepares the meal at the on table casserole (detailed & close-up shots of giving into the ingredients), the man surrenders with chopsticks to kl. Portion out of the steaming pot he & his wife with sticks on, eating, depending on size. -Occupied long bar with drinks u. Dinner at night club, short. -Transf. Tour by big facade with vl. neon signs - Transf. -Drive up to Japan Night club singer (interview) in Geisha garb, on tanzd. Girl with flowers in hands behind heads of band members, frontal size. Mounting slot machine Hall with vl. men, machine washers, large, inanimate dark side street in entertainment, short striptease, light advertising. -Several settings. Dance the "Atomic-girls" in the Kokusai-theater (production sound). -Model of the stadium, concrete car passes site front out of the picture. -Auto bridge under construction (excluding workers), welders working face shield over the face down, a mesh welding, close, shortly. Road construction, half total. -Clipping grandstand Stadium, side. 3 Japanese is a plan themselves, standing in front of bleachers, frontal, close. ASO speaks in continuation of the interview on the State of preparations, frontal, close (see narration). Coded recordings: stadium construction worker pushes sand cart, close, about fresh-sown grass protection mats are rolled out, close, border on the running track will be painted white, close. -ASO speaking, frontal, big. Oblique supervision at the stadium, half total. -The Fujiyama behind aircraft jets i. foreground.

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Aso ; Zimpel, Werner


Tokyo ; Düsseldorf ; Argentina ; Bavaria ; United States ; Buenos Aires ; Australia ; Fontainebleau ; Japan


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; Railways ; gambling ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Children ; Musical events ; News, communications ; natural disasters ; Armor ; Shipping ; Ships ; Cities ; Dance ; Technology ; Debris ; Youth ; Unrest ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Landscapes ; People ; Military ; Military events ; transport questions ; Science ; Revues ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Construction ; Gastronomy ; Military ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Wochenschau 351/1963

UFA-Dabei (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7, 6 m accident series (2): Children on jobsites origin: Jupiter film submarine thresher disaster origin: Metro revolt in Argentina origin: Metro Tokyo story + final brand camera: Rau

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